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This Is Why Speaker John Boehner Resigned

from State of the Nation:

It is now well known that John Boehner is a dedicated lifelong Roman Catholic. It is also known that he has pushed for having the Pope come to America and address the U.S. Congress over many years. Meeting the Pope has always been a dream of Boehner’s which has just come true. What he failed to realize was that such a moment would trigger a realization of his profound betrayal of Roman Catholic teachings and universal morality.

One relatively short papal visit after the historic Congressional address put John Boehner face to face with himself. Clearly, the Pope reflected back to him the woeful lack of commitment to the most basic principles of civilization and pillars of Western society. Whether the Pope told him directly or by papal courier, Boehner had violated Catholic law and morality IN THE WORST POSSIBLE WAYS.

In so doing John Boehner, through his continual crimes of commission and acts of omission in his capacity as Speaker of the House, was directly responsible for the whole nation’s transgression of natural law and divine order.  His meeting with the Pope surely brought this reality into stark relief.  Hence, his uncontrollable crying and emotional outburst in having to confront his grave offenses against the Almighty.  In yesterday’s case, not against the Pope, against the Lord Almighty.


These Assertions Are Made Without A Hint Of  Hyperbole

Because of the pervasiveness and profundity of moral depravity throughout all of American society, most don’t even know what is being categorically asserted here.  John Boehner, more than anyone else in the U.S. Federal Government, was in the position to challenge President Obama’s morally bankrupt agenda.  Instead of using his power to stop or slow down Obama’s nefarious plans, he enabled the Obama Administration.

It’s true that the Democratic Party has devolved into a completely immoral and unethical coterie of criminals.  The DNC leadership, from the top on down, operates without conscience.  The Democratic addiction to prevarication and deception is now the stuff of legend; and it becomes more shameless and relentless by the day.  Boehner knows this. Actually, he know this and much, much more.

What’s the key point?  What are the critical repercussions of Boehner’s conduct?

Because of John Beohner’s serial negligence and shocking resistance to legislating righteously, he is now responsible for pushing the American Republic into an unprecedented emergency, if not outright collapse.  Why and how so?

Because he has received hard and indisputable evidence that Planned Parenthood has been committing the most serious felonies — IN BROAD DAYLIGHT — for many years. And what is his response.  He rebuffed his Republican peers in the House and instead enables the hardcore criminals on the other side.  That’s not to say the the Republican side does not have its many hardened criminals as well.  The W. Bush Administration had a whole penitentiary of incorrigible criminals in its midst.  Back to the odious crime syndicate known as Planned Parenthood.

Yes, when you sell the body parts of aborted fetuses, you are a HARDCORE criminal … of the worst order.  And yet Boehner continued to protect this thoroughly corrupt organization and their co-comspirators every single day, in spite of being provided categorical evidence of their criminality.

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7 comments to This Is Why Speaker John Boehner Resigned

  • randy0302

    Fundamentally flawed article. You discusses this issue as if we have a 2 party working system…we do not.
    The party that does not have a majority in Congress pretends to be for the people, thats all.
    Who was against TPP? Democratic leadership. Why? Beacuse they can pretend but obviously don’t have the votes to win.
    It is possible Boehner grew a conscious listening to the Pope but Im skeptical. He may have been ordered to step down…yes.

  • joe

    Was this article written by a 6th grader? I agree with its (obvious) premise, but the writing style is positively juvenile.

  • Dissolution

    Is this an Onion article? Give me a break. And isn’t Cruz saying that Boehner passed some kind of reprehensible deal with Pelosi before leaving? So much for the moral epiphany argument…

  • Larry from Montreal

    The Pope is more evil than ‘Boner’ Boehner.

  • Christine


    Why did Boehner quit? Because he knew that people would go crazy trying to figure it out, they would come up with the most idiotic theories, they would be unable to talk about anything else. Has anyone even bothered to ask him why? If it’s that important for people to know, go and ask him!!!

  • Matt

    The history of the catholic church makes the nazis look like amateurs . Their wealth dwarfs the combined wealth of the forbes 100 list. People can claim anything they want, they can say anything they want but in the end it is their actions that define them and the actions of the catholic church have been nothing short of evil . Saying that the pope does good things is like saying that the mafia give christmas hampers to the poor. Whats your point?

  • Howard Roark

    Because the game is nearly up and he wants to head to his bolthole with his supply of kiddie porn.

    He’s a sodomite chomo.

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