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The UNITED STATES is a CORPORATION — Sofia Smallstorm


Researcher and film maker SofiaSmallstorm joins me to expose the sad truth that the United States of America is a Corporation and its legal fiction citizens are little more than assets – or liabilities – on the Globalist balance sheet. Sofia says, “In 1871 the real America vanished and it was replaced with this incorporated government including Washington District of Columbia. So the Federal Government became a Corporation. And by 1933 with Roosevelt sitting in office, the whole corporate system was washed down into all the cities, the states, the agencies, that’s when the reality really flushed itself out in this fictitious form.”

Our “Representatives” are officers of a corporation, they aren’t public servants in any way and they cannot act as such. So that helps explain why they no longer seem to care about representing the people.

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61 comments to The UNITED STATES is a CORPORATION — Sofia Smallstorm

  • long john silver

    I’m still listening, this is a very informative interview.. I’ve bookmarked Sophia’s page to look into it over the next few days.. We are all being conned into this Legal Fiction straw-man nonsense, let us all pull out..

    Thank you very much for this one.. We honestly need more of this, than the Solver Gurus..

    • Steve_D

      This is the truth that enslaves humanity.

      • carlos

        Nice going shawn. It only took you three years to expose the source of enslavement of people on your site. I have been bringing this stuff up for three years and only got one response from one man. Better late than never i guess. It is a shame that the pope is about to change this system in about two weeks. If you want to get past this level entry information you should have Jonah Bey on to explain the state of the art overstanding of the legal name (which is all fraud because of a lack of knowledge of the participants). Anyway thanks for putting this on.Here is some defintions for the christians on this board.
        1. “Definition: Legal: the undoing of God’s law.” 1893 dictionary of Arts and Sciences, Encyclopedia Britannica, a dictionary of arts, sciences and general literature / The R.S Peale 9th 1893″

        2. Legal; ” 3. According to the law of works, as distinguished from free grace; or resting on works for salvation.” –Websters Dictionary 1828

        • The Steve

          Carlos, how and in which ways is the pope going to change it?

          • carlos

            Can’t say for sure but it is clear throughout history that when good men are on to these satanists the change things up to keep the masses in confusion. Seems to me that it has to do with sustainability they are floating lately. I think they will try to bring forth the one world religion/government further to meet their goals of total slavery of man. The three days of meetings the pope has starting on the 23 will kick it off. Whatever that happens to be. We will all know soon enough. Far too many people know about this satanic system now and it is a threat to their slavery system.

    • Eric

      Meet your strawman!

  • long john silver

    Silver Gurus, forgot my reading glasses, in reality I’m trying to get rid of them. I have to work on those muscles.

  • Dante

    Excellent interview, Sean. I’m so happy to see that you are meandering into forbidden territory and exploring a subject that needs to see the light of day if we are to take our fight for individual sovereignty to the next level.

    But the question remains: if the USA Inc fails to acknowledge our sovereignty, how the heck do we sever that contract that was administered when we were issued the birth certificate? Are we to remain political prisoners forever? This is essentially what they’ve turned us into by exploiting and criminalizing “sovereign citizens”.
    Granted, Sophia gives very practical solutions, some of which many here probably already practice anyway, yet we are still bound by the contract from birth.

    Also, Sean, I picked up on your use of the word “citizen”. I would like to hear Sophia’s take on this word and how she would define it within the context of the subject matter contained in this interview.

    This is definitely a subject well-worth investigating further if we are to TRULY assert our sovereignty, instead of just using lip service.

  • Howard Roark

    She’s right….and we all volunteer for it!!!

    Don’t believe me? Look at EVERY gummint for financial piece of paper shoved in front of you!

    They ALL have, somewhere on it ‘citizen of the United States’…THAT’S THE TRAP!!!!

