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Population Elimination: NWO Predictive Programming – Capt. America

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  • oneno

    Kevin Galalae uses hunger strikes to raise awareness on over-population and speaks out against covert depopulation agenda in place since 1945.

    Among Kevin’s books are:

    Survival or Extinction
    Killing us Softly
    Chemical and Biological Depopulation
    Water, Salt, Milk – Killing our children.
    Peace without Poison

    We are living in an over-populated finite world with finite resources. Each of us needs to consider the carrying capacity of the Earth and take responsibility on limiting procreation voluntarily and show respect to our fellow man. There would then be no need for ‘covert’ depopulation by governments in place since 1945.

    Regardless of technology efficiencies and conservation over-population is still a problem.

    Stephen Moore has a web page describing how it is determined that the Earth can hold at most 529 million people or 12 people per sq km.

    Why is this information not made available at our public schools and explicitely at the UN site?

    Why is it necessary to take a course in differential equations for this subject to gain traction in ones psyche?

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