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Will the U.S. “debt ceiling” Roulette Trigger The Next Crash??

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

There is a surreal “game” taking place at the moment. It involves all commentators who have a reasonable understanding of events, and (of course) their audiences. The game is that we all know the Next Crash is coming — soon — but what we don’t know is what will be the precise excuse/trigger upon which that Crash would be blamed.

I’ve previously suggested a “Fed rate-hike” could do it. If you want to crash a bankrupt economy, just raise the interest on its debts. But that’s only one possibility. Now we have another one: staging another theatrical “shutdown” of the U.S. government, and then blaming the “crash” on that. Understand the beauty of this excuse: it doesn’t violate the previous (current) Script of lies.

Fed Rate-Hike To Trigger ‘Next Crash’ In 2016?
The Next Crash in 2016

The current Script is that the Mighty U.S. economy is in the middle of a Never-Ending Recovery, and as soon as it finishes “recovering” (when?) the Mighty U.S. economy will once again be “the growth engine of the world”. It’s all ludicrous fiction, but that doesn’t matter. The Lemmings believe it.

The Never-Ending ‘Recovery’
Buffett Sits on $50 Billion Cash-Hoard, Waiting for Bubbles to Pop

So, the Criminals stage their shutdown. The U.S. economy collapses. And what we’re told is that the “crash” was totally caused by the shutdown. If those jerks in Congress hadn’t shut down the government, everything would be fine.

:silly: :silly:

Remember, in the Wonderland Matrix nothing has to make sense. It’s simply a matter of which lie(s) the Criminals think can be most-easily “sold” to the Lemmings. And so this guessing-game continues. Will a Fed rate-hike be the fake-trigger for the crash? Will a government shutdown be the fake-trigger? OR, will the Psychopaths look for a geopolitical trigger — like a war, or a “plague”?

This is the same cabal of Psychopaths whose ancestors brought us two World Wars (and dozens of other lesser conflicts) just forprofit (i.e. the proceeds of crime). There is nothing which is two insane/extreme for these megalomaniacs to contemplate…

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2 comments to Will the U.S. “debt ceiling” Roulette Trigger The Next Crash??

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    it would be all hell if they shut down the food stamp programs. That day will come, but this is not that day.

    pocket pistol ready for that day, just in case.

    Even though my car is 14yrs old, it does have aluminum rims (worth about $10 each for SCRAP), so to help prevent tire theft, I ordered & installed a full set of 20 security lug nuts (Ebay) for about $25. Regular lug wrench won’t work on them.

    Told a friend about it, (his rims & tires are FAR more expensive—mine are CHEAP), and he feels NO need for such nonsense because he has INSURANCE to cover it.

    Hahaha. He’s a happy idiot. He won’t learn until after his tires get stolen, and he has to wait for the insurance to FIGHT him over the check, and then buy replacements, etc. It may take up to a MONTH of being without a car, etc, (and then the insurance rates go higher).

    I don’t want to go through all the hassle of insurance, new purchases, etc. In Detroit, I had one or 2 neighbors, wake up,, go outside and their cars were on BLOCKS and all 4 tires were gone.

    A little bit of prep before trouble comes, is always the better plan.

    Prepping UPDATE= Local gas station here, (the ONLY one that sells KEROSENE at the pump), has been ALL OUT for a month, and will NOT put in a NEW order for about a month from now.

    Glad I’m well stocked, but I did want to pick up another 4 gallons just to “top up” my supply.
    Imagine all the people who will eventually be rushing around and trying to pick up supplies when everything is gone.

    You MUST prepare FAR TOO EARLY, or you will SURELY be FAR TOO LATE.

  • randy0302

    I’ve been wondering about this scenario as well? We will find out soon enough. Perhaps it is the best path? Better than NUKES flying around.
    We should all contact the White House, if it happens, to thank them for not Nuking and to inform them we are not fooled.

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