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The Elite Have Prepared For The Coming Collapse – Have You?

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

Why are the global elite buying extremely remote compounds that come with their own private airstrips in the middle of nowhere on the other side of the planet?  And why did they start dumping stocks like crazy earlier this year?  Do they know something that the rest of us don’t?  The things that I am about to share with you are quite alarming.  It appears that the global elite have a really good idea of what is coming, and they have already taken substantial steps to prepare for it.  Sadly, most of the general population is absolutely clueless about the financial collapse that is about to take place, and thus most of them will be completely blindsided by it.

As I discussed the other day, the only way that you make money in the stock market is if you get out in time.  The elite understand this very well, and that is why they have been dumping stocks for months.  This is something that has even been reported in the mainstream news.  For example, this comes from a CNBC article that was published on June 16th

The so-called smart money is pulling back from market risk, with fund managers taking down exposure to stocks, increasing cash holdings and buying protection against a sharp selloff.

About two weeks before that, I discussed the same phenomenon on my website.  The article that I published on May 30th was entitled “Why Is The Smart Money Suddenly Getting Out Of Stocks And Real Estate?

Did the “smart money” know what was about to happen?  Since the peak of the market, the Dow has already lost more than 2200 points.  All of the gains since the end of the 2013 calendar year have already been completely wiped out.

And of course the truth is that you didn’t really need any inside information to see that it was time to get out.  I have been warning my readers for months about what was coming.  The signs have been clear as a bell if you were willing to look at them.  Just consider the following excerpt from a recent piece by Michael Pento

Earlier in the year margin debt had risen over $30 billion or 6.5% to $507 billion and was equal to a record 2.87% of U.S. GDP. This surpasses the previous all-time high of 2.78% set in March 2000 – the top of the last largest stock market bubble in history.

And despite the assurance of every mutual fund manager on TV that they have boatloads of cash ready to deploy at these “discounted” levels, in early August cash levels at mutual funds sank to their lowest level in history, 3.2% (see chart below). As a percentage of stock market capitalization, fund cash levels are also nearing the record low set in 2000 when the NASDAQ peaked and subsequently crashed by around 80%.

The financial markets are absolutely primed for a major crash, and when that happens many among the elite will be hightailing it to the middle of nowhere.

Earlier this year, the Mirror published an article all about this entitled “Panicked super rich buying boltholes with private airstrips to escape if poor rise up“.  Here is a brief excerpt…

Robert Johnson, president of the Institute of New Economic Thinking, told people at the World Economic Forum in Davos that many hedge fund managers were already planning their escapes.

He said: “I know hedge fund managers all over the world who are buying airstrips and farms in places like New Zealandbecause they think they need a getaway.”

Keep in mind that these are not just some rumors that Robert Johnson has heard.  These are people that he knows personally and that he interacts with regularly.

And Robert Johnson was not alone in this assessment.  Here is more from the Mirror

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58 comments to The Elite Have Prepared For The Coming Collapse – Have You?

  • JoeinSyr

    Simply it’s called a plan B and only the elite can afford one

  • Howard Roark

    Yes, Mike, we all have our multi-million dollar “boltholes” stocked and ready and the Embraer Legacy 650 and crew on standby.

  • Dante


    Seems “someone” is upping the ante. Oh ya, better get prepared, INDEED. If these explosions are orchestrated, they won’t go without retaliation.

  • Rancher

    Myself I deal in solutions rather than spend my life talking about the problems 😉

    Thus we believe it is cheaper by the dozen which can equate to safety in numbers which equates to teaming up in group which equates to less money being spent to duplicate many things. Thus joining and meeting the requirements of an existing group will be by far less expensive than trying to go it alone or built your own.
    Once done folks within a group like ours seldom feel the need to discuss world issues and concerns. Rather we keep our skill set on target and then can go fishing and enjoy life. Like we say around here you are either part of the problem or part of the solution…..

    • Howard Roark

      Yes, yes, more “ME” now “Rancher”, we get it…you’re going to watch the rest of us die on TeeVee…got it…

      …by the way “jethro”, who helped you with your spelling and sentence structure, it’s not bad this time, you have someone on the compound that can read and write?

      • chris

        Howard. He needs a bit more advice. See below.

