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The DOLLAR COLLAPSE Will Rock The World — Jeff Berwick


Jeff Berwick, founder of Dolar joins me to discuss the Shemitah 7-year cycle, precious metals manipulation, breaking through the sheeple’s normalcy bias – and the impending collapse of what has been knows as the world’s reserve currency for decades.

According to Jeff, “When the Dollar collapses it’s not going to be like when the Zimbabwe dollar collapsed, or the Venezuelan Bolivar, or the Argentina Peso, it’s going to rock the world. And China and Russia are getting prepared for it right now, and you should be too.”

click HERE for Jeff’s video about the Shemitah and the coming collapse.

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146 comments to The DOLLAR COLLAPSE Will Rock The World — Jeff Berwick

  • Kevin

    I hate to say it but I’m starting to think the dollar charade can continue for a lot longer than many can imagine or would like. IMHO once September passes with no end of the world shemitah disaster, the train will keep rolling along towards the inevitable dead end. But at this point I have no idea how far away that dead end is – years?

    If anything, I’m sure there are already plans in place to transition to a post-dollar financial system, but not the white hat version of Russia/China saving the day that Ben Fulford and others are hoping for.


    • Eric

      It will continue until there’s a crisis of confidence. It’s not like they are ever going to raise interest rates or the silver inventory is going to increase dramatically. More likely a slow grind down into 3rd world poverty status with accelerations of crisis and war.

      I think it depends mainly on what China does in retaliation for US and Israeli meddling.

      Things will pick up, but it won’t be fun.

      It all depends on your perspective.

      • a guy from Ukraine

        You should have read the Simon Black’s latest “The last time this happened was.. never” piece to realize this time may different. The unraveling is going to be fast. In my view this 2015-2016 Jubilee year will be decisive in the world’s view paradigma shift.

  • Rodster

    Jeff Berwick the snake oil salesman. If he is pimping the Shemitah he’ll pimp his post collapse communities.

    • SGT

      Tossing rotten tomatoes again, huh Rodster?

      • Rodster

        Nope just calling out Jeff Berwick for what he is. He pimped the Shemitah with an event and nothing happened. Next up is Martin Armstrong who claims something life changing will happen on Oct 1st or the 15th 2015. When you throw out dates and nothing happens you lose credibility IMO. It hurts the alternative media.

        James Corbett called out Berwick in a recent interview for claiming some major event would happen on the Shemitah and if nothing happened it would be like crying wolf. Berwick is into making money selling his post collapse communes so stoking the end of the world is good for his bottom line.

        • SGT

          Please post the Corbett link, I missed that.

          • Dante

            Here’s the link for his interview with Corbett, who takes him to school:

            Here’s the link for his interview with Sean Stone, who also isn’t impressed:

            • SGT

              Stone wasn’t “impressed”? What does that mean? Stone towed the Corporate line in this one. You have to remember Jeff is an anarchist, he doesn’t believe in ANY government at all. I have never quite been there with him on that, however, the more I learn, the more I learn he is probably right. As G Edward Griffin told me in an interview, there is no such thing as an “honorable government”, that is an oxymoron. Government by definition, is corrupt. Now, that said, tell me exactly where Jeff has it wrong in this interview with Sean Stone.

              • Dante

                You misinterpreted what I said. Stone wasn’t impressed with the Shemitah business that Berwick is pumping. Neither am I. Neither are many. That’s quite separate from Berwick’s other views on limited government, most of which I agree with, more than I would Stones’s views which tend too far in the direction of big government for my liking.

                Hopefully we’re allowed to at least question the Shemitah without being called trolls, as he has recently done.

                For the time being, I’ll keep my other concerns regarding Berwick’s credibility to myself. Doesn’t take much research to discover it, though.

                • Eric

                  Go read Leviticus 25. Geeez even Jonathan Cahn said it doesn’t necessarily mean something will happen September 13.

                  Too many people blowing things out of proportion.

                • Dante

                  Eric, there’s no reply option for me to cluck on to in your comment below, so here it is. I never claimed that either Cahn or Berwick were holding to September 13 in particular. But enough has been said by these two to call into question this entire Shemitah business. As I’ve said in the past more than once, I don’t completely discount it, but I QUESTION its validity. You’re right, too many people are blowing things out of proportion – people who have gone above and beyond promoting the Shemitah. Which makes me question all the more. And which is healthy.

                • Dante

                  Well, it’s your comment ABOVE, not below.

          • Johnny Pallyswine

            Berwick is a skunk perfume salesman. He is the Doug Casey of today. Zimbabwe and Venezuela currencies are worthless because no central bank or govt outside of these “countries”; i.e., gangsters on stolen indigenous land, has any!!! Unlike the US dollar and US TBills that are in digital and real vaults, from Europe to Asia, etc..

            Here is a young Casey sounded just like Berwick. Casey, so cock sure of himself; gold has not even doubled since this interview: he was either lying or stupid or financed by Rockefeller or Rothchild to lie.

            • Hal

              Most guys are looking to make some money, whether or not they are talking truths or lies. Both may be utilized by those trying to profit. It’s not always easy to detect who is lying and who isn’t. Factor in that no one knows the absolute truth about anything and things get muddy.

              Predictions are interesting and fun. People do it all over with many things. Many use predictions to gain profit or to sell the excitement or supposed for-knowledge of the prediction….honest or not.

              Shemeita has not played out yet, so no judgements can really be made on that. If something big enough went down in the next 6 months or even a year, in the big picture of things, it would “count.”

              Doug Casey was probably being deceitful back then, on his own accord or maybe with some help. If interest rates weren’t able to be brought to such a high level in those days, how might things have played out? It’s hard to say, But certainly we have a slightly different situation these days.

              Bottom line anyone should just be prepped how they see fit for any potential emergency and then choose how you want to play your financial position, whatever that may be. Cash, bank, stock, funds, Real estate, coins or anything at all. Past that you can’t do a whole lot, besides influence others of course.

              Play your hand and enjoy the Ent

            • Paco

              Casey is quit good, the inflation and depression happened just like he said,
              he is wrong in the downplay of the gold manippulation.
              Jeff is brave for saying unconfortable truths like the genocides in MENA by USA, Nato, Israhell but you are just a Fed paid Troll.

        • Kim

          Actually Rodster, it was not until now he has called anything, his timeline has been 2010 to 2020. Great interview Sean, you are both true mavericks for the good.
          God help us all.

      • windrunner56

        Get this knob Rodster off the site. He is probably sitting in his mother’s basement eating Domino’s pizza, playing pong on his computer and listening to stuff he really has very little true knowledge of. But he wants to fit in….

        • SGT

          James Corbett was very dismissive, almost bombastic in his interview with Jeff… and I get it. I respect Corbett’s propensity to dig deeper always. The truth is, to Jeff’s detriment, he picked a date and tied himself to September with the Shemitah…. so when nothing horrific happens, guess who gets labeled a snake oil salesman? This is why I detest talking about specific dates. BTW, John Williams says hyperinflation hits the US in 2016. Oops, another date.

          • Kim

            James is a little creepy, come on admit it?
            Your not Sean and nor is Jeff.
            God help us.

            • Craig escaped from Detroit

              Kim- I agree with you. Corbett report guy always does a good job digging for facts, etc, and does a great job presenting his conclusions and YES, he is a bit Creepy (for some reason, my Gaydar detectors seem to go into “Alert mode” when I’m watching Mr. Corbett.)

              Probably just a “False alarm” eh? (But I also get alarms from South Carolina presidential candidate “Senator=Lindsey Graham” and several other- mostly Republican- congressmen running for President).

              Lindsey Graham- He’s gotta be somebody’s GRANDMOTHER!!! Isn’t he PRETTY? Beep…beep…beep.. alert.. alert…alert.. Gayday detection in “red alert”!!!

              Many of them also “Creep me out”,, just like the old “Pope Ratzinger” (the ex Nazi who is the 1st pope in history to “resign”… and now lives with his former “aid”… the priest who is too pretty & suave to be straight.)

          • Rodster

            “The truth is, to Jeff’s detriment, he picked a date and tied himself to September with the Shemitah…. so when nothing horrific happens, guess who gets labeled a snake oil salesman?”

            And see that’s the problem Sean. You have the alternative media which is growing in popularity. Now you have guys who JUST WANT TO BE RIGHT so the can get the credit and go on different alternative media outlets so they can be acknowledged to have gotten the timing right. Meanwhile they’re grinning from ear to ear and rubbing their hands because now they can capitalize on their guess/call because they have something to sell.

            It’s the same with most who want to predict so they can sell something.

          • durangokidd

            John Williams has cried “HYPERINFLATION” before, about 4 or 5 years ago. Where is it ??? People, people, use a little common sense. The FED is not going to allow hyperinflation, at any cost (including the death of the American masses) and destroy their own wealth. Not gonna happen !!!

            Deflation destroys the prosperity of the leveraged masses, and the CASH and near cash that the Investment class holds increases in value. Then they use their cash and credit to pick up your assets for pennies on the dollar.

            Hyperinflation destroys the currency in which the NWO holds it wealth and power; and thus the wealth and power of the Uber Rich, PTB, Investment Class, and multinational corporations. Not gonna happen !!!

