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33 Legitimate Prepper Uses for Aluminum Foil

from Natural News:

Aluminum foil (often erroneously referred to as tin foil) is possibly the most versatile item in your kitchen. I could probably list 100 different uses for aluminum foil, but for this post I’m going to focus on uses that might interest preppers and homesteaders. (Story by Alan, republished from

If you don’t have any aluminum foil yet, be sure to get some.[1] I also recommend getting a small roll[2] for your bug out bag. Note: In places where I mention reflecting light or heat, be sure to use the shiny side (yes, one side is shinier than the other). Now on to the list.

  1. Help Seedlings. Line a box with foil, poke drainage holes in the bottom, fill halfway with soil, plant your seeds, and place it on a windowsill. The sunlight reflecting off the surfaces will help the plant grow.
  2. Grow Plants. In the same way, you can use foil to reflect more sunlight onto your plants so they grow better. Lay foil beneath your plants, or tape foil to a surface and place it next to your plants.
  3. Keep Pests Away. If you have a garden, hang strips of foil around it to deter birds and small animals. The shiny surfaces and metallic sounds will make them wary and keep some of them from eating your plants.
  4. Keep Birds Away. In the same way, foil can be used to keep birds away from fruit trees. Just use some fishing line to hang strips from the branches. The light reflecting off the surfaces will scare birds away.
  5. Protect Trees. During the winter, bugs and rodents often munch on tree bark. To protect your trees, wrap a couple layers of foil around the trunk. This can make a significant difference. Remove the foil in the spring.
  6. Catch Fish. When fishing, wrap a small square of tin foil around the hook or weights. The light reflecting off the foil will lure more fish.
  7. Start a Fire. You can use a strip of foil, some cotton, and a battery to make a flame. Watch this video[3] to learn how. It also makes a good surface for starting a fire with petroleum jelly and cotton.

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