  • glitter 1

    I attempted to post this earlier under the previous piece but the captcha wouldn’t allow it,so here goes:

    I have seen the original video and the recent follow up video where the action is slowed down 8x and 30x.My first inclination,since I do have experience with deer hunting and hand gun(9mm,40mm,45mm,.38special,.357 & 10mm) target shooting,the skin color of the shooter does not appear to be that of a black person.The whole self video thing appears hoaky/staged to me.
    Upon seeing the slowed down version here is what I see and don’t see:
    The muzzle flash is authentic to live round and blanks alike.Unless there was a head shot,one wouldn’t necessarily see an impact,especially since she was wearing what appears to be a black/dark colored sweeter.An impact(s)in her torso would not necessarily reveal a blood splatter explosion as most would think,especially if the caliber used here is a 9mm.
    An impact shot(rifle) to a deer many times is rendered bloodless,since the injury is internal and that’s where the majority of the bleeding takes place.The animal usually takes off,just as in this video with the woman,and doesn’t start to drop blood for sometimes 20,30,50 yards or more,since the adrenaline carries the animal until the heart bleeds out.
    Also,since the torso is covered with the dark colored/textured sweeter,it would aid in masking an impact point.So you wouldn’t(most likely)even see a bloody impact,not immediately anyway.Now, the 8x/30x slowed frames didn’t reveal casing ejections,from what I could see,which you should see whether using live or blank ammo.This is a red flag.
    Here’s my question,If this is a staged event,where is the real reporter after this hoax.Did she/has she leave/left the country?Was she killed somewhere else and they are using that for this event?Has she assumed a new identity?Is the whole thing an elaborate lie including the non-existence of the woman to begin with?Is she in on the con?What else am I missing?

    • 115

      If only the reporter were allowed to make a last minute, desperation phone call, maybe we could’ve heard someone in the background saying, “Good job…”

      To me, it looks like a scene filmed with a live shot and green-screen, for the at-home players.

      And the original article here is good food for thought as well…haven’t listened yet…looking forward to it…

  • loquito

    Hi Sean,
    There is a lot of truth to what Sofia present. I’ve been studying this subject for last 8 month. I have learn how to write your signature without liability, to you as the human being. Because there are two of you, the PERSON(Corporate you) vs the Human Being(life, your spirit). This lead back to U.C.C code which describe the difference. And the Black Laws Dictionary will also help with definition of words in the legal system. I discover this when I watch a video by Michael Tellinger Which he was able to pay the banks with a promissory note, that you can create your own money to pay off the banks. This study lead into other avenues of truth.

    You should connect Michael Tellinger for an interview. Which he is the only one of seen to take on the banks in South Africa and pay the bank off with a promissory note. He would add more truth about banks.

    Thanks for a great interview with Sofia Smallstorm.

    • SGT

      Thanks for the link loquito.

      • willygroper

        Sean & SS, you’re the berries!

        You can get Blacks Law Dictionary @

        We’re under Maritime Law.


        Berth…(Bond worth $1B ur slave labor)………..Ship

        Just as the law is fiction, this one will blow your skirt up just within the first 20min. Highly recommended as it plays hand in glove with the legal farce.

        Fair warning: This will induce cog/dis.

      • loquito

        His recent lecture in Australia. Michael Tellinger

  • Dissolution

    I am very happy that Sean has done this interview on this particular topic. This is a VERY important concept to understand. And it is my contention that part of the reason WHY we are starting to see the incredible rise of oppression in the United States of America is exactly because more and more people are starting to grasp the fact that they have been enslaved by a corporate entity. That entity has been threatened through this awakening, and therefore is taking the steps necessary to quell the uprising.

    For those interested on this topic further, I recently watched the “Servant King” series and liked it very much:

    Particularly video 3, “Confusion of Being”, in which he gives fascinating personal testimony of when he tried to redeem his birth certificate for his registration of live birth.

    Remember these words: “I claim Common Law jurisdiction. I do not consent, and I waive the benefits.”

  • The Steve

    “The Bankruptcy of The United States,” United States Congressional Record, March 17, 1993, Vol. 33, page H-1303, Speaker-Rep. James Traficant, Jr. (Ohio) addressing the House:

    Traficant Official Speech from 1993, C-SPAN:

  • tomche

    This is at the crux of our problems and explains why going after Barry Sotero is a waste of time.
    Excellent Sean and thanks for this interview. Hopefully this is a START and not an end for all of us on our respective quests for truth and the understanding of our voluntary servitude.

  • Eric

    Mohels-Royals by Lorde Parody

  • Christine

    This is what Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf was claiming when she and her followers came up with OPPT. The movement was subsequently dissolved in 2014. (OPPT has nothing to do with Swissindo and has publicly disclaimed any relationship between both).'s_Public_Trust

    It is also one of many claims Karen Hudes has been making. If I recall, Sheery Jackson Peel also touched upon the incorporation of our entire country, states, cities, counties, etc.