            Its a no brainer !!!

            In the meantime the financial false prophets who don’t have a freaking clue try to make a profit from selling fear to the Alt Media Sheeple who drink the kool aid. 🙁

            • SGT

              oh, settle down [email protected], or should I say ‘troll’? John Williams has said – very very consistently – that hyperinflation of the dollar would begin in late 2015 and explode in 2016. That’s what he’s been saying since 2010. So yes, he’s been talking about hyperinflation of the dollar for five years, but he’s been very clear about WHEN. And who knows, he might be wrong. The fiat dollar might make it until 2017, but it will NOT get past 2018.
              The Rothschild controlled ‘Economist’ magazine:

              • durangokidd

                LMFAO !!! I’m a “TROLL” because I point out the obvious and destroy the Alt Media Meme of “dollar collapse” ??? If you can’t handle a little common sense on your site …. FUCK YOU, DUMBSHIT !!!

                The FED is not stupid. The PTB are not idiots. They will not destroy their own wealth and power to satisfy your erroneous, misguided, wishful thinking, meme. These people are at the top of the food chain for valid reasons: they are ruthless and insatiable for wealth and power.

                They will not give their wealth and power up without WW III !!! So they damn sure are not going to shoot themselves in the foot with hyperinflation when it would destroy their wealth and power.

                These people are not incompetent, or committing malfeasance in office. They are highly competent. They are committing treason, because they know exactly what they are doing and what they are doing to US.

                Death to the New World Order !!! Its totally Constitutional !!!

                • Eric

                  I’m still searching for the common sense part, but since I can’t find it, allow me to correct you before you start tossing anymore hostile obscenities around.

                  Deflation is a decrease in the money supply which cannot happen in a debt based monetary system. Even with the Fed Funds rate at 0-0.25% the debt will always compound and increase the money supply.

                  Disinflation is a slowing of the rate of inflation, which is what you have right now.

                  The Federal Reserve’s balance sheet will continue to grow larger. They still have to roll over 260 billion plus in US Treasuries next year. 150 billion in the first half of the year. Cash i.e. paper money is already by definition worthless. It has NO INTRINSIC VALUE whatsoever. Just because they fix the price at whatever price they think will work for them, doesn’t give it any more or less value.

                  I think you have too much confidence in the powers that be to hold “this system” together. They are not gods. And no matter what they do, they cannot make 2+2 = 5.

                  No they will not give up their wealth and power easily. But they don’t really have the power. The only reason they have power is because we give it to them. The more that wake up, the less power they have. The Fed…Stupid no. Arrogant yes. They know their end is coming. But we are seeing desperate moves and the more desperate moves they take, the more people start questioning it.

                  They will not create hyperinflation. Hyperinflation will come about by the crisis of confidence and the market determining fair market value for all assets as it has always done. And the fair market value for the dollar is zero.

                  “Paper money returns to its intrinsic value…zero.” -Voltaire

                • durangokidd

                  Eric: Inflation is too many dollars chasing too few goods and services.Deflation is too few dollars chasing too many goods and services.

                  Consumption is down and goods are in oversupply. Consider the millions of cars parked all around the world just sitting there from over production. The consumer is dead; by design. That is why so many retail stores are closing or seeking bankruptcy protection.

                  The common sense is the fact that the Rothschild FED controls the dollar and it is the currency of choice of the NWO, Investment class, and multinational corporations. That’s where the dollars are. They don’t need the useless eaters in the economy and they have proven that over the past seven years.

                  QE was never intended to stimulate the economy. It was primarily intended to protect the balance sheets of the member banks and raise financial assets; ie stock values. Their stock values.

                  Confidence in the dollar will decline when the most powerful MIC in the history of the world is crushed by EMP, pole shift, or nuclear war. Not until.

                  To believe that the NWO FED will destroy the source of their wealth and power by printing too many dollars is totally irrational. There’s more common sense for you. 🙂

                • Rasica Volubrjotr

                  They are flooding the market with fiat. They realized under their regime that they hit the GDP apex in 2006 even Rothschild admits this.

                  So now they liquidate the country by diluting the economy with trillions of fiat currency aka inflating the economy.

                  The NWO cabal have for the most part bought what they’re going to buy in the dump – now is the time to float the cream and take that too.

                  Their new currency is massive hoarding of gold and there in lays the current battle ground. They have to undo the rehypothication by destroying the current system that is so tangled and distorted by this rehypothication to start anew while they hold all the gold.

                  The U.S. Has been bilked and a nullification of the Debt by the people can save the day. Otherwise it is an orchestrated hyperinflation to destroy the mapping of derivatives.

                • durangokidd

                  Eric: You said, “Deflation is a decrease in the money supply which cannot happen in a debt based monetary system.”

                  This statement is patently false.

                  Dollars are destroyed ALL THE TIME. Consider the last stock market correction in the US. Almost two trillion dollars of stock value was lost. That represents destroyed dollars, even if those are digital dollars. Destroyed dollars are a decrease in the money supply.

                  That is basic economics. Your statement is patently false. Dollars are also destroyed in bankruptcy’s and foreclosures. Guess again. 🙂

                • Rasica

                  Supply is quit different from circulated fractional banking

                • Eric

                  durango, I’m sorry but you are wrong. Too many dollars chasing too few goods is the keynesian definition of inflation, and simply untrue. The austrians define it as an expansion of the money supply. Rising prices are only one of the results.

                  “Prices do not stay constant, they are always rising and declining. An increase in the money supply – inflation, properly defined – has a tendency to raise them in general.[3]

                  When the supply of money is increased, people have more money to offer for goods. If the supply of goods does not increase — or does not increase as much as the supply of money — then the prices of goods will go up. Each individual dollar becomes less valuable because there are more dollars. Therefore more of them will be offered against, say, a pair of shoes or a hundred bushels of wheat than before. A “price” is an exchange ratio between a dollar and a unit of goods. When people have more dollars, they value each dollar less. Goods then rise in price, not because goods are scarcer than before, but because dollars are more abundant.[1]
                  An increased stock of commodity money will raise the standard of living by further satisfying nonmonetary demands for the commodity. New paper money does not demonstrably benefit some without injuring others.[3]”


                  A stock market crash cannot destroy dollars. It can only transfer them from one hand to another. I could really care less about the stock market when the bond market is far larger, and the OTC derivatives market is in the quadrillion range.

                  In order for the dollars to be destroyed, they have to be “sterilized.” In other words, the actions taken by a country’s central bank to counter the effects on the money supply caused by a balance of payments surplus or deficit. The rest of the world is rejecting the dollar. It’s as plain to see for anyone with eyes to see it. The Fed has been flattening the yield curve for the past 7 years trying to stimulate growth. The Federal Reserve’s Balance sheet has increased from 800 billion to 4.5 trillion. Where are these dollars destroyed that you speak of? Bankruptcies do not destroy dollars. They simply transfer the losses onto the taxpayers and citizens. You have to look at a very long term timeframe and long term charts to understand the ramifications of this. Can you name me one good or service that is less expensive now than it was 10-15 years ago?

                  Please read some Von Mises or Murray Rothbard…or at least some Peter Schiff or Ron Paul. I think you are still thinking that rising or falling prices are inflation or deflation when they are not, when properly defined. Words have meaning. And we have to use them correctly as much as it hurts our brains to do so.

                • Craig escaped from Detroit

                  @ERic,, DING DING DING!!! BINGO.. give that man a GOLD (and silver) STAR.
                  Inflation / Deflation,, (Expansion / Contraction of the “money supply”)

                  Prices are a “later result” but not always the case. And some hyperinflation,, is the result of RUNAWAY loss of CONFIDENCE in the CON game we call FIAT. People SCRAMBLE to DUMP the FIAT like a RIPE BURRITO… and it shits the toilet.

                  And, according to Jim Willie,, the FED is doing STEALTH QE at about $1 Trillion per month (to dump this into the failing DERIVATIVES institutions,,, secretly trying to delay the crash).

                  The FAT lady is singing,,but the FED RAP Artist is playing his GHETTO blaster loud enough to hide the Fat Lady’s song.

                  The FAT lady is getting LOUDER,, while the batteries (stimulus) on the Ghetto blaster radio.. are losing power.

                  Get ready,, get Set,, and STACK em high!!!

                • Eric

                  Craig…I got enough gold and silver stars. What I really need is for people to stop being such Morons!!!

                  Think for yourself! Question everything! Listen to all and stop following people. A leaderless revolution continues to build. I’m just so freaking tired of explaining this over and over and over. Doesn’t anyone read beyond their own beliefs? Doesn’t anyone ever go “hmmm maybe I don’t know what I thought I did?” Get over yourself. Ego has no place in the new economy and the new world.

                  A wise man listens while a fool is talking.

                • Craig escaped from Detroit

                  A wise man listens while a fool is talking.

                  I LOVE that line,, it’s great,, because the WISE man hopes to LEARN something that even the FOOL may know about.

                  Here’s one for ya.

                  The STUPID “Know it all” NEVER shuts his “PIE HOLE”.

                • Eric

                  Yeah thats a good one. Definitely true. But not very profound.

