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2016 Donald Trump Presidential Candidacy

from fabian4liberty:

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3 comments to 2016 Donald Trump Presidential Candidacy

  • Ronald

    First, Trump is a 1%er. He inherited 400 million dollars, has his own jet fleet, and private security force. He has never faced a traffic cop with attitude or stood in line at an airport waiting for a humiliation by security or struggled to pay the rent. What does he know of the common citizen. Surly he knows the election process is fixed [rigged]. The president is a front man for the foreign bankers that own the federal reserve and control the money. The new CEO of USA INC. has already been selected. It looks like Hillary. No matter who wins the popular vote.Unless something like a NESARA HAPPENS, it’s a slow killing march into the new world order. GOD help us.

  • Fabian, while I agree with everything you said regarding Trump or anyone else as pres, it seems that the one thing you’re forgetting is that SOMEONE has to be pres. And , true, that person will not change anything most likely. Nevertheless, the ONE person running that MIGHT be able to do something is Trump. Even if that “something” is to formally default and admit the truth of what’s going on. He is the only one who has the guts to do that if that is necessary. He is the only one not beholden to a puppet master hiding someplace behind the scenes. (Ben and Carly aren’t either but they don’t stand a chance). So, while you are absolutely right in your assertions, who, if not Trump DO you suggest since someone has to do it?

  • One other thing Fabian. Yes, the answer to my last is of course Rand Paul, but most unfortunately Rand doesn’t have a chance at winning. So when I ask “who” then, I mean of those with a running chance.

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