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Western Logic: War Is Peace

from The Sleuth Journal:

Stop Nato editor Rick Rozoff posts important “anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts” by notable earlier figures from ancient Greece and Rome to modern times.

Their consistent theme is fundamental opposition to war, its carnage and ruthless objectives. Some current postings call “(m)ilitary glory the most mean, the most cruel and contemptible thing under the sun!” (William Black 1881)

“All wars arise for the sake of gaining money.” (Plato) “The highest good is not war but peace.” (Plato) “War’s cannibal priest, druid red from his human sacrifice.” (Walter Scott 1816)

“A shuddering lump of tattered wounds lifted up a mangled head and whined.” (Alfred Noyes 1913) “The bestialization of man by war.” (Polybius)

“We spilt blood enough to swim in, we orphaned many children and widowed many women. (Thomas Love Peacock 1829)

These thoughts and countless others explain the horrors of war, why they’re fought and importance of mass activism for peace – most of all today when super-weapons can kill us all in the hands of US lunatics perhaps eager to use them.

History shows wars benefit the few at the expense of the many. Aggressor criminality is worst of all – none more power-crazed than America, an unparalleled evil force.

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  • Julia Foster

    Bullshit paranoid site, made by some unthankful bastard living on the West and having too much free time. Go join Russian Putin and his Middle East dictator friends. If you destroy West you’ll live in shit and with no Internet, on the Middle Age-like level of life. And poor!
    Oh sorry, i have to go – cannot miss a new collection in my favorite Chanel Boutique!

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