        Myself? I deal in solutions rather than problems. 😉

        We believe it is “cheaper by the dozen,” which equates, in this instance, to “safety in numbers.” Working within a group means less duplication and greater economies of scale. Joining an existing like-minded group might be more effective and less costly than trying to go it alone.
        Once you’ve dealt with contingencies, one seldom feels the need to discuss or be concerned with world issues. Rather, it gives me time to be a pompous wordy wanker who talks down to people in forums rather than going fishing and enjoying life. Like we say around here, “why go fishing when we can still meddle in the things we say we don’t need.

        • chris

          yeah, serves me right… left a question mark and end quotes off my bar. Also missed a comma and probably could have changed the word, “myself” to “me”… but the important bit was I had fun.

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    The Elites of this world,, got the idea that it is the duty of common man,, to serve the elites.
    They feel entitled to it. They are divinely chosen to be served by all mankind.

    (Be careful what you wish for. You just might GET it.)

    There was a really clever episode of “The Outer Limits”.. where advanced Space Men come to earth,, say they are here to “SERVE MAN”.. and give a BOOK with alien words on the cover.

    They offer to take humans to their lovely planet for a new life.

    The “space cruises begin” and many humans wait in lines for this lovely opportunity.

    Soon enough, Earth scientists & language experts decipher the TITLE, and yes indeed,, the title reads: “To Serve Man”.

    Then,, a little later,, the CONTENTS of the book is deciphered,, IT’s A COOKBOOK !!!!

    So yes,, I will try to prepare myself to be SERVING the Elites. I’ll stock up my pantry with plenty of Barbeque Sauces, Mustards, Ketchup, Salsa, Cheeses, Spices,,etc.

    • Dante

      Something tells me that there won’t be a shortage of rather irate people (and downright hungry ones) waiting to get their hands on these “gods” so that they could be served on a platter (but probably not on a silver platter).

    • Howard Roark

      Yes, great episode, Craig…but it was The Twilight Zone…

      • Craig escaped from Detroit

        You are RIGHT Howard,, it WAS the Twilight Zone. (and the BOOK was titled in Human English).. it was TOO long ago that I saw that episode.

        I remember the Outer Limits dealt most often with space aliens, etc. and THAT’s why I thought the episode was from the O.L. series.

        BOTH of those old series have stood the test of time. So much “TV” is not enjoyable after it’s time has gone.

        I absolutely adore the new Dr. Who series,, is going to become a forever favorite of millions around the world (Fans known as “Whovians”) Haha.

        As for OLD TV that seems to have stood the test of time?
        All in the Family, Married With Children, Futurama, Simpsons, SouthPark, Are You Being Served, Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, and even some “cheesy comedies” such as Munsters, Addams Family, Mr. Ed;

        Some SHORT run items that were very fun,, “The Venture Brothers”, Red Dwarf (BBC).

    • Gnostic

      “To serve Man” = The Bible

  • Rancher

    I truly fail to see why you are so ignorant and evil. All we posted was you do not need to be a so called elitist if you pool resources with others who have corresponding resources. It is called a force multiplier and I typed this slowly to try to help you grasp the concept 😉
    However the key is all members carry their fair and equal share. Taking on underchievers or disgruntled people is a death wish. Also you are correct for the most part groups of serious will be closing their gates and doors to the unprepared. Will they go away and die? Perhaps. Sow and Reap out of your own garden and supplies. Will they try to take what is not theirs, perhaps. They do this now in riots so why not then?
    The bottom line is this. We put away the items we will need to endure…not what you will need to endure. We also d not expect there to be any TV 😉

    • Craig escaped from Detroit

      @Rancher= On target. I think that just about EVERYBODY who is a regular reader here at SGT,, is ON BOARD with prepping and aware of what is coming,, but I also know that SOME people.. even when they mentally AGREE with a position, they are HARD WIRED to be voicing a “contrarian-confrontational” opinion just because it is the way they must communicate.

      Just like SOME other people,, can NEVER agree to GOOD advice if it did NOT come out their own mouth. They’ll always take the opposing view. Hahaha.

      I think “Howie” seems to be one of these types.

      Keep doing the wise, clever planning and cooperations you are doing,, there is NO doubt that it’s the RIGHT way. The “Howard” types will not be allowed inside the gate.

    • Howard Roark

      No, not that easy Rancher, Craig, I remember FAR TOO MANY of your previous posts. They ALL revolve around the meme of “I got mine, I’ll be safe and screw everyone else”

      A common thread in those whose tags revolve around the fact they “they got out”, “they got theirs”, “look at me” and then proceed to give obvious “advice”.