                • Craig escaped from Detroit

                  It is a CONUNDRUM,, of “intelligent” PTB,, elites,, who stand to LOSE by destroying their own creation,, (unless of course,, they profit by the introduction of a NEW system to replace the old one)…

                  But then again,, perhaps they have unwittingly PAINTED themselves into a CORNER. Stolen SO much of their OWN printed money,,until the COMMON people have NO slips of paper,, so they begin directly BARTER with each other and avoid the Bankster-middlemen!!!

                  And with SO many “Competing elites” all trying to grab each other’s power and money,, seeing who is the LAST man standing,, those psychotic, greedy money-herders,, with NO compassion for anybody but their own skin,,, tis VERY possible that their sibling rivalry will lead to a general collapse and many of them will crash and burn,, and give MORE of us COMMON people,, a CHANCE to survive on the sidelines,, even to prosper in the absence of organized control?

                  That’s MY plan,, keep low,, Stackin’ and Pantry-Packin’.
                  No 1 Buckshot,, 16 pellets of 30 caliber,, in a 2.75″ shell. Lots of kisses,, with a single click.

                • Eric


                  Buckshot to slow them down. Get some of those Remington rifled slugs the doc has on special to stop them dead in their tracks. $5.07 for a box of 5 I think. Don’t forget the 5% off discount code.

                • Craig escaped from Detroit

                  Winchester, No 1 buckshot,, 2.75″ shell,, 16 pellets,, 1,250 FPS. Same speed as the slugs.

                  Lots of holes,, means “Hamburger”.
                  Of course,, yes,, I also have slugs too… as well as,, access to the .223,, and 7.62,, etc.

                  How about some steel well pipe,, (3″,, 4″),, and a pound of black powder,, electrical fuse,, and if you put the charge in the center of a 4ft or 5ft pipe,, with EQUAL weight charges on BOTH sides of the central charge,, it will FIRE out of BOTH ends at the same time,, without ANY recoil.

                  A 3″ or 4″ pipe-cannon,, makes a helluva SHOTGUN in dual-opposite directions.. (this information comes from the US Army “improvised munitions” handbook,, TM ??? (Training manual).. a very popular book,, from the 50’s or 60’s??? Public Domain information.. or at least it USED to be.

                  THey used to sell the Army TM’s,, mail order,, gunshows,, internet,, etc. May still be available.

                • durangokidd

                  Eric: NWO Fiat is not “wealth” to you and me, but it registers as such on the books of the NWO Banking cartel to which China is a subscribing partner.

                  Yes I am sure the Chinese would prefer gold, but according to the NWO, gold is a commodity, not a currency, and as such, US Treasuries are the fungible paper asset that evidences wealth in their system.

                  At some point that system will change as every fiat system fails, but I suspect that, that change will occur by Agreement rather hyperinflation.

                  Hyperinflation is irrational. 🙂

                • Eric

                  Actually I hold a certain amount of paper as part of my wealth. It’s not nearly as much as the amount of gold or silver I hold but I don’t need the banking cartel to tell me what is what. Allowing them to do our thinking for us is exactly what has gotten us in this mess in the first place.

                  Hyperinflation has already occurred. The results just need to play out. It has happened many times before. All fiat currencies go to zero. You think the dollar will be the first one not to do so? haha. okay. Whatever you say bud.

                • Eric

                  Also, I am not interested in their dying system. Gold is a currency and it is also money. It always has been and always will be. If you would prefer to be a new world order slave, then by all means get yourself chipped and invest in U.S. Treasury paper.

              • Bulliondude

                Sean I have a couple thoughts and some questions. I was watching Bill Bonners video/sales pitch and the jist of it is grab physical currency. I had never heard of him before but sounded fairly intelligent. While watching it something clicked in my head that has been bothering me since. Could we theoretically get inflation and deflation of the currency at the same time? Could “digital” currency be inflated even hyper inflated while at the same time deflation happens to physical currency? Could the digital currency be the “scheiss” or shit dollar that Jim Willie is talking about.

                On a side note: I think it is interesting that when it comes to the Chinese selling off Treasury’s they sell them at a small portion at a time in order to get the best possible price. The do no sell 1 trillion dollars worth all at once, in a low volume market, in the dead of night like the mysterious gold contracts seller does. I was expecting a manipulated beat down of the metals after the Fed did not hike and it didnt happen. Maybe Monday morning or Sunday night?

                Thanks for all you do,

                • durangokidd

                  Bullion Dude: When the Chinese sell their US treasuries to support their falling Yuan, they are actually losing a portion of their NWO Wealth: US paper. They don’t want to lose all that wealth. 🙂

                • Eric

                  US paper does not equal wealth. Wealth is the abundance of valuable resources or valuable material possessions when properly defined.

                  US paper does not have value when the debts or obligations outweigh the assets.

                  I’m pretty sure the Chinese would rather have gold than treasuries.

            • durangokidd

              Eric: The FED uses the Keynesian definition of inflation and deflation; as do the major business schools in the country and that’s the philosophy the NWO PTB operate the economy under.

              Even the Austrians don’t use the Austrian School of Economics or one of its largest banks would not have gone bust last year.

              Schiff is a bright guy, but his premise of hyperinflation is wrong, however it makes a great meme by which he can sell precious metals to the Alt Media Sheeple and accept their “worthless dollars” in exchange. (BTW, I am well stocked in precious metals). How hypocritical can you get ???

              If Schiff REALLY believed that hyperinflation was going to explode the economy, he wouldn’t want to accept dollars for his investment products; maybe he would want bit coin instead.

              Don’t forget Schiff is a third generation Rothschild Gangster Bankster like his father and grandfather before him. Accept his premise accordingly.

              Ask yourself: “If you controlled the dollar would you allow hyperinflation to destroy the source of your wealth and power?” I didn’t think so. 🙂

              • Eric

                You can’t just define words however you like and expect it to be true.

                I don’t know. How hypocritical can you get? How is his premise of hyperinflation wrong? What I see is a money supply that has exploded to the upside while most of those reserves are sitting on banks balance sheets at the Fed. Peter runs a business. Of course he is willing to accept dollars for his products like most businesses. I’m sure he holds a decent amount of gold and foreign stocks in his personal portfolio as he has been advising his clients.

                I wouldn’t call him a Rothschild Gangster Bankster. I know he has a jewish name but how does that tie him to the Rothschilds?

                Ask yourself, what makes you think they have control? If they had control, why haven’t they raised interest rates since 2006? They’ve only been talking about it for over 2 years now. And yet none of the economic data reflects any type of recovery just like we have been saying it wouldn’t.

                You are welcome to believe whatever you want to believe. I am not interested in arguing with you. If you don’t want to know then I guess you don’t want to know.

        • Rodster

          “Get this knob Rodster off the site.”

          WHY? Isn’t the alternative media about questioning what you are told to believe? Or are you gullible and believe what anyone tells you is factual?

          I’m actually in my late 50’s and do quite well for myself. No need to take cheap shots if someone questions those who try and come across with something that sounds outlandish.

          I bet most on this site think Guy McPherson is full of shit with his climate change doomsday scenario that we are all toast no later than 2030. There are many who think Dane Wigington is full of shit with his doomsday scenario regarding Geoengineering. Everyone has a right to come to their own conclusions wrt any given topic. If something has that Enquirer supermarket checkout lane headline, I tend to be really skeptical.

          Back to Berwick, I stand by my comments. He just comes across as a snakeoil salesman who is profiting from the doom and is willing to doom it up to further increase sales.

          • windrunner56

            I too Rodster, am in my late 50’s. I too Rodster am doing fine. I am prepared for anything. PMs, storable, etc. You stand by your comments on Jeff Berwick. That is OK. What we all in the alternative world have are opinions. I too stand by mine.

            To quote a great sports announcer in my town (in Canada) – you have the democratic right to be wrong :). Perhaps Knob was a little harsh, heat of the moment. I will lighten it a bit to “disturber”. Have a good weekend. Hope the banks open Monday 🙂

            • Rodster

              ” Perhaps Knob was a little harsh, heat of the moment. I will lighten it a bit to “disturber”.”

              We are all part of the alternative media to question everything. If you believe everything you read in the alt world than you my friend are NO different than those plugged into the MSM. 😉

              • Millicent

                Question everything is a good rule of thumb to go by. When you get a lot of kickback from certain areas then your alert status should go up a couple of levels. Do not assume that the alt-media is run by a bunch of Dudley Dorights who actually care about you is and not manipulated like the MSM.

          • Dante

            Unfortunately Rodster, it isn’t always about truth or questioning what you are told. I’m finding that much of the a “alt-media” is increasingly cliquish and stifling, i.e., many sites have their own brand of kool aid they’re peddling that everyone is expedited to drink. Some drink it with gusto to be popular and fit in. Should another deviate from the established group think, they’ll often hear about it. Sometimes even the slightest deviation gets one on the shit list. This is the so-called freedom that we’re supposed to practice? Many of us came to the “alt-media” to escape this sort of control, but here it is again, rearing its ugly head. It always does as soon as the collective grows strong enough to assert itself. This is the primary pitfall of life in general.

