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The Fed is Worthless; Junk Wall Street & Green Policy

from LaRouche PAC:

Lyndon LaRouche had the following comments upon being briefed on the responses to EIR from several economists on the Fed’s non-action regarding interest rates, and Janet Yellen’s lying justification of that non-action:

I have always warned about this. The Federal Reserve system and Wall Street are the heart of the problem. They are totally bankrupt, and yet they hold political control over the government, while in fact they are worthless. We must start by demonstrating that Wall Street is of far less value than they represent—in fact, they are bankrupt. We need an overall reform that eliminates Wall Street.The United States refuses to recognize the truth, that Wall Street is preventing a recovery. We must write it down to its true near-zero value. We have a more extreme case than FDR faced when he closed down Wall Street, but it must be wiped out or there will be no recovery.

In Europe, the Green policy is the most aggravating factor in keeping Europe down. There is a match between getting rid of the Green policy and dumping Wall Street.

“Chaos” is an understatement of this thing. People won’t listen—we must shut down Wall Street. To do so we must throw Obama out of office. Look at Wall Street in the 1920s and 30s, and see what FDR did. The situation is far worse now than in FDR’s time. There are nothing but pseudo values in the banks—write them down!

Go back to Bertrand Russell’s influence at the beginning of the 20th Century, together with the assassinations of American presidents. Bush, Cheney, Obama—four terms of this—would every week issue reports on the “easing” that week, every week getting more and more quantitative easing, instead of putting the whole thing through bankruptcy then and there.

We have lowered the productivity of labor, with the Green policy and the quantitative easing. Now Wall Street is hopelessly bankrupt. It’s not the dinasaurs going extinct—it’s the bankers.

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2 comments to THE FED IS WORTHLESS

  • Ed_B

    “The United States refuses to recognize the truth, that Wall Street is preventing a recovery.”

    It is not Wall Street that is taxing, regulating, and licensing this economy to death. It IS DC that is doing every bit of that and it IS killing the economy. If you’d care to see a complete deer in the headlights look, just ask a regulator “Just how much regulation is enough?”. That will be a point that the regulators have absolutely failed to even consider. From their moribund position, there cannot be too much regulation. Yet, in the REAL WORLD, it is quite clear that, yes, there can be and there IS too much regulation right now.

    IMO, every candidate for president, upon being elected, should require all US Gov agencies and departments to submit a document of no more than 5 pages of single-spaced single-sided 12-point font that outlines just how that agency or department will reduce itself by half over the coming 6 months. These documents would then be analyzed and the best ideas in them would be implemented and other ideas sought that would accomplish the stated goal. Any administrator who is incapable of meeting this challenge would be fired immediately and replaced by the #2 person in that agency or department and they would get the chance to perform. This would continue until those who can get the job done would be in those jobs. This is not about “empire building” or creating their own private fief. It IS about running the country in a satisfactory manner and at a reasonable cost and not perpetuating the hideously bloated incompetent nightmare that our US Gov has become.

  • Millicent

    Ed, you’re not a “team player”… ;^)

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