      I have, HAD a friend, he wanted to bug out out in the worst way except his family, elderly parents, wife and three children(all less than 12) wanted nothing to do with it.

      So he made his choice, quit his job, divorced his wife, left her half his cash, a mortgage and took all the PMs he had and headed for the “hills”. That was 18 months ago, he’s gone completely dark and has made no attempt to contact or be contacted.

      Now, personally, I think he’s a piece of SHIT…he may save his own flesh or perhaps buy himself some time, but at what cost and for what kind of Earthly “future”, not to mention the cost to his soul?

      He had the very same, “I’ve got the answer(s), method(s) and if you don’t do this I’ll cut you off too” Just as reflected in not only the messages but the VANITY in name choices, “Rancher”, “Look at me I escaped Detroit”. I find NOTHING altruistic in any of your collective “advice”.

      “Rancher” and “Craig” are roughly the same is my bet…”the family and loved ones won’t listen? Well then f*ck’em, I’m ‘safe'”

      My close network of preppers are of the same mindset…this mortal life means NOTHING if those you love perish while you saved you’re own fleshly ass…falls under the same 80s mindset of “he who dies with the most toys wins”.

      • Craig escaped from Detroit

        Dear Howard.
        Wow,, as for me,, yes, I did escape from Detroit. (but it’s not a LOOKIE AT ME,, I’m so smart),, it’s doing something to help myself. THere is NO point in trying to save looters, drug addicts, dealers, criminals and just plain old idiots who don’t care to know what’s coming, and never believe it when you try to educate them.

        SO,, at some point, it would be shear stupidity to stay in that situation.. sort of like playing some instruments to make MUSIC on the TITANIC so people can dance as they drown. Blub blub blub,, it’s NOT useful or helpful to go down with those who give up the fight and will to live.

        As for your acquaintance who divorced and left to live his own life and to be TRUE to himself.. I suspect he and his wife,, were NOT on the same page for a LONG time,, it just finally came time to make the wise choice.
        Even the BIBLE has plenty of stories and advice,, to be PREPARED.. and to say goodbye to those who choose to remain blind or headed on the path of self destruction.

        Sometimes,, the spiritual path,, requires us to separate ourselves from those who will drag us down. Do you not know the bible story of the 10 virgins who go out into the dark nite with their oil lamps to wait for the bridegroom, and the SMART ones carried extra oil,,and the stupid ones did NOT prepare and were left out in the darkness to die alone?
        Do you hate JESUS for the story of the bridegroom and the 10 virgins with lamps?

        Or the story of Joseph of Egypt,, and the 7 years of plenty,, to store up grain for the 7 years of famine? During the famine,, Egypt survived and prospered, while many outside the area starved to death. Do you hate GOD for the situation of Joseph?

        Jesus told his disciples,,if they had NO swords,, to sell a coat and to BUY a sword for protection,, to be PREPARED for possible violent situations? (I don’t think it was for slicing a watermelon.) Do you hate JESUS for saying people should be prepared with WEAPONS?

        If you never lifted a finger, or spent a paycheck to protect yourself,, it is your own choice,, don’t get negative about those of us who did NOT choose YOUR path. We chose our own path. It’s not an evil path. It’s the path that Jesus taught.. to be prepared for the storm that is coming.

        Keep a watchman on the watch tower,, keep looking and protecting,, for the day whem the trouble will come. If you choose NOT to do these things,, they YOU are the one who will be punished for your lack of wisdom and choosing to ignore the biblical wisdom of Jesus, etc, to be prepared.

        The spiritual lesson here,,is that if there is a God,, then he actually wants us to be healthy and happy,,,, and sometimes it requires some hard work, some preps,,and can require us to get aways from those who would drag us down with them,,into destruction.

        • Rancher


          You line of thought runs true.
          In my case my wife was the first prepper. I got leaned some real truths so to speak and then took it all to much higher levels. However I place her above me and if she wanted to quit I would because I live to serve her.
          After her the world can go starve to death if TSHT. To us and others well prepped like us yet who could not afford a fall back location we created said reality place. My handle is Rancher because it has been a Ranch for over 100 years and still is.
          I could care less if people families who will not do what it takes perish. They saw the news, they read the reports they decided to play and and not prep. The piper will be paid and we paid in advance and up front.I do not enable losers, I will not feed the wandering fools and we will do our best to stay intact as a group of well prepped friends. Sadly most quality preppers can not afford the baggage of extended loser family. They end up deciding to stay in town and endure to die with their unprepared families. I have no beef with that line of thought just best stay far and wide from my range is all I can say 😉 So we find the best members are singles or people new to the region with no extended roots.