            • Rodster

              Well said Dante, spot on !

              • rl

                The crux of the matter has finally reared its head for this alt game gone wrong. A very wealthy and wise man told me a long time ago ‘everything is a business model’. Just as berwick has shown himself to be a huckster with a business model the alt community has become much the same. No different than the ufo one of days past it now has its adhered to rules, causes, do and donts, and right thinking disciples within and of its own business model and berwick is part of the circuit that keeps this model going just as ufo-ism has its tried and true hucksters who never get called out and spin the bs for willing hosts and listeners year in and year out. Nothing more than some guy with a load of regurgitated non genuine manufactured fact based drivel to sell where all the players make the rounds with their latest pitch. And to question it or them garners the disapproval of the purveyors of the ‘truth’ more and more because the facts dont match the farce, even if past deeds words and action prove the message or the messenger to be anything but truthful in the first place.

                A self generating loop where fools and tools spin the yarn and brains have to fall out for the sake of what would be deemed opened mindedness in general. A good thing it is said and a must have rather than a firm opinion based in reality or firm views based on long sought after facts let alone human nature that has gone awry at every turn. Sick minds and personages held up while the naysayer, lacking what is required to go along and get along with the captive herd, is held in ridicule for disagreeing with the bs offered and is not welcomed more and more. To have contraire opinions garnering all sorts of snides and snipes should be no surprise as the heat gets turned up and the pot goes from simmer to boil ala trump or some other validate my opinions and beliefs shinola salesman. People will not have this/their paradigm overturned now and when things get more serious just as they won’t in the other media where we would attribute all the socially engineered fools to reside, and where herd silence is enforced and herd emotional and mental weakness is ruled for endless divide and conquer.
                And so it goes in this business model where the collapse never comes but is just around the corner and the crash and fleecing is always the case with blame placed everywhere and anywhere but on and at the real target, and blame shifters keep their and everyone else’s veils firmly in place alt style. And everything from misdirection to bold face lies get fair play and equal time because to not feed the machine, or the business model, means business and or livelihoods suffer too.

                And it seems to me business is pretty good and the truth of it now is this ‘movement’ has turned the truth into just another commodity where it is bought sold and manipulated beyond recognition and many who seek to promote it have simply become incapable of deciding what is false and what is not. Rather choosing not to go there as if it is best to adhere to the mantra of ‘you decide’ and anything goes rather than realize the game adhered to where nothing that is said, done, promoted or sold is wrong is actually that nothing is right at the end of the day, ever… nothing is true and its all guess work because surely we can never know for sure can we? Bullshit… as the truth hides in plain sight even if it is too hard to look at and to hard to see and has been engineered beyond ones grasp and view. While the master stroke is anything goes accept your right thinking that is outside of the mold and beyond the fold. The open minded or benefit of the doubt brains fall out in this confusion game just like everywhere else as all grasp at straws and flounder about like puppets on a string. So fool me once…., second time shame on you and give yourself a pass as if anything goes works the charm and relinquishes all or any accountability.

                It has always been said that a fool and his money are soon parted… and it is all too clear now in this day and age that the same holds true for a fool and his brains, common sense, mental fortitude, integrity, and the rest… with the other caveat of ‘you dont have to click’ ever present. But we/I are not the ones offering up the ‘truth’ as if it were some grand service or above reproach as delivered simply for the effort while we do get to have an opinion or rant as if we too have anything to say that will make one cents worth of difference.
                Nicely put across these posts that cheapshots arent needed or desired for child games and that teeth will come out as the time has come where enough is enough and the endless nonsense sold has worn seriously thin.
                So play nice and take your daily dose because to not conform will ruffle many a seekers brains, I mean feathers.
                And fools shine on and salesmen sell…

            • Millicent

              The flaws of human nature run constant throughout humanity. That is why the world is in a state of steady deterioration. Misery Loves Company

              • Dante

                Yes, and it’s because some don’t have what it takes to stand on their own and think INDEPENDENTLY and AT ALL TIMES in order to at least TRY to get to the truth of things. And so they end up resenting anyone who does (but only when it contradicts their own belief systems). And that’s when they show their teeth. We know what happens from there.

          • PeterB

            I listened to Jeff Berwicks interview over on Rogue Money. It’s obvious he’s jumped on the Shemitah bandwagon and even then he got his facts hopelessly mixed up.
            Snake Oil salesman about sums him up.

    • Jacobson

      Shemitah is coming !
      6 years – 361 days – 12 hours – 19 minutes
      Left for the Shemitah collapse!
      Muahahaha the 7 year cycle is coming soon !

      Every seven years, the jews forsake the fields and let the earth revive itself.
      That’s what you do when you respect nature and understand you don’t own but only belong to it.

      “And those who calculate the end will lose their soul on the way”
      It is good to prepare, it is bad to stipulate the date.


  • knowtoomuch

    At 18m30s :

    “It ISN’T “antisemitism”, it’s just LOGIC”.


    Finally some clear thinking on the wed … SIGH ..

    • Eric

      There has to be semitism in order for there to be anti-semitism.

      • Jacobson

        Not every anti zionist is antisemite but all antisemites are anti zionists.

        From the mountains of Zion,

        • Eric

          In studies of linguistics and ethnology, the term Semitic (from the biblical “Shem”, Hebrew: שם‎) was first used to refer to a family of languages native to West Asia (the Middle East).

          Like I said… jews like to make up words.

          • Jacobson

            Noah had three sons: Shem, Kham and Yeffet.
            Jews and arabs are from Shem,
            Africans are from Kham,
            Europeans are from Yeffet.

            • Eric

              The word ‘semitic’ refers to languages. Not people. Now go chant away all your promises, oaths, and vows for the next year.

              • Jacobson

                The descendants of Shem are semites who speak semitic languages.
                The word “semitic” comes from “Shem”.
                Peoples who speak semitic languages are semites.

                Is “English” a language, ethnic background, culture or all together?

                • Eric

                  Which ones are the “descendants of Shem?’

                  The Rothschilds? lol

                • Jacobson

                  Ashur – Assyria
                  Archpashd – Kasdim (Abraham)
                  Aram – Aramites
                  Meshech – Asia minor

                  Kush – Sudan, Ethiopia, Erithrea
                  Put – Libya

                  MAGOG – Nordic & Slavic & Hindu-European
                  Gomer – Turkey & Armenia
                  Tuval – Georgia

                • Gnostic

                  Jews Devils

                  Hebrews Thieves

                  Semites Kham


                  Terah father of Abraham

                  Caan murdered Abel

                  They Live

                • Eric

                  That’s what I thought.

                  Thanks Gnostic.

                  Jacob appears to be trapped in the past.

                • Eric

                  Sex – The Secret Gate to Eden (Gnostic Teachings)

                • Jacobson

                  There’s no cure for your demonic soul.

                • Eric

                  Oh Jacob, I pray for yours everyday and that makes me demonic?

                  You just don’t want to see past the curtain and sadly that will be your undoing.

                  I don’t know why it gets to you so much. You say you are an Arab Israeli who is a student of Torah and not a Jew. So why don’t you join us and speak out to the crimes of your own government? That’s what we do. I know you don’t like Netanyahu or the Rothschilds.

                  Jews have the most to lose from learning the truth and admitting to it, so you would rather perpetuate the lie in a world of growing consciousness, than free yourself from the deception.

                  I understand it is difficult as it was difficult for me. But things that cannot go on forever won’t.

                  I’ll pray for your soul some more.

                • Jacobson

                  You are not praying for me, you are bashing and slandering my culture and religion everyday – that’s why you are demonic.

                  I’m an arab jew, from Israel (the land and the state) from the mountains of Judah and a descendant of the tribe of Benjamin.
                  I have no problem to write about crimes that “my” government do.
                  The notion that Israel controls everything in the world is foolish and thus I have to argue with you instead of other things.

                  As a resident of the area I’m closer to the clashes and the party politics in the middle east and many of the things I wrote here before are now taking place.
                  I hate Netanyahu and critisize many of his deeds, have you heard he is going to meet Putin in Russia?
                  They say that Netanyahu and Putin will arrange and coordinate in order to avoid clashes between the russian and israeli armies.
                  When USA left the area, Israel is connecting to Russia and China.

                  Jews are waiting the Messiah – in other words, waiting for the world of truth, wisdom and peace.
                  In the recent years I see most rabbis speaking about the hardships we will face soon and the importance of waking up.

                  Things are difficult but I think the most difficult thing for you is to understand I come from different place, culture and language and thus see the world different and has other interests.
                  Try to open up for different opinions, I did it.
                  Believe me I read what you guys write and it changed me, and yet I feel your vile hate.

                  “Who is the educated?
                  The one who learns from everyone (even those who didn’t try to teach).”
                  Rabbis wrote it more than 1000 years ago.
                  You don’t pray for me, you want to prey me.
                  But as a jew, I pray 3 times everyday for peace all over the world, for good rains and food to all people…

                • Craig escaped from Detroit

                  Jacobson, I ENJOYED your post very much,, it was very well written and expresses good, honest truth of how you see and connect with the world around you.

                  And the wisdom to separate the difference between faith in a higher power is NOT the same as faith in government power. Bravo.

