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The Silver Shortage – Is It Real?

from Mike Maloney:

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7 comments to The Silver Shortage – Is It Real?

  • Troy

    There seems to be lots of certain rounds/bars selling out/stock delays. Provident Metals can’t keep on hand any of their one ounce Prospector bars and rounds…cheaper generic stuff is slim pickins. I keep buying their 10 ounce Prospectors, those seem to be there always.

  • Sam

    The Eagles are soaring, whoda thunk it?

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    Crash the criminal banksters and protect your wealth and life at the same time, BUY SILVER.

    I just sent $400 for a small order,, it was all I could afford.. even delayed paying my HOUSE taxes to do this. (I figure, in the next 4-6 months, I’ll owe an exta $40 late fee, but my $400 silver,, SHOULD be worth more than $1,000 at that time,, perhaps a lot more.

    So I’ll pay the house-tax late fee,, and make out well as the markets crash and PM’s go up. If this takes another year? So be it.

    Bring me my Shemitah Baby!!! I’m packin’ & stackin’, and ready to rumble.

  • Trespass Unwanted

    I’m not getting into your personal life, but I have a caution to be careful on not paying those house taxes.

    Many people have been robbed of their property by unknowns like attorneys and others paying their property taxes early, then when the home owner goes to pay, the money is sent back telling them the debt is already paid.

    unlike accounts where no one knows your bill without giving out identifying information, the tax bill is public and many make a living paying taxes on property and stealing it from the people who life there by claiming a right to foreclose for paying that debt.

    Deceptive? Yes. Misrepresentation? Yes Will a judge in a court let them? for financial incentive yes Will you spend money trying to protect your property? Yes.

    I have read posts and other things where people have been affected by this, and that is the only reason I mention it. I don’t live in fear but I like being aware of things.

    • Craig escaped from Detroit

      Oh,, that is VERY interesting.. about somebody stepping in, to pay some house tax and “establish a claim” attempting to grab it.

      I can see how such a scam can work. Fortunately,, the property in question, is in DETROIT,, with a current market value of perhaps $8,000 ? Hahaha. (the taxes are HIGHLY over charged,,and getting them reduced, is an exercise in city corruption (they are desperate for every dollar).. and getting a little bit behind is a helpful bargaining tool.

      They are VERY afraid of more owners just walking away. (and what idiot would spend time and money to scam into a DETROIT house of such little value?) Detroit, right now, has more than 70,000 abandoned, blighted homes that must be demolished.
      Look at this,, just 1.5yrs ago.. I was helping to remove scrap metal from hundreds of these empty derelict homes.

      I now live in Florida,, and will not be moving back to Detroit,, I maintain it for a friend who lives there, keeping it up. I stay there when I’m in the area.

      And,, in Detroit, if somebody really “screws” with you,, it’s easy enough to go downtown,, look up who is playing those games..and pay $50 to some drug addict or gang member,, to throw a few bricks thru the picture window (or burn a car) that belongs to the scammer.

      Sadly,, I actually know of some people who would break a few windows or burn a car for $50. Those types are FAR too common in Detroit.

  • Trespass Unwanted

    Thanks for the response.

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