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ONE BAD DUDE: “We Made It Wider!” Hank Paulson Bursts Out Laughing When Asked About Wealth Inequality

from Zero Hedge:

If you needed proof of the widening gap between the rich and everyone else (and the attendant rise of class segregation) beyond that presented by the St. Louis Fed study linked above and by the anecdotal evidence that’s readily observable by looking at the prices paid this year for high-end art and mega mansions, look no further than Wall Street, where, thanks to the Fed’s generosity, Lloyd Blankfein is now a billionaire.

Speaking of Goldman Sachs and income inequality, back in April, Hank Paulson and Robert Rubin sat down with Sheryl Sandberg and Tim Geithner at an event hosted by Michael Milken (no less), to discuss a variety of topics. Around a half hour into the discussion, Sandberg asks Paulson about income inequality. Here’s what happens next:

Sandberg: “Yeah, so let’s follow up on a bunch of the things we were [talking about]. Let’s start with income inequality.”

Paulson: “Ok, well.. income inequality. I think this is something we’ve all thought about. You know I was working on that topic when I was still at Goldman Sachs..”

Rubin: “In which direction? You were working on increasing it.”

Paulson then bursts out laughing: “Yeah! We were making it wider!”

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6 comments to ONE BAD DUDE: “We Made It Wider!” Hank Paulson Bursts Out Laughing When Asked About Wealth Inequality

  • JC

    Well, it’s right in our faces now – blatant criminality.

  • rich

    Bernie Sanders Update: Plan for Enormous D.C. Rally Gains Steam
    As RSVP’s top 100,000, the Sanders campaign is seriously considering

    As Jenny Q. Ta, a leading and socially conscious social media entrepreneur who is Founder and CEO of the social net-WORTHING platform recently told me: “We should never underestimate the power of popularity plus social media pull. When you combine the ‘popularity factor’ with the almost unbelievable ability of social media to promote a cause and spread the word quickly, you soon discover the medium’s surprising potential to raise an enormous amount of support in an incredibly short time.”

    To paint a portrait of what a progressive march on Washington by Sanders supporters might look like, and future progressive marches on Washington that I predict would attract one million progressives to the Washington Mall, let me end today by quoting in full one man’s well-stated version of a manifesto for the proposed Bernie Sanders rally, which can be found on the Facebook site promoting the idea, from Charlie Ryan:

    When our African American brothers and sisters continue to be victims of institutional racism in America; we say-ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    When women still do not have pay equity in America; we say- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    When our soldiers and their families continue to suffer in perpetual, senseless wars; we say- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    When too many families live in fear of deportation, with no path to citizenship; we say- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    When Americans, regardless of their race, religion, disability or sexual orientation cannot realize the full promise of equality; we say- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    When we have the highest rate of childhood poverty of any major country on earth; we say- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    When the top 0.01% own more wealth than the bottom 90%; we say- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    When so many young American families cannot afford quality, affordable childcare; we say- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    When billionaires are buying our government and our politicians; we say- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    When our banks continue to put our economy at risk; we say- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    When our infrastructure is crumbling around us; we say- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    When we have more of our people incarcerated than any other country on earth; we say- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    When we have American’s working for starvation wages; we say- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    When we have millions of Americans with substandard or NO health care; we say- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    When our citizens are being crushed by student loan debt; we say- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    When our seniors cannot afford to live out their lives in dignity and security; we say- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    When our young people are discouraged from higher education because their families can’t afford it; we say-ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    When our country and our planet are suffering from the effects of climate change; we say- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    When corporations get huge tax breaks while American children go hungry; we say- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    When cowardly politicians attempt to suppress our right to vote we say- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    These are just a few of the reasons we say- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    These are the reasons why we need YOU to help reclaim OUR country.

    When we stand together there is Nothing, Nothing, NOTHING we cannot accomplish!


  • Christine

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH starts with refusing to feed into the problem. People are still not ready to walk out of their lousy job and refuse to finance that system. A revolution doesn’t need to be bloody. It can be peaceful, yet paralyzing. Won’t happen as long as people believe they have more to lose than to gain by taking action.

  • Dissolution

    This is perfectly consistent with the notion that when nearing the end, everything will be revealed. Just look around you at everything that is being revealed. Sadly, just because it is revealed does not guarantee that all will see.

    On a slightly less civil note, I hope someone lynches these bastards by their testicles.

  • Eric

    Bernie Sanders. pssst! Give me a break. Dumb marxist libtards don’t understand the problem enough to find solutions. Scream all you want. It won’t do any good. Yeah vote for the kike to run the jew world order. That will work.

    You got it Christine. At this point you are either part of the problem or part of the solution.

    Go one month without using fiat currency. Then you might be part of the solution.

  • The Truth

    Did you all see his finger? That is the one he used to bet with, however, he never played straight with it. Now it has a permanent crooked state to it. Never trust a person with crooked fingers…LOL!

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