                  Too many people have blind faith in their government. The older I get,, the MORE I question my own faith in EVERY “Holy Book”.. (Torah, Bible, Qu’ran, Bhagivad Ghita, Book of Odin, Tablets of Zeus, or the Ronald McDonald Burger Bible.)

                  The idea of an invisible, all powerful, all wise God,, really falls down on SO many honest inspections. Name the last time,, ANY “all powerful God”.. actually healed an AMPUTEE by growing a NEW hand or leg from the stump? (Yet it is claimed he can make men, women, animals, planets, stars,,etc,, but cannot even finish a few fingers that were already part of a pre-existing hand?)

                  And in Judges 1:19,, the almighty “Lord” LOST the battle against the Valley People who had the 2HP iron chariots!!! Not very good at his job… HOW badly would G_d LOSE EVERY battle against Machine Guns, tanks, missiles, jet aircraft? The GOD of Judges 1:19,, is NOT ANYBODY’s God,, because he is a LOSER,, and he LIED when he made all those wonderful claims about him.. or about HER.

                  Until we can see some FACTUAL EVIDENCE for ANY invisible, conscious intelligence of great power,, it must be ONLY a MYTH,, same as ZEUS,, Odin, Allah, Ragnar, Quacky-Dacky,, or the thousands of other “Gods” of history that have LONG since been forgotten.

                  I believe as much,, or MORE in “UFO’s” than I do some impossible, unreliable, unproven God of the Bible or any other book of mythology written by sheep herders and superstitious shamans and priests.

                • Eric

                  Isn’t this your day off? Or is that yesterday. You are a few hours ahead of us.

                  I do pray for your soul. But when you say you are an “arab jew,” are you sure you know who you are?

                  I (for instance) am a spiritual being incarnated into human form. Within this body, I have norwegian and german ancestry.

                  The “12 tribes in the bible” do not represent 12 actual tribes or people I am sorry to say. They represent the 12 cranial nerves and 12 constellations. The 12 disciples, and so on. 12 is a magic number as is 7. Perhaps you have some kind of long history with jerusalem, but to be honest I’m pretty sure this has just been drilled into your head so much you refuse to accept truth.

                  Yes I see you have quite a dust storm going at the moment. And some not too happy people with that mosque event. I’m sure you see a lot of craziness on a daily business so I wonder how much it affects your thinking.

                  Yes I know Netanyahu is going to see Putin. Should be interesting to see what happens after. I just don’t understand why Israel isn’t embracing more love and multiculturalism with their Syrian and Libyan neighbors. It makes more sense for them to go to Jerusalem than Sweden.

                  I understand we are in 2 totally different parts of the world. And I don’t think Israel controls the world, but I do think they control America through their lobbyists and media and the Rothschild banking cartel. Jews definitely have too much say in what the actions of America are and they only represent 2% of the population here. So maybe you can see where I am coming from?

                  We don’t have any hatred for you or most Israelis. I’m pretty sure even Gnostic feels that way. But there is clear evidence that 9/11 was an attack on America by the Israeli mossad, the USS Liberty was bombed by Israeli forces on purpose, the banking cartel controls most of America’s politicians for the interests of Israel over America, and we are fed up with it. If this happened to you, you would be equally upset.

                • Craig escaped from Detroit

                  Ahhhh,, Eric,, perhaps a student of Edgar Cayce?
                  I really enjoyed his stuff.

                  Don’t forget to eat your almonds (2-4) each day,, to prevent cancer,, day by day.
                  Or the Alkaline diet,, don’t forget California will slide into the sea & the Pacific ocean waves will be contacting parts of Nebraska, etc.

                  Atlantis will rise above the sea again. Pole shifts, reincarnation,, (including the 29 lifetimes of Jesus),, and on and on..

                  And yes,, the number or Cranial nerves.. (part of Revelation are a biological, etc,, analogy-allegory, symbolism).

                • Jacobson

                  Craig of Detroit,
                  Thank you for your positive comment, it is good to question the government control beacuse the modern state is also the “involved state” who wants you to study, control what we eat, taking care of our health and etc.
                  “Love the labor, hate the authority and don’t introduce yourseld to the government” – it is a well known jewish expression.
                  In my point of view, based on the education I have, God is not someone who sits on a cloud but it is the whole and the nothing, the endless who has no begining, it is the plants and the water, the peoples and the mountains, the stormy sea and the birds – again, as written in the books.
                  The one who believes in God will never follow flesh and blood blindly:
                  I see all people equal and I never consider myself as better than others, that’s the meaning of believing in God.
                  When I see leaders or TV stars, they are nothing for me:
                  “Know where you came from, and where you are going:
                  You came from drop of sperm and heading to the ground where worms will eat your flesh”.
                  It’s OK that you don’t believe, It is your life.

                  My day off (Shabbat) was yesterday.
                  Yes I’m an arab jew and I know very well who I am – the memory of a person is a root you can’t take, all your experiences through life and the house you grew in are part of you and will never leave you – it’s not me who wrote it, it’s from academic research.
                  I am a descendant of Benjamin and I have a huge family tree that proove it, I don’t know if you americans put efforts into this but in the middle east cultures genealogy is very important thing.
                  I have the clear evidences through the names, the stories, the tree and the lists that my family wrote through hundreds of years including what they worked and where they lived.

                  I see alot of craziness everyday and it makes me to think harder and be more creative. The problem is that the rulers want the people to think all day about politics instead of their own personal life.
                  In my experience, jews and arabs live together very well most of the time but there are politicians from both sides and europeans as third party who inflame the streets.
                  Israel has 30% of arab-muslims (palestinians) as full citizens and I see that more and more of them want to join the army and be part of the state and get their rights – I hope this is the path we will go through until we will walk together against our enemies who created the conflict and aren’t part of the area.

                  I understand where you come from, and how it disturbs you that jews are small portion of the population and yet have great influnce. On the other hand I think that most of the jews in America aren’t rich illumintai guys who want to destroy you.
                  Amerian jews see themselves as americans more than jews or israelis and the feeling in Israel is that they chosed the good and easy life instead of the struggle for liberty we have done here in the middle east.
                  Rabbis say to american jews that soon their dollars won’t help them and even if they’ll bring 10 million dollars it will not help them to enter the land of Israel.
                  It is time to tell you that most rabbis aren’t part of the Zionist project since they see it as an infidel institution.

                  Look Eric, I’m not stupid.
                  When you bash the jewish books and the jews it is very clear you are not talking about USS LIBERTY or 9/11.
                  It looks to me that you have problem with jews and their culture and that’s why you try to laugh at me.
                  But it is all good, my roots are stronger than your bashing.
                  I don’t hate anyone of you but I will respond to any attack against me.

                • Craig escaped from Detroit

                  @Jacobson..”..God is not someone who sits on a cloud but it is the whole and the nothing, the endless who has no begining, it is the plants and the water, the peoples and the mountains, the stormy sea and the birds – again, as written in the books.”

                  Definition as good as any other,, sounds very much like “Wiccan” style faith/belief,, and also, ,the concept of “Gaia” (Living earth,, all nature, etc)

                  I like the “concept” of “higher power-deity” that was believed by some of America’s founding fathers (of course, it does go back FURTHER than that).. they are known as “Deists”
                  (For Deists, human beings can know God only via reason and the observation of nature, but not by revelation or supernatural manifestations (such as miracles) – phenomena which Deists regard with caution if not skepticism)

                  They knew and were aware of SO many contradictions and absurdities in the Torah, that the book cannot be accurate,, but they still observed all around them,, evidence of something special behind the surface,, so they believed there must be SOMETHING higher,, but that no book written by ancient men,, could be right. So instead of allowing some “book” to control their faith,, they let their hearts, minds, eyes and logic guide their faith into seeking to understand from the things all around them.

                  Some of them had a great dislike-disdain for the books at the center of organized religion.

                  I consider myself (got my OWN word for it),, a FAITHEIST.. I have faith in a higher power-intellect, etc,, even though I reject the Torah-Bible-Qu’ran etc etc as being “the inspired” words or “revealed” words from God.

                  What idiots who want to believe in a God who cannot even defeat some simple 2HP iron chariot warriors? (Judges 1:19).

                  But I really have enjoyed, and accept pretty much all the information (Readings) given by Edgar Cayce during his “meditations” .. subjects including medicine, history, clarifications of the bible events & persons, physics, reincarnation, divinity, mechanics, and future events and also, ,how the future can be altered before it arrives. It really makes Logical,, scientific, spiritual, and natural-common sense of everything it addressed. No violations of science, nature, or spirit.

                  For anybody who is interested in getting a condensed,, introduction (shotgun approach) of Edgar Cayce,, sort of a quick, enjoyable, uplifting “A to Z”.. there is a book (by Jess Stearn). called “Edgar Cayce, The Sleeping Prophet”.. used from Amazon,, can often be found.. for less than $1.

                  For Cayce followers who want a quick catalog of Cayce info (sort of the Encyclopedia of Health and many other topics for treatments & understandings),, look to Amazon for used copies of “The Edgar Cayce Companion”.

