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The CSTO arrives in Iraq and Syria

The CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organisation) against terrorism in Iraq and Syria

by Thierry Meyssan, Voltaire Net:

The intervention of the CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organisation) against terrorism in Iraq and Syria may be the beginning of a world order based on the cooperation and defence of civilian populations, or, on the contrary, a period of East-West confrontation in which the West openly supports terrorism. Contrary to popular belief, this military deployment is aimed less at defending Iraq and the Syrian Arab Republic than the members of the CSTO themselves. It is therefore not negotiable. The debates in the UNO General Assembly and Security Council on the 30th September will reveal the response of Washinton and its allies. In any case, nothing will ever be the same.

WWhile the Western Press persists in discussing possible Russian military support for President Bachar el-Assad, the Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO) has decided to fight terrorism in Iraq and Syria.

It would seem that the Western powers still fail to understand the consequences of their policies.

An existential question for the CSTO

Let’s remember that the CSTO is a classic military alliance between six ex-members of the Soviet Union – Belarus, Russia, Armenia, Tadjikistan, Kazakhstan, and Kirghizistan. Unlike NATO and the Warsaw Pact, in which the member states lost their sovereignty – for the benefit of the United States and the United Kingdom in NATO, and the USSR in the Warsaw Pact, which constitute violations of the United Nations Charter – the member states of the CSTO retain full sovereignty, do not place their armies under the command of the alliance’s most powerful member, and can quit the alliance at any moment [1]. Azerbaïdjan, Georgia and Uzbekistan have already freely left this organisation and turned to Guam and NATO.

Since the 1980’s – before the member states of the CSTO even existed – the United States and NATO have deployed a missile system which was first of all aimed at the USSR, and now encircles the CSTO. These missiles, which were supposed to destroy enemy intercontinental missiles during their launching phase, can only in fact destroy slow-moving aircraft, and can have no effect on Russian missiles, which are supersonic. Presented by the Pentagon as a defensive weapon – which perhaps it may originally have been – this « anti-missile shield » can therefore only have offensive potential. The CSTO is the only group of states in the world which is threatened by missiles which are pointed directly at it from its frontiers.

Since the Second World War, the USSR, and later the member states of the CSTO, have watched the recruitment of the Muslim Brotherhood by the CIA, and the use of certain of their members or ex-members by the USA in order to destabilise them [2]. So Osama Ben Laden’s men (trained by Sayyid Qutb’s brother) and those of Ayman al-Zaouahiri (who had joined the Brotherhood one year before the arrest and execution of Sayyid Qutb) fought the USSR in Afghanistan, and then fought Russia in Yugoslavia and finally on their own territory in the Caucasus [3].

Since 2011, the member states of the CSTO have observed the NATO operation known as the « Arab Spring », which was designed to overthrow enemy régimes and also friendly régimes in the Middle East for the benefit of the Muslim Brotherhood (Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria), and since 2014, they have watched the triumph of the Muslim Brotherhood’s ideal with the proclamation of a caliphate which challenges both international law and human rights. Currently, this caliphate has awarded its command positions mostly to Islamists from the ex-USSR, sometimes even from the member states of the CSTO.

On the 1st August, Ukraine and NATO member Turkey announced the creation of an « International Islamist Brigade » composed of Al-Qaïda and Daesh combatants, and stationed in Kherson (Ukraine) [4]. This Brigade proposes to fight Russia in Crimea.

In other words, unless they now engage against terrorism, the CSTO will soon have to confront both an exterior enemy – NATO and its missiles – and an interior enemy – Islamists who were initially trained by NATO.

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The six heads of state and the CSTO’s General Secretary at the CSTO meeting in Dushanbe

On the 15th September, the CSTO held its annual meeting for its heads of state in Dushanbe (Tadjikistan). As I announced a month ago [5], Russian President Vladimir Putin presented to his colleagues the studies realised by the Russian army concerning the possibility of fighting the caliphate immediately, before they enter CSTO territory en masse.

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