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The Middle Class Is Being Cooked Alive — Dave Kranzler


Dave Kranzler from Investment Research Dynamics joins me to discuss his latest thoughts on the physical silver market, and ‘The Road’ of horrors that lay ahead for the American people.

Horrors that have been created by international Banksters like the Jacob Rothschild, who in 2007 – just a year before the great economic collapse of 2008 – paid $5 million pounds for a painting called ‘Boy Building a House of Cards’. Are you starting to get the picture?

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47 comments to The Middle Class Is Being Cooked Alive — Dave Kranzler

  • Troy

    Cooked middle class…it kinda tastes like chicken

  • Mike F.

    Kranzler is tuned in. One of the best out there!

  • anon

    The American Middle Class is being wiped out because the “elite” of the West basically want a two-tier system, globally – themselves (the .01%) sitting at the very top, completely controlling the second tier, the 99.99% of humanity – without regard to race or any other consideration, although the .01% will assist with their “hidden hand” those of the 99.99% that “they” (the “elites”) think may be useful to them in establishing their N.W.O. for total global control.

    Why has ISIS never attacked Israel? Why is ISIS getting money from the U.S.? Why are Arab Refugees flooding Europe? How many States within the United States are slated to receive Arab Refugees? The “elites” of the West are attempting to create total chaos, in order to get us to BEG them for their pre-planned “solutions”, which will be NO SOLUTIONS, AT ALL, JUST THEIR N.W.O.

    • Jacobson

      Stupid questions if dumb american who never been in the middle east.
      ISIS = “Islamic State in Iraq and Sham”
      The word “Sham” (شام) doesn’t mean “Syria”, it means “Greater Syria” and refers to all Syria including Israel. Only with their name they show what their goals are.
      If you will read some history you’ll find that in the early begining of the state nations in the middle east, the “palestinians” didn’t want to establish a state – they wanted to be part of “Great Syria”.

      And YES, ISIS attacked Israel several times from the Sinai penisula.
      They divided the territories they control for “Wilayah” according to the muslim way.
      “Wilaya-t Sinai” is being held by sub-organizations of ISIS, the most known group is ‘Ansar Beit Al-Makdas’ (Truimph of the Temple) (Victory of Jerusalem).

      ISIS doesn’t want to attack in Europe or USA, they want to establish an islamic state. Only after that they will head forward to destroy others.

      • Eric

        Israel should open their doors to ISIS and others. Israel will never be a strong nation until it accepts multiculturalism and diversity.

        • Johnny Pallyswine

          Israel will laugh when the muSSlim has raped every white girl in the West

          • Jacobson

            Israelis will say to the west: “Told ya’!”.
            We will also see the hypocricy of the whites and how they will genocide the arab muslims.

            Allahu Akbar!

              • Jacobson

                Is that how the average 30 years old american guy behave?

                • Eric

                  Is this how all israeli jews behave?

                • Eric

                  Do you want to destroy Israel Jacob?

                • Jacobson

                  Intresting videos!

                  The first one shows youngsters who are upset beacuse the photographer is using electricity in front of them, in their neighbourhood on Saturday – which is not allowed.
                  No electricity/cars/fire/nachines on Shabbat.

                  The 2nd video shows what “palestinian” people think.
                  It looks they feel much better than the BS you write here every day.

                • Eric

                  Jacob you really do live in a false reality. If this is what palestinian people think, then why does Hamas even exist in the first place?

                  A good ol fashioned stoning is coming your way.

                • Jacobson

                  You mean, Hammas the sub-organization of the muslim brotherhood?
                  The muslim brotherhood who was created by the western church who arrived Egypt to increase influnce on the Suez Canal.

                  Read Beth Baron’s book, especially the chapter “fight them with their own weapons”.

                • Eric

                  My point is that obviously not all Palestinians think the way you say they do. The Palestinian people voted for Hamas. Perhaps they don’t want to be a part of Israhell.


                  And we already know that the mossad created Hamas so don’t even bother with that one.

                • Eric

                  Also, you know I’m not going to read your books anymore than you are going to read mine. I have enough books to read still.

                  If you want to quote from them, we can maybe discus it then.

                • Jacobsons

                  Eric, sometimes you are sweet but then the devil jumps out.