                  For SURVIVALISTS,, there is another book,, something about “Health through Drugless Thearapy”???
                  (I’m TOO lazy to Google it this early in the morning).

                • Eric


                  I don’t bash jewish books, but it is clear that the Talmud is “holy writ” for jews, and The Talmud supercedes the Old Testament in authority for the Jews. And the Talmud is the most racist, hate-mongering , blasphemous book the world has ever known.

                  I also know there are a lot of other books besides the bible that have been hidden from us for centuries that are worth reading and that the bible was not written to be taken literally. If you saw my library, you would know what I’m talking about.

                  I don’t think you are stupid. I just think we have all been brainwashed and programmed and it is especially difficult for jews to wake up to all this because they have the most to lose. I’m sick of the holocaust lie and I’m pretty sure there are too many spectator sports players and hollywood celebrities and not nearly enough farmers and engineers.

                  I do have a problem with jews because while I know some very nice ones, it is my experience that they can be very shifty and nosey, and like to use others weaknesses against them. They are sexually perverse and destroy anything good in this world by degrading it. They are very tribal and have openly admitted to me that they don’t want to work. They like to exploit others. Perhaps they aren’t all like that but this is my experience with them. It can also not be denied anymore that zionist jews have declared war on the white european race.

                  So perhaps you can see why I speak out on this as much as I do. I know that everyone is different and I know that Israeli jews are different from American jews.

          • Johnny Pallyswine

            And the waSSp loves to steal them!!!!

      • Howard Roark

        “Anti-semitism is a disease, you catch it from Jews” – J. Edgar Steele

        • Ding!

          “Ever since the Jews invented the libel charge of ‘anti-Semitism’ in the 1880s (The word ‘anti- Semitism’ was first printed in 1880.’ The Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. I (1901), p. 641), it has been built up with Jewish money, organizations, propaganda, and lies (such as the Holocaust- Holohoax), so that now the word is like snake venom which paralyzes one’s nervous system. Even the mention of the word ‘Jew’ is shunned unless used in a most favorable and positive context.” -Charles A. Weisman

          “Anti-Semitism is so instinctive that it may quite simply be called one of the primal instincts of mankind, one of the important instincts by which the race helps to preserve itself against total destruction. I cannot emphasize the matter too strongly. Anti-Semitism is not, as Jews have tried to make the world believe, an active prejudice. It is a deeply hidden instinct with which every man is born. He remains unconscious of it, as of all other instincts of self preservation, until something happens to awaken it. Just as when something flies in the direction of your eyes, the eyelids close instantly and of their own accord. So swiftly and surely is the instinct of anti-Semitism awakened in a man…there is not a single instance when the Jews have not fully deserved the bitter fury of their persecutors.” -Samuel Roth

  • knowtoomuch

    “web” not “wed”

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    I agree that the crash can happen in days or it may be able to be “kicked” down the road for another year or three.

    “They” are masters at Kicking the can further and further. Just look at Zimbabwe,, total hyperinflation about 2009 and it’s still called Zimbabwe, still have the same RULERS running the place, etc. So,, even in the collapse,, some corruption and krapp still holds together.

    The SMART people are the ones who escaped with wealth and started over in some better place, but we may not have this option.

    I imagine the SMART ones today, will be those who stack silver & gold,, fill up their pantry, and grow a big garden… (but of course, I logically feel that anybody who lives withing WALKING distance of ANY big population zone,, will be in a very bad situation.)

    Getting at least 4 miles,, and hopefully 8-12 miles away from the city, will be very helpful when people cannot drive and must WALK for food & water.

    I certainly HOPE & WISH that the disaster gets kicked down the road to give MORE time for MORE people to WAKE up & for all of us to get MORE prepared.

    I am not looking forward to the day when all the pensions, SSI, EBT, and bank accounts dry up.

    I am NOT looking forward to the smell of ROTTING dead bodies in cities and towns making the world smell like a deadly war zone.

    I am not looking forward to EVERY little NOISE at night,, making me afraid that Looters-intruders- and desperately hungry human predators may be rushing into my home to kill me and take everything they can grab to survive.

    I am not looking forward to driving down the road and facing a ROAD BLOCK,, from Police, Military, Criminal gangs. (and I also expect POLICE & Military to become those criminal gangs when they TOO have no FOOD to eat.)

    So,, it’s OUR job, to help WAKE up MORE people, to help them get prepared so there will be FEWER hungry enemies and MORE friends who are satisfied, full, and prepared.

    Larger numbers of “friendly-PREPPERS” means FEWER numbers of “enemies” in the fight.

  • Steve45

    The dollar is not going to collapse anytime soon.We have been hearing the cry wolf long enough

  • Gerald

    Fed admits world still in state of economic emergency
    Posted on September 17, 2015 by Danielle Park
    The US Fed has bluffed again, promising a rate hike and chickening out. In doing so they admitted that the global economy is faltering and they believe that any move off zero rates will quicken its demise. If Ms Yellen were honest her statement would say:

    ” We messed up. We lowered rates for years to keep pushing debt-fueled consumption and we bankrupted the world. Then we bailed out the most reckless actors with public funds and have been funneling cash to those same criminals ever since. Now the system is so broken we are powerless to improve it. All we can do is talk brave and hope for miracles before people realize the magnitude of our errors and come after our heads.”

  • glitter 1

    I’m book marking this comment section and tucking it away with the others,all to be unveiled in due time.

    • Eric

      Great Presentation by Dane.

      What the hell is wrong with people? They would rather watch make believe superheros rather than breathe clean air, eat clean food, drink clean water.

      This climate change BS needs to be put in the grave. The dumb liberals need to WAKE THE HELL UP! And so do the rest of them.

  • thinking outside the matrix

    Good interview love listening to Jeff. The Fed is smart. Stopping thinking the Fed is going to save the economy. Their mission is to destroy the US and to create a new system run by computers. Sounds crazy then you’re not thinking outside the matrix.

  • mike

    Wow so the end this September, the end to end all ends, this time for real has just been pushed another 2 years! Whoo Hoo..Since this September happened with nothing but a Dip in the Dow, I had a feeling the end would get kicked down the road again.

    2011- End is 2012 no doubt
    2012- End is in 2014 no doubt TPTB out of Ammo!
    2014- Sept 2015 This is it folks THE END! $1k silver/25k gold
    2015 Sept- END extended until 2017 lol 15/Silver 1100/gold

    Better to be a day or 50 years early than a day late so stock up now because you cant get physical anywhere..Except Provident,Gainsville,JM Bullion, SD Bullion ETC>>

    • Craig escaped from Detroit

      Mike got it right. Better to be too early, or you will surely be TOO late.

      Stocking up on all the things that are needed, is what will save so many people who are AWAKE.

      The Sleeping-Sheeple,, will open their eyes at the last minute,, just in time to watch the guillotine blade coming down at them.

      Their deaths,, may take weeks, months,, or more than a year, but it will be filled with fear, worries, terror, and some form of suffering and massive amounts of self doubt and questioning WHY they ignored all the warnings & signs of danger.

      Take heed my open-eyed friends,, MOVE away from the population centers. Don’t delay, don’t make another excuse for your delay. Losing money is far better than losing life.

      Don’t use the excuse of local family or friends stop you from having that “safe haven” away from the cities. Hopefully,, within 15-20 gallons of driving distance.. stock it up,, (bury those supplies so that looters & scavangers won’t deplete them.)

      Having such a place, is the TRUE insurance to save your family and loved ones. I don’t see much luck of remaining alive and safe in any city… not for you,,and not for those you remain behind to comfort. Having a good safe haven, is the way you will save YOUR own sheeple when they are crying out for help and you wish to save them. Without such a place, you will have to watch them die.

      Good Luck.. now get your ass in gear.

      • mike

        Craig..If you seriously believe this do what I did without even thinking about it..Live on the Coast in a small town. Get a sailboat, you can get a world cruising capable sailboat 30-40 ft for 10-30k. I got one valued at 100k, 40 ftr for 20k..New motor, rigging and sails.I can go anywhere in the world..It’s a buyers market. Another thing is right in my back yard I can catch shrimp,flounder,crabs,clams etc with virtually no effort at all. My house is on a well..Point is I don’t need to run, tons of food available and it’s a very safe area, there would be zero starvation here. In a shtf scenario you want to be in civilization. My friend I grew up with is a MD. So if things got really mad max which I doubt i can easily sail away but don’t think it will be necessary. I don’t think this thing is going down, pretty sure of that now. I would warn about going to South America..If the US has a hickup then South America is going to go barbaric. If the US falls then S.America is going cannibalistic.

        • Craig escaped from Detroit

          @Mike, every situation has its pros & cons. Pacific living, is facing heavy radiation from Fukushima. East coast living, can be very overcrowded & is territory for hurricanes.

          Sail boats, great idea (if your bottom paint/coating can survive 10 years without care),, and sails degrade from UV rays, Oxygen, etc.

          I actually used too be quite interested in the boats, and considered either a steel hull or aluminum hull boat (with an electrical corrosion prevention system, with solar panels, etc).
          The old “Chris Craft Roamer series” still have a few good ones out there. I also liked the sailboats with motorized, self furling, motorized winches, etc.