          This is just the bottom line after doing this for over a decade and one half. However we fault no fools for their dreams we just know they are boating on the river Denile.. I always keep th old true fable of the greashopers and the ants. In the end I have no doubt the dead hoppers we drug into the ant hill never to be sen again ….

        • Howard Roark

          DING!!! I KNEW IT, too bad we’ll never have a chance to play poker, I’d felt you!!!

          Too easy…good luck in this life….it’s NOTHING compared to the next.

          1 John 2:15-17King James Version (KJV)

          15 Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

          16 For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.

          17 And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.

        • Howard Roark

          CRAIG said: “THere is NO point in trying to save looters, drug addicts, dealers, criminals and just plain old idiots who don’t care to know what’s coming, and never believe it when you try to educate them.”

          So, “Craig”, that is how you describe your family and loved ones? Because I don’t recall ever mentioning criminal types?

          Or do you refer to your loved ones as “plain old idiots” because they don’t arrive at “conclusions” at the same time that you do?

          Very “christian”…

  • James Wknd Mechanic

    Have you guys heard about the semi truck full of silver that was stolen in Montreal?

  • f16hoser

    You Betcha! Bring it on Bitchez’
    I have a plan A, B & C…. Beyond that, too horrible to imagine.

  • j

    Jewish cocktail, business bad burn it down! Collect the moooney!

  • Eric

    Dr. Kevin MacDonald Discusses Jews & Immigration.flv

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    Ricky Gervais, about the BIBLE. Wonderful humor.

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    Blessed are the Gold & Silver Stackers, for they shall NOT be broke or a burden on their families and shall be Praised as a GOOD provider for their families.

    Blessed are the FOOD Hoarders, for they shall not be hungry or a BURDEN on their families and shall be Praised as a GOOD provider for their families.

    Blessed are they with the proper, deadly weapons of the day, for JESUS shall praise them for following his Command to be armed against criminals or dangerous animals.

    Blessed are they who move away from Dangerous cities, for they shall be isolated from the Looters, criminals, famine, fires, drug addicts, and more.

    Blessed are they who are smart enough to know that SOME SHEEPLE will never be awakened to the danger, and must eventually be abandoned before those sleeping sheeple (idiots) cause the death of the wise, awake prepper.

    Blessed are the wise & clever preppers who will survive to carry on to make the world a better place after the unprepared and unwise have been cleansed (Darwin’d) from the earth.

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    Cursed are the angry “Christians, Jews, etc” who see themselves as above all others while spewing angry, trolling complaints.

    Cursed are they who condemn prepping as “lovers of this physical world”, as they shall lead others astray into the jaws of starvation and premature death, when they might have otherwise been saved for greater things.

    Cursed are they who think that God has no sense of humor.

    Cursed are they, who skip over every contradiction and crazy karrap that can be found in the bible, and in every other religious book.

    (Judges 1:19 = God LOST the battle against the VALLEY people who had the 1HP and 2HP iron chariots. The almighty, all knowing, all seeing, all powerful, NEVER liar God,, LOST the fight.)

    If God is WITH me,, WHO can be against me? (Answer= Anybody who has the iron chariots, shotguns, missiles, tanks, etc.)

    From the BIBLE of the VALLEY PEOPLE (the people who BEAT Yahwey).. “And Lo,, the Hebrews did come here with their God,, to steal OUR land, kill our men, and rape our women,, but WE did prevail against the thieving stealing Hebrew criminals and their GOD of “land stealing”.. we did BEAT them and OUR farms were SAVED,, our men and women were not murdered or defiled by Yahwey and his Hebrew followers who don’t believe in working for a living and PAYING money to buy some land for their people.. they believe in the POWER of the sword to STEAL what is NOT theirs.

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    To thine own self be true..

    ….(don’t allow yourself to be deterred from doing what helps yourself… because others who don’t agree with you, will try to keep you from taking the life boats OFF of the Titanic. They’ll try to convince you to keep dancing to the music while the ship sinks,, because you’ll have a better life at the bottom of the ocean.)

    don’t cast your pearls before swine.

    …. don’t try to teach the self deluded, stubborn idiots why they should listen to you and be prepared,, they’ll never listen and they’ll just ridicule you and your efforts,, they’ll trample your wisdom and then they’ll try to trample on top of you because they hate you for your prepping.