                  Not all palestinians think the way I say – only those who live inside Israel and enjoys the benefits of Israel.
                  20% of Israel’s population are muslim arabs – palestinians.
                  Most of them hate the Hammas and curse them.
                  On the other hand, the people of Gaza elected Hammas beacuse they got nothing to lose, Egypt just built tunnels on the Gaza-Egypt border and flooded it with sea water in order to destroy their tunnels.
                  Back then, Egypt controlled Gaza and they made a condition that Israel will be in charge when Israel and Egypt signed the peace agreement.

                  As for the CHRISTIAN influence on the creation of the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD:

                  -How Christians Helped Create The Muslim Brotherhood:

                • Jacobsons

                  The idea of Beth Baron is very simple:

                  – The west wanted to gain control over the Suez Canal which is the most influental sea route from East to West, so they sent missionaries to settle all over the canal.

                  – Hassan El-Banna, the guy who created the Muslim Brotherhood was a son of El-Azhar scholar and studied in Dar El-Ulum, he became a teacher.

                  – When El-Banna saw how christians converting orphan children and give them good education and food, he created the Muslim Brotherhood.

                  – The YMCA in Egypt helped to create the YMMA (C-hristian to M-uslim).

                  – All Muslim Brotherhood offices and activity were exactly where the Missionaries were.

                  – Every text of the Missionaries was changed :
                  Jesus to Muhammad
                  God to Allah
                  Chruch to Mosque
                  There are text of the missionaries and the MB who look almost the same.

                  – Hassan El-Banna said: “Fight them with their own weapons”

                  And there’s many more but you’ll have to read the book.

                • Eric

                  There’s no devil in me. I love everyone and only want to help people. I especially want to help you see the benefits of multiculturalism and diversity that jews promote so much in western civilization so that israel can be a strong multicultural nation with a very diverse people.

                  Most of what you wrote I could have learned from wikipedia. No doubt Morsi rose to power with the help of Obama and his MB buddies. But we also know that Obama is a puppet of the rabbinical zionists and jewish bankers.


                  If you are still in denial about this, I am happy to provide more reading material for you. I can’t rebut much of what you wrote because it is historical fact, but there is always a puppeteer behind the puppet, and usually a puppet master behind the puppeteer. Have you ever studied freemasonry? Because there are levels of control. Everyone is kept compartmentalized so as not to raise suspicion or question anything. But the important part to know is that there are levels. While you and I and everyone else argues about politics and religion, we rarely focus enough on the money magicians who pull the strings everywhere. The pyramid of control goes up a lot higher from there.

                  Check this out. I know you don’t like VT but just read the message.


                  You say the MB is a creation of the church of rome or the result of christian missionaries. But we also know that the jesuits were initially created by jews Ignatius Loyola. Judaism and Masonry go together like cheese and wine.

                  One last article you should read…

                  “Hasan Al-Banna, may have been (according to my own research on the matter) the first Arab to ever threaten to “throw the Jews into the sea” (his statements were cited in al-Musawwar magazine in 1948).”


                  Now ask yourself, WHY would anyone want to throw the jews into the sea? Why have jews been kicked out of 109 countries? There must be some reason for it. Any thoughts?

                  I don’t blame you for your confusion. You signed up with the wrong team. I signed up with the wrong team. But when the hell are we all going to get on the RIGHT team???

                • I guess my point is…

                  I almost think it’s pointless to continue discussing what happened 40, 50, 60, 70 years ago. Or what happened 2000 years ago. We are here NOW!

                  How does this end? Does it end with WWIII? Or does it end with a peaceful solution and REAL 2 state solution. I don’t see any other way the conflict will end in the middle east without a Palestinian state and an end to the gaza blockade and occupation.

                  But would love to hear what your thoughts are on this.

              • Jacobson

                I read the links you provided,
                My problem with what you say is that there’s always a jewish money behind everything – there’s no logic in what you say.
                You created an enternal hidden jewish enemy who somehow controls everything.
                It is like a target you created in your mind and then you search the way to this target. When your research starts with results, it’s not a research.

                We are here and now. yes.
                Do you actually think that the israeli-palestinian conflict will bring WWIII?
                Eric, it’s about oil and food, not religion!
                I see the global shifts from my window while you panic in usa…
                And I don’t see the palestinians participating…

                The Israeli-Russian new friendship really makes my happy,
                It is historical thing !