          I also thought about a rural location,, with a decent sized POND on it,, floating a BARGE on the pond,,and building a HOUSE on the barge.. (TAX FREE HOME because it’s a BOAT,, and cusioned from earthquakes, and also a good firebreak from grass fires.) But it was just a dream.

          I ended up in a NW Florida rural area, rolling hills, older mobile home, dirt cheap taxes and great location and about 200ft above sea level (no flooding worries). No gas, oil or coal deposits for some big company to come and rip up my land. No nuke plants up wind (in the gulf), etc. Yep,, got me a well & septic tank, fruit trees and trucked in a load of good dirt to give my garden area a decent bed.

          I expect to be in good shape.

          • mike

            I got a 1980’s Sparkman Stevens design sailboat FRP hull..Last forever, over 100 years easy for 20k. 100% ready new motor Westerbeke 44b, rigging and sails. I would stay away from Aluminum, steel hulls, wood. As far as bottom cleaning it’s easy to dive and scrape the hull..Clean enough.You could easily go over 10 years without sanding and repainting the bottom. You would be surprised what you can get. Lady was asking 75k for my boat but had been trying to sell it for 2 years. Market is dead when it comes to boats…I live on the east coast as well. My area is surrounded by farms so in that scenario I suspect nothing will be in short supply. Also with having a port in my city would be the first to benefit from civilization. I know you saw the movie the road..I personally feel if your in the interior and things go down then your stuck. If you decide to move then your journey will be fraught with danger. Not to mention you would be easily sieged.

            • Craig escaped from Detroit

              I feel there is a BIG possibility that the next crash, (bank accts, ATM’s, “Fuel cards” used by trucking companies, retail gas stations, refineries, pipelines, power grid, grocery stores, FARM suppliers-fuel, chems, seeds) MAY all be “down” for more than a year.

              If so, it means that FARMERS will NOT be growing any food (because all of them need Diesel Fuel, Herbicides, pesticides, seeds, and road-truckers or trains to take the harvests to be processed or delivered.) I imagine the farm families will be desperately trying to grow their own gardens to survive and masses of hungry zombies will drive or walk to the farms looking for food.

              (Not even the Amish would survive,, even though they don’t need the power grid, truckers or chemicals,, they GOT NO GUNS for self defense.)

              It’s better to PLAN for the WORST case, and hope it will not be as bad as you planned for. But if the worst arrives, at least you’re better prepared for it. I’m trying to be prepped for the Mad Max,,”The Road”,, “ZARDOZ” !!!
              (You Gotta see Zardoz. It’s the Elite’s prepping idea of their “Gated-utopia communities and all the outside zombies controlled for primitive FOOD producers.”

              Zardoz- (Starring a younger Sean Connery as the bare chested, barbarian from the “outlands” turns out to be a genius who leads a rebellion to overthrow the gated utopia community and kill all the Elites who rule the world.) Very campy, strange BBC movie,, a bit humorous & very bizarre.

    • Gnostic

      mike, what’s your point?

      • mike

        Point is this isn’t going down..Math is off. Just retailer physical manipulation of the PMs.

        • Eric

          Point is you guys are way to freakin confident. Your situation could change at any minute and you planned on something else saving you whether it’s the location you are in now or a boat that could carry you away.

          Point is the banks could close whenever they need to and take whatever you have in there, but until then it’s business as normal.

          And point is they can put the price of gold or silver at whatever they want, but at these levels sooner or later they will run out and then China will determine the price. But then trade will shut down and the gas or food or whatever it is you are accustomed to buying at the store may not be so available.

          Stop looking for a this or that. It is what it is. Deal with it. And math can not be off, but it can be lied about. Until it can’t.

    • Pizza

      @ Mike, I’m inclined to agree with you, the clock just keeps getting pushed ahead as far as this FINAL COLLAPSE, the big one. So many people are just guessing and I’m sorry but Jeff Berwick has jumped on the Shmetah bandwagon along with many other alternative media sites, bloggers, youtube channels and what have you. Most of us never heard of it until Jonathan Cahn talked about it. Then everything was about the Shemetah. Sort of no different than Jade Helm. It’s all that was being talked about for 6 months or longer before it went live, and all the dire predictions on the Alt media sites about what it was and what was going to go down. None of it happened, not a thing. So, sorry to say but people do lose their credibility after a while. You can’t just keep spewing out all the things that are going to happen continuously and then when nothing happens???? It looks bad and sounds bad. I could name so many different sites and individuals, but would have to live with a lot of name calling because of it. Because we the readers of alt media want credibility no different than MSM it has to be credible or you eventually get called out. Especially when someone is profiting from information that is false. There are many who are taking advantage of that in the alt media. Makes all the good people who are honestly trying to give good information look bad.

      • Craig escaped from Detroit

        Yeah, very interesting concept of “pushing the deadline” further and further ahead.. same as the JEWS are still WAITING for the 1st Arrival of the Messiah.. (they missed it the first time)..

        And the Christians are STILL waiting for the 2nd coming of Christ,, (always pushing it further and further into the future….).. BUT…. BUT…. BUT…

        WHat if Christ already Came back the 2nd time,,and VERY few people NOTICED it? Perhaps he made the RETURN TRIP,, back about 1,700 YEARS ago!!!

        We are sitting here,, waiting for appearance number 2,,, when we may actually be waiting for visit number 8 or 10?

        The JEWS thought they really had their EYES wide open,,waiting for Christ,,and they TOTALLY missed all the twisted clues,, because it happened in ways they were not allowed to think about.. outside the box.

        Well,, the Christian world,, has their eyes WIDE OPEN TOO.. same as the JEWS thought THEY were diligently looking & waiting, and they MISSED it. They STILL can’t see it.

        How are Christians sure they got it figured out any better? Hmmmmmmm???

        If Jesus really did come back in the year 300AC,, or 600AD,, then the THOUSAND years of peace (Hahaha).. expired a LONG time ago. What age do we NOW live in?

        The Age of Corporations. Skynet. Monsatan. Nuclear Power Demon-Electric, Big Pharma, Big OiL, etc. We seem to be FOOD for the Terminators, or “Grid Power for the Matrix”.

        Nobody is coming to save you or help you. You gotta get your OWN hands working. Not even Jesus can be counted on to come and fix our mess. THAT is the LESSON. You made your bed, not you must SLEEP in it or FIX it yourself. Show God that you are RESPONSIBLE and can be TRUSTED to do the RIGHT things instead of sitting on the floor and crying, waiting for DA DA to come and fix it for you.

        A GENUINE, loving, INTELLIGENT FATHER, makes his child GROW UP and take responsibility for the mess. That’s why, ain’t NO God or savior coming to fix OUR mess.

        Pehaps he will give us the STRENGTH to do it, but he will NOT do it FOR US. We would NOT grow.
        We would remain as spoiled children, never growing, never learning.

        • Pizza

          @ Craig from Detroit.I understand what you’re saying and I agree. The point I was trying to make is that some people who are in the category of alternative media jump on other people’s band wagons. Like I mentioned Jonathan Cahn’s shemitah. Worst thing is they take other people’s stories run with information that isn’t correct. You have your good people who are honestly trying to get the news out there (which we need), Then you have guys out there who are in it for money. I can’t stand the guys who are on the take they steal stories, profit in big ways, and Jeff is one of those guys, Bix Weir is another one of them. There are others too who have made many predictions and have been wrong many times and they profit from BULL SHIT!!. It’s really OK if you don’t know. NO ONE DOES!!!!!!

      • Millicent

        It all depends upon whether you like Squat with your Kiwi or Kiwi with your Squat. Hoping for a “collapse” is no different than going up on a mountain top wearing white robes and waiting for someone or something to “return”.

        But by all means, “keep stacking” and “keep prepping” because one of these days, months, years, centuries, it is surely going to happen.

        BTW, I like Pizza…

  • anon

    History of Reserve Currency Status:

    USA Dollar – 1921 to Current (As of 2015, 94 years…)
    British Pound – 1815 to 1920 (105 years)
    French Franc – 1720 to 1815 (95 years)
    Netherlands Gulden – 1640 to 1720 (80 years)
    Spain Real de a Ocho – 1530 to 1640 (110 years)
    Portugal Escudo – 1450 to 1530 (80 years)

    So, will the USD end it’s reign as the World Reserve Currency in 2016, at 95 years of age? It’s entirely POSSIBLE. Or, will it live on, until 2026, to be 105 years of age? Or, will it live on until 2031, to be 110 years of age? Looks to me like, all things considered, the so-called “elites” (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc.) and all their armies of minions are attempting to “get ahead” of the oncoming awakening of the Sheeple (especially, the American Sheeple), because once a significant enough number of American Sheeple actually come to the realization, that the ENTIRETY OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION HAS BEEN HIJACKED VIA THE BIS/IMF/WORLD BANK/ECB/”FEDERAL” “RESERVE”/SWIFT SYSTEM – then, I truly believe, it will be GAME OVER!, for the so-called “elites”. Not only that, but the world itself, has been captured (hijacked) by these same Western Int’l Central Banksters, and all their Sayanim/Minions.

