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The Golden Fleece

from Gold Silver Worlds:

Buy a few congresspersons, or preferably a president, and obtain a “no-bid” contract to provide something to the government at a huge markup. It could be Tamiflu vaccine, security services in Iraq, TSA scanners, private prisons or so many other schemes. The profits can be enormous to the point that payoffs to politicians are insignificant. This works especially well if you are a member of the financial elite.

Let the Federal Reserve ship several billion dollars in shrink-wrapped one hundred dollars bills to you, and exempt yourself from accountability. This worked in Iraq – link here.

Saving the best for last … Convert paper currencies into gold. One scenario is:

Setup: Buy congresspersons, a president, prime minister, king or war lord. Create a central bank with an exclusive right to print paper currencies. Loan newly printed currency to the government and collect the interest.

The Business: Loan newly printed paper currencies (pounds, dollars, euros etc.) to governments and businesses, but demand the interest be paid to the bank in gold. Voila! Paper has been created and converted to gold.

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