                And take a look what Proffessor Timothy Mitchell says:

                • Eric

                  Yes but you are missing the entire point. The Rothschilds up until recently, control the global money supply. They control every central bank in the world. Up until a few years ago, the only ones left they didn’t have control over were Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran. They admit to being “jewish” and have used this to control nation states from behind the scenes. Even you can’t possibly be this naive. You seriously don’t see a connection here?

                  Whoever controls the money supply, controls the nation. It’s quite simple. He financed both sides of the napoleonic war, crashed the stock market on purpose, then bought everything up for pennies on the dollar.


                  They have used “jews” as pawns for their global domination plan which includes the greater israel project. I don’t think the Israel/Palestine conflict will kick off WWIII but I do think conflict with Syria and Iran will. Anyways it looks like its been stopped now hopefully. Great link from Christine…


                  It’s not JUST about oil, and pipelines, and food. It’s not JUST about religion. It’s about global domination, a new world order, a new world religion.

                  Anyways, things are looking pretty good actually. So you guys better figure out a way to all get along over there and settle your differences. I don’t know how it’s going to happen but there’s going to have to be some kind of palestinian state. You know as well as I do, they won’t accept anything else.

                • Jacobson

                  I know that the Rothschilds have big influence but they have nothing to do with Judaism. They aren’t “real” jewish believers, they don’t follow the Torah and don’t behave according to the jewish morals.
                  Most jews are simple people who work hard to put food on the table, like americans, indians or brazilians.
                  There are many bank owners who aren’t jewish – why don’t you speak about them?

                  A new world religion?
                  The jews will be in the front lines if someone will try to convert us from our religion, culture and tradition.
                  Wasn’t it John Lenon with the song “Imagine”?

                  Recent studies show that the average israeli-arabs (palestinians) are shifting. They want to live in a stable state and prefer to keep their identity inside the israeli state. They see the collapse of the arab nation states and know they’ll have better future as israeli citizens.
                  It is the worst time to establish a new palestinian state…
                  Maybe the new russian patron will bring new solutions.

          • Howard Roark

            “Anti-Semitism is a disease, you catch it from jews” – J. Edgar Steele

            And Hyman Israhellswine is terminal. He needs to be evacuated.

    • Ed_B

      “Why are Arab Refugees flooding Europe?”

      Maybe a question that is more to the point is, “Why are the Euros allowing them to come into their countries?”. It is a fundamental part of national sovereignty that a sovereign nation controls its border and any immigration that they allow.

      It is crystal clear that the libs in the US are selling out this country via the import of MANY new potential Dem voters via south and central America. These people are a horrendous drain on the American worker and the tax burden they bear. It is unconscionable to be doing this, yet they are pedal-to-the-metal on it. There is no way that this “illegal immigration” aka “invasion of the USA” could be occurring without the approval of the US Gov. Put a real man or woman in charge who isn’t part of this criminal conspiracy and we would have the US Army and Marines guarding our borders with orders to turn back ALL illegals attempting to enter the USA. If a verbal warning doesn’t work, then a warning shot should. If not, then stronger measures would be authorized. Anyone defending our borders should be indemnified against frivolous lawsuits so that avenue would be closed to the invasion cabal and their supporters. If someone does not want to risk getting shot, they should stop invading our country. This is not a difficult concept. In fact, it is the same one used by most countries, including Mexico, which is a willing participant in this invasion of the USA.

  • Gryphonv8

    What Hitler always said, there will be a two class system: the elite and the rest

    guess what? It’s already here, but they haven’t flooded the good countries with enough foreigners yet, busy litte bees opening the gates

  • gary h

    Dr. Bill Deagle says Cannibalism will/would begin in 2 weeks/14 days w/o food..[Californians will last but 3 days in their current very little-no water predicament,so they must worry about getting enough drinkable water long before they think about food..[would guess they would drink their own urine until they have no urine to piss to drink]
    would guess humans taste better “cooked alive” anyway..not thermo-nuclear cooked,but deep fat fried or boiled with some added spices for better taste..afraid we WILL indeed get there eventually with the madmen running the show as God knew ity would end that way as insane sociopathic madmen are the only ones willing to do the insane & unlawful things needed to get to the usual,”when” is but the only unknown..

