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5 Stories From the Oil Markets You Need to Know

by James Corbett, The International Forecaster:

Ever since the Rockefellers gave up selling snake oil to get into plain old crude oil, the petrochemical mafia has been transforming the world in its own image.

Of course it’s a scam. It always has been, ever since the first cartels formed around the drilling, transport and refining of oil. But, love it or hate it, moves in the oil markets dictate (or at least influence) geopolitical and financial events across the globe to this very day.

From the destruction of America’s streetcar infrastructure to the countless wars of aggression in oil-rich areas around the world to the the creation of the “petrodollar” in the wake of the Bretton Woods collapse, the world’s political and economic fate over the past century has depended more on this “black gold” than most people ever imagine.

It isn’t.

I say this because my thesis is that no one will ever vote their way to freedom. Not true freedom, anyway. Oh, sure, there will be cosmetic changes here and there. There will be political football issues (even ones that the public are passionate about) on which there is some leeway for difference. But if you’re Hoping for Change through the ballot box…well I think you know how that script goes by now. And yet, people still turn out to the polls in droves to cast their ballots. Talk about cognitive dissonance.

Of course, I claim no originality for my thesis. It’s certainly been articulated well enough by others in the past.

There was famed 19th century American author Henry David Thoreau. In his 1849 class on Civil Disobedience he excoriates the “patrons of virtue” who “give only a cheap vote” to ease their conscience that they are doing something about the problems of the world. He goes on to say:

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3 comments to 5 Stories From the Oil Markets You Need to Know

  • knowtoomuch

    Oil is NOT a”fossile” product ; the Earth herself produces it on big depths.
    Just ANOTHER jew lie !

    ■ a-biotic oil :


    ■ Colonel L. Fletcher : “Oil is NOT a fossile fuel” ( 8 min ) :

    ■ “Abiotic oil : Earth has an endless supply of oil” ( 5 min ) :

  • knowtoomuch

    There may even be more oil IN the Earth then water ON its surface, NO shit ..!

    • Ed_B

      Yes, there may be. I have read the writings of Dr. Thomas Gold on abiotic oil and the proof that he offers is convincing. In a test well that he supervised, several barrels of oil were pumped from a rock formation that the current oil creation theories cannot explain. According to them, this oil could not possibly exist where it was found… yet it WAS found. Yes, the amount was small in this test but when the current theories state that ZERO oil is possible there and oil IS found there, then those theories come under immense scientific pressure for change.

      While I do believe that abiotic oil is produced by the earth and has been created in vast amounts, I also believe that this process is quite slow, taking thousands of years to create meaningful amounts of oil. Our problem today is that we are consuming it MANY times faster than it is being produced, so the rate of production cannot keep up with the demand for it. Imagine oil dripping into a tank that can be pumped out of at a rate of 10 barrels a minute. Oil is going into and coming out of the tank but the rates involved show that the tank WILL be empty at some point.

      Even if abiotic oil production was faster than I believe it to be, pumping and burning so much organic material would create severe air quality problems. We need a certain amount of CO2 in the atmosphere to keep the plants alive. They require it and will die without it, just as we require and would die without oxygen in the atmosphere.

      What we really need is a commercially viable form of fusion power with oil left as a chemical feedstock and not used merely for its heat content. I believe that this will come about someday but only if enough time, money, and talent are devoted to it… and hopefully before we enter a panic mode wherein all of the usable oil on Earth has been consumed and burned. As in most other things, it is FAR better to be proactive than reactive. When we are proactive, we have some control over events. When we are reactive, events tend to control us. Clearly, the former is better than the latter… a LOT better.

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