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Sabotaged! Hundreds of Thousands of Signatures Missing In Effort to Overturn SB277 Mandatory Vaccinations

from DAHBOO77:

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4 comments to Sabotaged! Hundreds of Thousands of Signatures Missing In Effort to Overturn SB277 Mandatory Vaccinations

  • Ed_B

    There ya go. When the vote of the people goes against the elites, the only thing left to do is… CHEAT! And, boy, do they. Again.

    Heck, this reminds me of the 2012 presidential election, where in some places there were more votes for Obama than there were registered voters, not to mention all the people bragging about voting for Obama multiple times, which is a felony, and the precincts in PA where 100% of the vote was for Obama. 100%! WTF? Americans NEVER vote 100% on ANYTHING. Even free cold beer and hot ladies would not get 100% of the vote, yet, somehow, the Obamunists managed it. And the stupid repubs just sat on their thumbs and twirled. Talk about some totally “useless eaters”. 🙁

    But all this makes me really sad because it is PROOF that ballots are no longer the answer to creating political change. As we all know, when ballots fail, bullets are used instead.

    Got ammo? If not, get some because it is VERY likely to be needed… and probably sooner rather than later.

  • f16hoser

    Imagine that; and the next Speaker might be from California. Weird…

  • Sam

    I’m sure there’s an innocent illogical logical explanation as always that we all see with the denials of rigging going on in the markets to the latest polling results and here with the outrageous vote/petition scandals in all of it’s forms…”nothing to see here”…”move along”…

  • HUH? How could they omit to get affidavits from reliable sources that thed seen the quantity of signatures—notary participation—photos—attorney oversight—in order to entrap any officials who might deny that enough signatures were received? I can’t believe that adequate failsafe cautions would not be used!

    If necessary, people should just refuse en masse by the tens of thousands. No one who signed should accede to vaccinations. Does California propose to jail 300,000 plus voters? Or ban hundreds of thousands of children from school?

    Everyone who signed should be picketing drug stores, hospitals, doctors offices, and home offices of state lawmakers!

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