  • Howard Roark

    Wow, three disjointed ramblings in a row, “Craig”, obviously your conscience is “clear?”…cough…COUGH!!!!

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    Get thee behind me troll of satan.

    The power of Christ compels you (to someday learn how to use your logical mind for some real thinking, rather than just trolling, parroting the angry “Christian” disjointed ramblings.

    • Howard Roark

      Is that the sum total of your Biblical “understanding”??? Satanic Hollywood movie quotes and self-styled blasphemes of The Ten Commandment and the BEAtitudes of Christ from Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5?!!


    • Eric

      Save that line for the demonically possessed Craig… the synagogue of satan.

      • Craig escaped from Detroit

        @Eric, yeah,, I got that from you, ,of course.. but I liked it. Just had to use it for another who has that “air of arrogance & self superiority complex” of one who tries to “lord their superior spirit” over those they think/perceive are beneath them.

        It’s funny, how those of little mind, always see themselves as higher up on the spiritual ladder,
        They lock themselves in some tiny box of religious confinement prison cell and declare it to be a palace. They view us as ignorant heathens or children. not understanding they are observing the universe though a tiny pinhole and believe there is nothing more to see.

        I’ve met them before. It’s funny to watch the look on their faces,, when they proclaim they are “Born Again”.. and I proclaim I have been “Born again & again & again & again”,, dozens,, hundreds,,and perhaps thousands of times from the beginning of the human race and long before the earth was made… most of us have existed… but few have grown & begun the process of learning.

        The more I know and learn,, the more I become aware of how little I know.

        I have no idea of how ignorant I really am.. but I will learn more about my own ignorance after I have grown & learned more.

        Did you ever read the information that says “Jesus lived 29 physical lifetimes on this earth to reach his perfection.” ??? (28 learnings,,until the 29th,, where he was born as Jesus.. and the point is that,, if it took Jesus 29 times to get it right,, what makes any of us think that we can do it with fewer lifetimes?) It’s a calming, comforting thought.

        What lifetimes? Hahaha.. the list does make some sense. Adam (the first), Jesus (the last).. also known as ALpha & Omega/1st and last.
        Enoch (in Egyptian lore,, the architect of the great pyramid, in bible,, the father of Methuselah who was the oldest living man,, but Enoch,, never died.. kinda out lived his son that way.
        …King Melchizedek (The most high priest of God,, which makes him our “intercessor” to God,, which “ALSO” is the role of Jesus (Paul’s book of Hebrews). Melchizedek, never born, never died, lives forever, always the high priest, his title, “King of Salam”,, (which means King of Peace), Salem,, the OLD name of that city also known as ZION (so Melchizedek is the forever king of Zion).. older name is “Uru Salam”.. (Jerusalem !!) (Palm Sunday, when Jesus rode into the city on the donkey, there is an OLD Church (Coptic?) song that sings about the return of Melchizedek/Jesus coming back to his city-Zion,,from where he was king in Abraham’s time.

        The Abe story, was Abe was THE most “righteous man” in all the world, yet Abe paid tithes to King Melchizedek, and Jesus said, “Abraham was glad to see MY day and he SAW it.”

        Another lifetime on the list,, is Joseph in Egypt (the stories have amazing similarities.)

        Another on the list,, is Joshua under Moses,, it was Joshua who was given the position of taking over for Moses who was forbidden to enter the promised land,,and don’t forget, that Moses killed a man to save the life of Joshua,,, and of all the miracles of Moses,,it was Joshua who did the GREATEST miracle of all mankind,, it was he,, who commanded the SUN to stop it’s movement in the sky, and at his command,, the sun re-started it’s movement. (this is a record of a POLE SHIFT/flip, accompanied by earthquakes ,winds,,etc,, in different areas of the globe. as recorded in ancient Chinese (and other) writings. (Bible thumpers rarely get this kind of expanded knowledge,, it’s not inside their little box.)

        The limited minds of the “one lifers”, cannot grasp the concept of many lives, many deaths,,and the recycling… even something known as the “Water cycle”. Everything in the universe has a repeating cycle. Orbits, matter, energy, etc.,,but suddenly,, there is only ONE thing that breaks that pattern? Hahaha. (man)

        If there can be only 1 physical death before the great judgment day, then Jesus broke God’s law and must have been a SINNER,, because Jesus brought his friend LAZARUS back from the grave,, and Lazzy boy was a STINKING. It’s a pretty good sign of a real death.