  • Christine

    Incidentally, don’t read too much into the Wikipedia article on OPPT: it is purposefully disparaging and ridiculed. just consider the source. But OPPT did publish the entire list of all towns, cities, states, countries Dunn and Bradstreet numbers. Everything Sofia states about our birth certificates, our stolen sovereignty, Heather stated as early as 2012. Karen Hudes echoes it.

    • willygroper

      Do a bit more research on KH.

      She’s part of it.

      • Christine

        Aren’t we all to a large extent? Aren’t we all supporting what’s going on by shopping at Walmart, using Big Pharma, paying taxes we don’t get anything in return for, sending our kids to schools we know to be brainwashing them, voting for individuals we know to be part of it, etc?

        My question is: why would anyone put herself through what KH has been through? Why would a Heather Tucci voluntarily put herself into foreclosure to understand how the system was rigged and lose her house by choice rather than pay, pay, pay and never know whether she is an owner or a permanent renter? Are those people DOING something? Yep. Are they teaching something? Ditto. Are they 100% right? No one is. Might they even be conflicted and unclear in their own mind? Everybody is. I’m really sick and tired of everyone being called a “shill”, a “mole” or “part of it”. On the other hand, a few people take action and risk big to affect change. I have been in touch with KH. I believe she is sincere and paranoid. Who wouldn’t be in her shoes? But at the very least, she takes action. And she offers hope.

        • willygroper

          Belief & hope. Not for me. I prefer research.

          No ad hom here, I merely said do a bit of diggin’.

          Your first clue is how well Goog has been scrubbed.

          Dig into her property records, location & hubby.

          Or, just believe.

          • Christine

            I did. I know what her husband does for a living. I also know that he left her because he didn’t approve of what she does. And that she is constantly being attacked (some of it she brings upon herself by being so surly). She is a DOER. Very few of those in this world…

  • Eric

    Don’t forget. They put Dean Clifford in prison for 13 months and also made an example of Santos Bonacci for speaking truth about this.

    What did George Carlin say? “They got you by the balls!”

    I was just reading about Édouard René Lefèbvre de Laboulaye, the french freemason who was the creator of the Statue of Liberty (or the babylonian goddess Inanna) and Emma Lazarus (a sephardic jew who predated the zionist movement created by Herzl) and who wrote “The New Colossus” which is commemorated on the statue…

    “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

    Get ready for President Trump, the statist.

  • Christine

    That was part of what D from Removing the Shackles published over 2 years ago. There was a much longer list including all the countries but I can’t find it any longer. I know it is out there somewhere.

    And by the way, Bill (American Kabuki), who was an active follower of the OPPT movement was at the origin of that “dead bankers” 2012 list. The sad part about all of this is that, rather than cooperate with each others, all those well-intentioned and somewhat awakened people… dissent against each others too on ridiculous and minor points of contention. As an example, and even though Karen Hudes used the UCC codes to file different actions and place liens on different entities was also one of the most vocal people to speak against OPPT (and she has since moved on to attacking Swissindo, although her recriminations are vague and I still can’t get any specifics as to what she reproaches them for). Many of us have many pieces of the puzzle. And yet, we can’t seem to find a common ground. As long as it remains that way, we won’t be able to win the battle. People need to grow up.

    • Eric

      Yeah I wouldn’t get your hopes up Christine.

      The masses are still in so much denial and still so ignorant, and there is still so much anger in the few that know, that they keep forgetting the elite want us fighting with each other instead of focused on them. It’s better for them to keep us divided instead of united. And I’m afraid it’s going to have to get so much worse before anyone starts asking questions and searching out the answers for themselves.

      As Jordan Maxwell said, “trying to wake up others is like trying to empty the Pacific with a cup.”

      They are never going to wake. It’s best just to protect yourself and your family. Take the actions you can to empower yourself and those around you. I find it near impossible to talk to anyone anymore about anything, family included.

      They still think this is a democracy. And they don’t even know what that is. Not to mention it was never a democracy.

      • Christine

        I refuse to become cynical. It saps my energy… The way I look at it, what we are living through has been at least 1,700 years in the making (with the recuperation of Christianity by Constantine under that institution called the Catholic church) and everything that has transpired since worldwide. But the big difference between today and 50 years ago is that now, the truth IS coming out and even those who are in denial cannot escape it.

