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Standing by the Torrent of Sludge

from ZenGardner:

You gotta laugh at this engineered insanity. What a bunch of flimflam sales jobs and muscle flexing is going on. Some very desperate factions really want this clampdown to happen, and fast. And they’re almost falling over each other to be the first to jump in.

Just look at how quickly these monumental social, economic and political blocks are moving to find their predetermined places, from mass migration to inanely justified war proliferations. We’ve seen this coming for so long but it appears there’s some kind of deadline they’ve been given by their overlords.

Notice the pressure these politicians and talking heads are under. Notice the extremity of these puppets’ nonsensical statements attempting to push the program. Nothing makes sense, it’s all counter intuitive, and it all has the same undercurrent.

Implement the program, or else.

You have to see past all the BS first and not let it rattle you. September convergence, occult Shemitah pre-programming, UN wranglings, pulling the financial cork, migration madness, the obvious genocidal takeover jobs on Syria, Yemen and Ukraine, the sabre rattling for WW3, or whatever. It’s fundamentally a ploy.

It’s meant to shake you from your foundational knowledge and sense of innate spiritual trust and otherwise nail you to a compliant role in some weird, twisted script.

Shake it. It’s a lie.

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