    • Ed_B

      “ usual,”when” is but the only unknown..”

      Agreed. But the more I look at all this, the less important “when” becomes to me. THAT something will happen is WAY more important than when. Those who worry so much about “when” seem to be looking for some way to waste time until the end draws close, rather than simply going about the business of prepping and stacking. Time wasted is no different from time never had, so my advise to one and all is to QUIT worrying about “when” the S will HTF and spend all of your available time prepping for it. That way, when the S really does HTF, there will be no doubts or recriminations about whether or not we did “enough”. If we do ALL that we can, that’s all we can do. It will either be enough or it won’t. If it will, then that’s good. If it isn’t then no other actions we could have done would have had a better result. We are human beings, not gods. If we’ve done all that we can, then our consciences will be clear.

  • gary h

    sorry to John Williams/Shadowstats,but the all-time high price for silver was set in 1477 at $806 an oz…
    in today’s nearly worthless paper fiat “currency” that would be?[have no idea but it must be up there in the lower stratosphere,almost to the moon..

    forgot another great one by Def Leppard,that certainly hits the nail on this era of never ending bankster wars..

  • gary h

    the album cover of Hysteria..”Cern” overlaid with an illuminati triangle/pyramid over it..Cern was planned for a long time,as the vehicle to get the devil into our dimension..
    once you learn the satanic demons symbols,you begin seeing them on virtually everything..such a shame Def Leppard sold out to the devil..
    for fortune and fame in a mere speck of time on earth in all of eternity..forever and forever..think about it..”forever” no end….it blows your flippin mind..

  • Former US Citizen

    Sean: Another great interview, Dave Kranzler is outstading! I´ve been reading your site and listening to your material almost since the day you started. Over that time ¨The Liberty Mill¨ has gradually replaced Yahoo!, other MSM sites and most definitely the TV as my place to get the news. Knowing that everything on the internet is being ¨monitored¨, until just last thursday I´ve been quite hesitant to respond and speak my mind to avoid posible repercussions. I say ¨thursday¨ because as of 72 hours ago my US citizenship renunciation is finally completed – I am no longer beholden to the evil empire, I am free! While it makes me sad to see what has become of the country I once loved, I realize now that my admiration for the ¨Land of the Free¨ was probably misguided, since it had actually been taken over long before my birth. As a successful former US businessman, I must admit that the USA certainly offered great opportunities to build your fortune (as I did) and it probably still does. Therefore my expatriation was certainly not due to to financial reasons, actualy it was due primarily to moral reasons and in some respects to the somewhat selfish reason of ensuring the safety of myself and my loved ones. The unending ¨War State¨ and increasing ¨Police State¨ which accelerated after 9/11 caused me much soul-searching, I could not continue supporting our Aggression and Imperialism in support of a Pro Elite, Pro Israel and Anti US Middle Class agenda. In 2006 I sold my business and my properties in the US and expatriated to S. America – the soon to follow Lehman crisis made my US real estate sales a well-timed move. Other than family ties, I attempted to completely cut off all personal connections with the USA. Back then moving my physical PM´s (which I´d been acumulating since the dotcom bubble) was a fairly straightforward task (I used Viamat and had no problems). Okay this is getting long, enough about me, I want to ask a question to those that post on this site. It seems like many here including Dave Kranzler, Sean and various others (like PCR) believe there´s a very real possibility of the US suffering a nuclear attack. When you combine this with the ever-increasing loss of freedoms – I have to ask myself when are you people planning on getting the hell out? I´m not sure moving to the middle of nowhere in the Northwest will be enough. It´s time to go folks, if it´s ¨doable¨ for you then you´d better quit finding excuses and do it before it´s too late!

    • Ed_B

      “I have to ask myself when are you people planning on getting the hell out? I´m not sure moving to the middle of nowhere in the Northwest will be enough. It´s time to go folks, if it´s ¨doable¨ for you then you´d better quit finding excuses and do it before it´s too late!”