        I grew up hearing about it in Europe: it was considered a well-known fact, as well-known as China destroying enormous quantities of insects as a result and subsequently suffering very bad harvests. Everybody knew it even though it never made it into our history books. Like most of humanity’s true history. More and more people are talking. And as the Russians are fond of saying: “They can’t kill us all.”

  • Millicent

    a worthwhile read…

    They Own It All (Including You!) By Means of Toxic Currency by … Proxy Highlight

    With very simple grammar, They Own It All, tackles a subject craftily hidden from … Even to exert the most basic of rights, the right of contract, you must have your …

  • Maxx

    The root of all this is the difference between PUBLIC and Private – know the difference between your Lawful name and your ens legis (STRAWMAN). (nothing to do with capitalization of the name) It is all about contracts. You’ve got to unlearn what you have been taught all your lives – time for a new over standing. Live in the private they can’t touch you, only when you are PUBLIC can they interfere in your lives.

    • carlos

      I think you are wrong. How about you demonstrate the difference between the lawful name and the ens legis strawman (legal name). The use of capital letters denotes a dead thing aka a corporation. This is clearly stated in their codes as to how to identify a corporation. Hint. Upper case names and lower case names sound the same. This is where the deception plays out when you state your name. I think you are confused about the real name and the assumed name.

      • Maxx


        The lawful name = Last, First, Middle (creditor)

        STRAWMAN (en legis) = First Middle Last (debtor)

        the old “it’s the CAPs” is smoke & mirrors = they do this magic every time you sign for credit of some kind. Lawful name at the top / debtor name at the bottom.

        • carlos

          I disagree. It is true that the creditor and debtor are listed like that in all banking swindles. But the last, first middle is usually the name that momma put on the statement of birth making it the real name not the lawful name. This name appears on the birth certificate and the drivers license in all caps and is known as a domestic trust where i come from. There is no provision in the english language that allows for an all caps name thereby making it a legal term aka a legal fiction not a lawful name. Thats why the satanists call it the real name LOL as in real estate. The first middle last is the assumed name or dba (doing business as name). The only time i have ever seen the lower case name is usually as the debtor of some dba fiction the criminals make up. An example is the banks like to give you a title like Mr CARLO because it is a ficticious name you don’t have a license for so they can fuck you in court. I have seen the same thing with utility bills where they just use an initial instead of the first name. The thing is the system does not deal in lawful names or lawful anything. It deals with legal fictions always. JMO

  • Greg

    I’ve asked this of a judge in court when he was trying to enforce some bullshit statute on me when there was no evidence of a crime, injured party or contract

    Me “So your honour, you’re telling me I’ve about 15million statute liabilities attached to me, from Birth??”

    Judge “Yes Mr ******, you have”

    Me “really? you’re telling me I’m a slave??”

    Judge speechless with a look on his face like he had been severely kicked in the balls

    Me “explain to me your honour how and when were those statute liabilities, cause as I understand it I was born free, and that so long as I did no harm to any other man or woman and honoured my contracts, I was free to go about my business”

    Judge “its just the system Mr ******”

    Me ” I don’t care much for this corrupt system”

    This looks really bad for them when you ask simple questions like this and is key to exposing this corrupt court system of enslavement for what it is.

    Long story, but the bottom line is they were not able to enforce the statute on me, and they got no money from me, which, most of the time, is what they want in order to keep feeding the beast.

    If more people started learning their rights and challenging this in court, what a world we’d have!! They are terrified of people waking up and realising their true power. Fear is their weapon, and to me, this is where the people’s revolution needs to come from.

    Dean Clifford, Marc Stevens, Bill thornton, worth checking out these guys

    • Eric

      You got lucky the judge was a moron. A very rare case.

      • greg

        The judge wasn’t a moron Eric, he had already been boxed in with paperwork and sworn affidavits explaining who I was and what the law was in this particular case.

        Plus the “legal person” birth certificate was “sitting” in the dock, exactly as he had requested so he couldn’t do me for contempt. (btw, never ever, ever step into a dock as a defendant!!)