    • mike

      I thought it was supposed to end this September? Now your guessing 2016? Hate to break it to you but Iran deal is going through protecting the dollar forever..Why in the world would the US negotiate such a bad deal? Kerry himself let it slip that the world reserve currency status is threatened…Of course Kerry said it is threatened by our allies but the reality is Iran calling the Shots. It’s a great deal for Iran.. Once this goes through the reserve status is guaranteed forever, no matter what moves China or Russia make. The oil will flow in dollars from here to forever more. The Iranians had us by the balls and said this is how it’s going to be..I am amazed that no one had pointed this out that it is Iran with all the cards. So that being said 1,2,20 years the dollar is good to go., dreams of the dollar Apocalypse dashed..TPTB checkmate.

      • petedivine

        interestingly Russia and China signed that accord. I suppose the also want a continuation of the petro Dollar. I also heard Saudi Arabia and Israel did not like the deal. I’m not sure how you reached your conclusions. The facts are not on your side. To me it appeared that the U.S, had absolutely zero bargaining power. They did a deal because they had no leverage and thought something was better then nothing. I doubt Iran cared, they don’t trust the U.S. to honor her treaties.

  • mike

    Dont think it would get that bad. The Gubberment could devalue the currency by 75% and fix the debt current problem. Paying 2.50 for a coke instead of $1 isn’t going to break civilization. So I really can not see a complete collapse situation happening…A bit of inflation sure but not too bad.I have a lot of of PMs so I am hoping at some point I can recover with inflation the dollars I put into them but it isnt looking good if the End keeps getting delayed? I guess there is still 15 days left in September for the Jewish cycle day to happen. The reason I say the Math is off is not all things are considered in the “End” equation…I can write a book on that..Maybe I will 🙂

    • petedivine

      A 75% devauation means I don’t work for Dollars. Once that happens the confidence in the Dollar will be less then zero. Afterwards, you get to watch history write a chapter of despair that makes the great depression look like a party. History is a gruesome and we’ll all get front row seats. Times and technology change but people don’t. History repoeats itself and the sins of the father are passed to the son.

      • Mike

        Nah, a devaluation would be the fix..Confidence would be secured in the dollar not lost, there are no alternatives to the dollar out there. Having PMs may save a little of the value placed into them but devaluation is what needs to happen. It would correct every problem with the dollar currently. That coupled with deregulation would have the US back on top in no time. You dont work for dollars? Sure you do and so does everyone in the world. PM producers and retailers are chasing the dollars big time. If the currency was devalued tomorrow you would quit what you do and starve? Don’t think you would.

  • glitter 1

    It’s all about The Derivatives Stupid!You know,all those unregulated bank gambling instruments that no one can see/follow,that control The Credit Markets!Let’s see where we are at the close of 2015 when we can reopen/continue the dialog.

  • Radical Volubrjotr

    Mr. Bernick I wish would take so serious time to critically examine Pope Francis.

    He is not advocating communism, fascism, or a hybrid of both. His position is subsidiarity and this has the NWO crowd berating him endlessly.

    Perhaps start with Laudatory Si,

    The Holy Father is the mortal enemy to the NWO totalitarian regime who by the way works closely with Vladimir Putin.

  • ctriceman

    While there is much to this site that warrants validity of both current and future trends, it has become to bloated. Shawn, your intentions are well, but I believe over time, you’ve yielded to the less significant.


    • Gnostic

      Everything is significant even if you don’t think so.

      LUCIFER (False god)
      Kaballah/Zohar/Talmud (language of Lucifer)






      RELIGION (All)




      • rl

        Sure enough… etc, etc, etc, until the truth is lost amongst a million lies spun for centruies and the blind lead the blind. The ugly truth is a sad saga fools welcoming their own slavehood and demise holding onto it with the deathgrip for the idiot in the mirror, played by the masters of the game they refuse to see while being engineered to not even look lest the also engineered sense of bad human takes hold as the masters have no problem or cumpunction with the murder, robbery, and everything else from pillage to pedophilia they carry out daily across the globe. Our “humanness” of which they have none has been turned into something so demented it isnt even funny anymore as it has yielded to a dozen forms of mental sickness, depravity, and plain stupidity… and it was as easy as shooting fish in a barrel as the last 50 years of their media was all it took.
        To see the truth behind the all encompassing viel of the tribe and the true mafia of the kosher nostra is to itchy and to scratchy for every type of sheep on the farm to fathom, and down we go for every wool wearing fool playing destraction games at every turn. And the days of ‘your entitled to your opinion’ will, if the shtf ever arrives, evolve into you are part of the problem and I have no time for fools of your type with your stupidity and gullibility that you have been given the right to enforce and lord over others.
        So bring it and the dust of the race, gender, and never ending religious wars they want and need for profit and white man genocide from the start.
        Because ‘we’ are to stupid to do or see otherwise.

        Peace Gnos.

        • Eric

          This never gets old. 🙂

          • rl

            Yeah, I didnt see it above but worth a repost.
            This never gets old either;

            “The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy, and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this new world order the Children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property, and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.”
            (Baruch Levy, Letter to Karl Marx, La Revue de Paris, p. 54, June 1, 1928)

  • SilverHawk

    It’s like listening to myself talk. Nice to listen to my clone from Canada, in Mexico. I thought the Bellhp bought A hotel for a gold Mark coin. Can’t remember the source. And the people who lived in the Ghetto who saw it coming, and saved their saving in gold and silver took a elevator ride to the upper class almost overnight. I plan on being on that ride ALL the way to the top. Gonna buy me “blocks” of property for 50-100 ounces. Downtown. Nice property where the upper class hang out. Anyway Silvertards, we ride!!

  • Berwick is a slimy salesman if I’ve ever seen one. Met him once in New Hampshire. Got the same impression from him then as I do watching all of his videos. Or perhaps he’s a well-meaning guy who just happens to be incredibly irresponsible and immoral.

    Regardless, this man has stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from those who expected a service from him, with little to no alley for restitution. First the “Galt’s Gulch Chile” affair, and now this passport scam.

    People really do need to read this. Someone posted a similar link above, only to be brushed over for the typical long and toxic SGT comment bickering. A shame. Sean, we are all judged by the company we keep, whether that association is an endorsement or not. You may wish to read this before having Berwick on again.

    • Dante

      I also posted a link regarding this passport business, as did someone else. However, I avoided delving into this immediately following Sean’s interview because I sincerely wasn’t interested in pissing on the parade. Obviously, Sean puts much time and effort into these interviews, so when negative or seemingly negative material is posted, I would imagine that’s what it amounts to in his eyes. Instead, I stuck to the subject in my initial posts by questioning Berwick’s Shemitah position, which, evidently, caused enough waves.

      But now it’s time that people understand just who this Jeff Berwick character is. There’s simply too much about his past (recent past, at that) that paints him in a negative light, so I cannot imagine why anyone would want to avoid enlightening others on this matter. To my knowledge, he has not adequately addressed any of this this publicly. In fact, I’ve seen no mention of it from him at all, but maybe I missed it. And yet we’re supposed to take this guy seriously? I don’t think so! There’s much we need to think about before putting him on any kind of a pedestal.

      • JMiller

        I agree Dante. From what I read and seen of Jeff Berwick I think there is enough reason for someone to believe Berwick is trying to make a money off of the Shemitah and the coming financial crisis.

      • Millicent

        JB has been steadily trying to increase his presence on the alt-media for years now.
        More Exposure = Free Advertising to rope in the gullible.

        • Dante

          So he jumped on the Shemitah bandwagon to do that? JMiller basically suggested the same thing. Both of you may be right, I can’t say for sure. If this is what he honestly believes (regarding the Shemitah), so be it, but it’s NOT the final word and it’s open to debate. That has been my point consistently since the Shemitah exploded in the alt-media.

          What’s most disturbing are the CRIMINAL allegations against Berwick, not his position on the Shemitah. Shame on anyone if they attempt to sweep THIS under the rug. A lot of people were burned as a result of these scams, and that’s something any decent person would be more than willing to address.

      • Dante,

        Agree wholeheartedly with everything you’ve said. I think everyone (well, most) in the comments have a deep respect for Sean’s unique presentation style, media, and website; criticism such as this (at least, from myself) is out of concern for Truth and the loss of credibility that comes with holding the opinions of liars and scammers in high regard.

        As of today (September 22, 2015) Berwick is still selling this passport “service” via

        He’s even jacked up the price! The original 30k fee is now as much as a half a million YellenBuxx. A man with any shred of honesty would have taken that site down the second his clients almost universally did not receive the service requested. I’m glad you and others are speaking out about this, unlike Berwick, who still has not made any public comment about this leaked and damning evidence against him. Of course Jeff deserves the opportunity to address these claims, but if they’re as true as his customers and former business associates state, it would behoove the alternative media to ostracize such toxic individuals.

        • Dante

          In one word, DISGUSTING!

          Sorry, but that “libertarian” handshake b.s. in the picture doesn’t cut the mustard with some of us, thankfully. It’s all about marketing, isn’t it?

          One of the major pitfalls of libertarianism is the influx of unethical and slimy characters it attracts, hence its negative reputation. And that comment comes from a self-described libertarian (for lack of a better word).

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