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Pay No Attention To That Man Behind The Curtain

from The Burning Platform:

Most of us have at one time or another received what amounts to a ransom note demanding money, which we must “stand and deliver” (under duress) else various nasty things will happen to us. These ransom notes are called traffic tickets – and we’ve been habituated to accept them as legitimate. Or at least to not think about it too much.

Let’s think about it.

First, who is the aggrieved party? It is (in my state) the “Commonwealth of Virginia.” Says so, right there on the paper. If I go to court to contest the charge, a commonwealth’s attorney will represent the “interests” of the Commonwealth of Virginia. That is, of the government.

Well, ok – but who, specifically, is the government?

The answer is, no one.

Can’t be.

There is no such thing as the Commonwealth of Virginia. Nor the Federal Government – or any other government. They are abstractions without substance.

Can you subpoena the Commonwealth of Virginia? Cross examine him? Can you do violence to the Commonwealth of Virginia? Harm him?

How so?

Prove it!

Where is the body? Show me the wounds!

None such exist – because “he” does not exist.

The government is nothing more than what L. Frank Baum described in The Wizard of Oz. The “great and powerful” wizard has no existence beyond our own fears and imaginings. He is a prop, a front – a fiction.

There is only the man behind the curtain, who pulls the levers. Whose reality hides behind the fiction of Oz. But he is just a man. Just like you. Just like me. Except for the key difference that he pretends to be something more than a man.

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