        So long as the paperwork is solid, whether you call him your honour or not (even if meant in sarcasm 😉 doesn’t make any difference to him gaining jurisdiction over you,

        But you’re right, you cannot do this half assed or they will slaughter you in court. Its a street fight, and whilst you are staying in honour and being lawful, they will stab you in the back at every opportunity. I’ve been looking at this for nearly 4 years, and putting it into practice in the last 2, with numerous “appearances” at their courts. There is way more to this particular case than can be explained here.

        You really do learn a lot when you start writing letters, get experience going to court and try standing up for yourself

        I’ll say this, if you have the truth on you side, and you have the balls you can make things very difficult for so called “public servants”

        I’ve seen some unbelievable things happen in court, I’ve seen “judges” with a look of fear in their eyes, and I’ve seen “judges” run out of court when asked one question. I’ve been threatened with prison, fines and everything else but they’ve never been able to make anything stick.

        • Eric

          “I’ve seen some unbelievable things happen in court, I’ve seen “judges” with a look of fear in their eyes, and I’ve seen “judges” run out of court when asked one question. I’ve been threatened with prison, fines and everything else but they’ve never been able to make anything stick.”

          Let it be known the judge has abandoned the court.

          That’s when you know you’re on the right track. 😉

          Court is for dead people. As a living flesh and blood spiritual being incarnated in human form, I stay out of the court as much as possible.

          Glad you got it down.

          • Greg

            Yep, their courts are for dead entities. I’d prefer to avoid going to court myself. They are using up your valuable time and energy when you could be doing more constructive things. All most people want is simply to be left alone without being subject to bullying, threats and extortion, pretty much standard operating procedure for their courts.

            But sometimes they just don’t leave you alone so you’re kinda forced to confront them head on and ask them, “why are you trying to extort money from me?”

            If I am forced to to make an appearance at their courts I usually let the other party know I’ll be billing them for my time, and send them a nice bill in the post for my own amusement.

            Must admit, Its a nice feeling when it goes well and you give the establishment a little bit of a black eye, every challenge is another small step along the way to ending the corruption. Even if gets people who work inside the system to start thinking and questioning what they are doing, its worth the effort I think

  • Greg


    Me “explain to me your honour how and when were those statute liabilities were attached to me, cause as I understand it I was born free………..”

    • Eric

      NEVER call them “your honour.” They have no honor.

      NEVER “stand under” them. It means you accept their authority over you.

      Greg… you need to get a copy of Black’s Law Dictionary, listen to Kate of Gaia a million times, and do some research if you plan on knowing how they have enslaved you with this system.

  • Eric

    And for those that like to get screwed in the left ear…

  • Brian

    Listen to Eric people, you can do this half ass. Karl Lenz is also amazing. Get a studying, this is where the real freedom starts.

  • rico

    The US is a Corporation, CONgress is its Board of Directors and Obama is the CEO. So why can’t Americans, as the shareholders, bring a class action suit against the Entity, the Board and the CEO for Misfeasance, Malfeasance, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Insider Trading, etc…this situation has the perfect makeup for a class action suit against these JOKERS.

    • greg

      Agreed Rico, civil suits would be a great idea!! as public servants and public trustees supposedly serving the people, I’d say those named above are very much in breach of trust.

      The created cannot be greater than the creator, maxim in law.
      So public servants working in that capacity cannot be greater than their creator i.e. we the people.
      Just as we cannot be greater than our creator, God

  • raven

    The USA has turned into a police state. The Nazis would be proud of us.

  • Dante

    Citi Bike is being promoted in NYC something fierce. Citi Bike rental locations are springing up all over the city, and my first thought when I saw how much emphasis was being placed on this was, you guessed it, AGENDA 21.

    Bike lanes, small apartments and Agenda 21:

  • oneno

    Each time you apply for a Driver’s Licence and sign as the NAME you “think” is yours, you are committing the criminal offence of fraud via fraudulent use of Crown-owned property.

    Yes, that NAME you think is yours was registered to the Crown or some Agent of the Crown. The Crown claims copy-right on any NAME appearing in their book of Registry.

    Yes, I know they do not prosecute for committing that offence. The reason is it is more profitable for them to use this opportunity to collect evidence of the crime and to collect evidence that the man (male or female) has voluntarily and permanently attached himself to the Crown-owned NAME via legal maxim ‘accessio credit principali’.

    Now, they can harvest the fruits of your labour through all manner of taxes, fines, fees, licences, and any excuse written or unwritten in legislation.

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