        So Lazzy came BACK to LIFE after death (and the judgment day still ain’t here yet),, and then,, Lazzy lived MORE years,, grew older,,and DIED again. (he must have, since we don’t have any men who are 2000 years collecting their SSI checks,, eh?)
        So even JESUS demonstrated the MULTIPLE deaths & living again in a physical body,,is OK. Then there are the cases where the apostles also raised dead people.. would not be possible if we had a ONE life limit.

        Then again, are the millions of heart attack victims,, who got CPR and came BACK to life again. If there was a ONE LIFE limit,, none of this would work.

        Oh,, but it was short death,,it doesn’t count? Hahaha.. OK,, so that means,, I can commit FORNICATION & Adultery,, but if it’s just for 10 or20 minutes,, and I stop it,, it’s OK????

        The LACK of easy, clear logic with the “Small box types” is sad. They cannot even put 1+1=2 together. They read the words, but cannot comprehend.

        • Howard Roark

          Whoa…now it’s a reincarnation ramble…

          “Did you ever read the information that says…”, wow, now that’s proof….

          Craig may have escaped Detroit…but not the bathtub Meth that still haunts him.

          • Craig escaped from Detroit

            Some pinhole eyeballs.. only believe it if it’s in the KJV.. so.. here’s the proof that the God of the Bible,, is worthless, liar,, cannot see past his own nose,, cannot help anybody,, cannot keep his promises and cannot be relied upon for anything.

            Judges 1:19

            God cannot beat the Iron Chariots of the Valley people and so,, God’s support for Judah was a pile of krappolla. The valley tribes with the iron chariots were TOO powerful for the “ALL POWERFUL” to beat.

            But,, hey,, all this comes from an OLD book,, written by a bunch of GOAT & SHeep herders who count NOT read,, they even believed that STATS can FALL from the sky and land on the earth!!! Hahaha.. not knowing that stars are thousands of times BIGGER, and SOOO hot they’d destroy the earth.

            But hey,, it’s the bible,, so it MUST be true. Just don’t pay TOO much attention to the details of reality.. you might start to question all the crazy junk that makes no sense.

            Such damaged, “circular logic”,, the bible says it’s true,, so it is true because it’s in the bible, which means it cannot have mistakes, errors or fairy tales because somebody back when,, said it was from God,, so it must be true because it’s old. Hahaha.. Bzzzzzzt. Mind fart.

            Such as “tradiational marriage” (one man & one woman)? Hahahaha.. when Soloman had about 1000 in house VAGINAS to play with? 700 wives and 300 concubines,,and God never complained about it? Wow.. so it’s NOT fornication or adultry when they ALL live with you at the same time,,eh?

            • Craig escaped from Detroit

              Early morning TYPO.. (STATS can FALL),, SHOULD be
              STARS can FALL to earth.

              Sometimes my fingers are TOO fast for my eyes to keep up with the words that end up on the screen.

              • Howard Roark

                …or is it Cocaine? that would explain MUCH…

                Of course Meth heads can stay up for days at a time, so perhaps Meth, but then so to can blow monkeys…

                …and they are always “super productive” during that time…in their own minds at least

            • JMiller

              Still posting this silly error filled video.

              Cain did not marry Eve as the video wrongly states. Adam and Eve had more than two children obviously. When Cain killed Able there were already other people alive at that time because Cain says to God “whoever finds me will kill me” (Genesis 4:14). After killing Able, Cain left and settled in the land of Nod, which was on the east of Eden (Genesis 4:16). Cain had relations with his wife and she conceived, and gave birth to Enoch (Genesis 4:17). Meanwhile Adam and Eve, who were still in Eden, had another child named Seth (Genesis 4:25). Cain’s wife was not Eve. Cain had his own wife and Adam still had his wife, Eve.

              Sarah was not Abraham’s sister. She was his half-sister. So Abraham did not really marry his sister. And Abraham clearly was not married to Hagar as this video wrongly states. He had sexual relations with her for the purpose of having a child and that was all.

              And in Deuteronomy 22:28-29 when it talks about a virgin being seized it does not necessarily mean forced rape. The Hebrew word also could mean to manipulate, meaning to entice or seduce. Today if a man has consensual sex with a minor it is called statutory rape even though the victim was not forced.

              And that stupid thing about a marriage between a man and a salt shaker is childish. No serious study was done by this airhead.

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    America was NOT made as a “Christian Nation”.

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