      I have to say that this is definitely a viable solution for some of us. But it is not a one size fits all solution by any means. Many Americans love our country deeply and won’t be leaving it. As Mark Twain once said, “I am a patriot, so I love my country all the time… and my government when it deserves it”. Lately, I have to agree that the US Gov has not deserved much in the way of our love. But our country does. If I have to stand my ground and fight for my country, I will do so. If that results in my death, so be it. I can’t think of much of anything that I would rather fight and die for than my family and my country. My government? No, not for them for they have not earned that level of devotion.

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    I enjoyed the interview. SGT (and other sites) have been spreading the truth, far and wide for enough time, for many of those WISHING to be “awake & aware”, have been able to find what they needed to know, as for the rest?
    Yes, they may very well end up like the movie/book “The Road”.

    I saw the movie, and yes, it was bleak. But “The Road” fits much more with all the Sheeple who did not see it coming (or did not WANT to see). AND, the “Roadies” are more likely to be those who live in COLD climate areas.

    I tend to think, those who are well along in their prepping & also live in warmer climates, will be in a MUCH better position (as long as “The crazies in the basement” don’t blow up the world.)

    A couple of things that will be MORE valuable than propane or PM’s, will be the GARDEN chems, bug spray, FERTILIZERS, and canning supplies.
    If you don’t have a self sustaining FOOD SUPPLY, nothing else will matter.

    MY particular area (NW Florida) has TERRIBLE soil, but WONDERFUL rainfall. I’ve stock up enough fertilizers to grow my garden for about 7 years, and by THAT time, I should have plenty of composting happening to keep my operation sustained.

    You can’t really create a self sustaining garden & compost operation if you are a NOMAD.

    Plant your ass in a decent spot and make it work. Prep & Plan for the worst, hope for the best, and get your self sustainability job in action.

    FOOD, Water, shelter, Seeds, Garden supplies for the LONG term, Powerful Protection from the hungry nomads, and the willingness to form a vibrant COMMUNITY before, during & AFTER the changes.

    Anybody who plans on staying 100% isolated forever, is not really helping mankind or the world.

  • knowtoomuch

    ■ “New World Order pledged to jews” , New York Times, 6 october 1940 :

    ■ Working again :‘The Jew World Order is upon us’, a SPLENDID ARTICLE :

    ■ The 20th Century : The Talmudic Triumph over Western Civilisation XXX :

    ■ ‘Pax’ Judaica World Wide :

  • petedivine

    Great interview. I disagree with Dave about large scale nuclear warfare. We’ve been living with that threat for a long time and the consequences would make the planet uninhabitable. In my opinion we are more likely to see a scenario akin to the “Stand” by Stephen King. Over the last several years recent headlines suggest that a weaponized virus would be ideal for their objectives. For example the Ebola virus in Africa. I think it wasn’t as virulent as the elites had hoped for when they purposely exposed the U.S. population to infected healthcare workers. Another vector of attack is the continued use of antibiotics in poultry, beef, and pork. At some point antibiotics won’t work and the population will decline at an exponential rate especially among the poor and the elderly. The elites could also expose the entire nation to a deadly reagent. I’m thinking something could be introduced into the illegal aerosol spraying that you’ve featured with Dane Wigington. There are endless ways a virus or bacteria could be introduced to the population. As we awaken we should be more aware of our circumstances and potential solutions.

    • Ed_B

      I read Dan Brown’s book “Inferno” not too long ago wherein the antagonist released a virus that infected 90% of the world’s population and rendered them sterile. The result of that would be a MUCH smaller breeding group and a much lower world population. IIRC, the book did not go into much depth about the social and political consequences of a rapidly shrinking world population would be severe. Perhaps Brown’s next book will delve into that subject.

      While this would not be as dramatic as the things that are supposedly happening, it would certainly be effective at reducing the human population problem on this planet. Additionally, war would become obsolete because people would become too valuable to squander in such fruitless pursuits.

  • knowtoomuch

    Too bad SGT didn’t mention Albert Pike was also a jew.

    A Luciferian jew.

    And a 33th degree Grandmaster.

    Just like Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin.
    ( admitted, one of them was 30th degree, but I’ve forgotten which one)

    At the Potsdam, Yalta or Teheran Conferences, those three devil’s sons were simply carving up the world, making it ready for the next (and temporary) ‘powerbalances’.

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