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Stop Iran Rally in DC

from Bill Still:

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5 comments to Stop Iran Rally in DC

  • Bill

    Still the shill for Israel. Should have a Stop Israel rally. Still pretends Islamic terrorism is a legitimate, non-globalist-created threat. Must know better.

  • JoeinSyracuse

    How much did AIPAC donate to ensure the best rally money can buy?

    • Eric

      VERY good question Joe. I wonder myself.

      There can be no denying that ISIS is an intelligence creation by the CIA and Mossad. But I have read in multiple places that they no longer have control over it. That’s what happens when you bomb them for years and destroy their lives and kill their families. But I think it has actually become a real threat at this point. Exactly what the zionists want. Total chaos! What a bunch of assholes!

      There should be an END Israel rally at this point. No more money. No more trade. No more illegal occupations.

  • dan

    CORKER continues to be the TRAITOR to this country , and a supporter of the NWO , that he has always been….imho

  • Stephen Jones

    I thought you were a smart guy, but now I know not to give you the time of day.Will never open anything you put out. It is a flat out shame.

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