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Silver Shortage Update: Reviewing Your Options for Fast Delivery and Low Premiums

from Money Metals Exchange:

TSilver bullion for retail investors is in short supply. We do our best to keep readers updated on shortages in bullion coins, rounds, and bars. The enormous surge in demand has put mints and refiners terribly behind. After two months of high retail demand, they are still unable to catch up… in fact, they’re falling even more behind. That’s why silver coin premiums rose again last week, and shipping delays lengthened.

The lack of availability in silver coins, rounds, and 5, 10 and 100-ounce bars along with higher premiums are making it more difficult for silver investors to capitalize on today’s low spot prices. Fortunately, the higher demand in gold has not yet created similar shortages. Gold buyers are able to obtain virtually all items promptly.

But with the gold/silver ratio sitting at extreme highs, currently at 77, now looks like a great time to favor silver. Unfortunately, market conditions mean it may be more difficult and expensive to do so.

Here are the best bets for bargain hunters looking to grab silver now:

British Britannias and Perth Mint Funnel Web Spiders are in stock.

For anyone looking for beautiful silver coins with low premiumus and immediate delivery, there are two very good options. Both are sovereign coins and both offer lower premiums than silver American Eagles or Maple Leafs. And no delays.

The UK’s Royal Mint recently launched sales of the British Britannia here in the U.S. The timing was excellent, as the U.S. market badly needs additional supply.

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2 comments to Silver Shortage Update: Reviewing Your Options for Fast Delivery and Low Premiums

  • Troy

    My local coin dealer…about 20 miles away told me this morning that he quit answering the phone due to people wanting so much silver. He had a man want to buy $50,000 worth, so he told him about Apmex or Gainsville Coins. I called the my other dealer…40 miles away, and he is cleaned out. He told me any silver coming in has a list of buyers waiting. Most people are looking for 90% stuff, but are buying 999 fine if they have to.

    • Ericc

      Haha! Thanks for staying on top of things Troy.

      I dont need more silver but gold maybe. Gonna order more bullets from the Doc and some Allicin C.

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