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Sources of Vitamin C in a Post-SHTF World

from Survival Blog:

Let me start by saying that I am not a medical doctor or a nutritionist. Any suggestions in this article are based upon my personal experience and should not be considered medical advice.

There will be many health concerns for people in a post-SHTF world, for people who have prepared as well as those who have not, including but not limited to the lack of life-sustaining prescription medicines, limited food, reduced caloric intake, and limited access to life-saving antibiotics. There will be a resurgence of diseases, such as cholera and TB to name just two, that were eradicated in the U.S.

There will be a resurgence of deficiency diseases caused by a lack of vitamins and nutrients in the post-SHTF diet. This could be remedied by stockpiling a vast amount of multi-vitamins and supplements before the event, and hopefully people will have some in their stockpile. However, if the worst case scenario happens and happens quickly or the collapse and its after-effects last long term, the vitamins and stockpiles may run out, especially if there are multiple families at your location.

Farming, gardening, and foraging for wild plants will probably be in almost every prepper’s plan for their family’s survival. Most of the gardening zones of the United States are not conducive to growing the citrus crops that today are the most commonly recognized source of vitamin C, or ascorbic acid. I live in zone 7, so I don’t have lime, lemon, or orange trees in my backyard.

A deficiency of vitamin C causes the painful disease known as scurvy. Earliest texts describe the symptoms circ 1500 BC. Aristotle described it in 450BC as a lack of energy, tooth decay, and bleeding problems. Symptoms of scurvy are rotting gums, tooth loss, painful jaws, swollen legs, general aches and pains, easy bruising, and open sores on the skin. In extreme cases, scurvy is fatal. It was not known by 19th century doctors that vitamin C is responsible for making collagen– the protein needed to maintain healthy connective tissue in the skin, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels and for the healing of wounds. Vitamin C has also been connected to eye health and mental acuity. Vitamin C has been touted as the cure for the common cold. Many studies have been conducted. Equal numbers say it does help, and equal numbers say it doesn’t help. Vitamin C does appear to help boost the immune system, and it supports adrenal function in stressful situations. For that reason alone, in my opinion, it should have a place on a prepper’s supply list.

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