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Now We Have the Opportunity to Restore the Constitution

from LaRouchePAC:

We must use the United Nations General Assembly to return the US to its Constitution. That is, we must use the kaleidoscopic changes—for the better—in the policies of, and relationships among nations, which were triggered by Vladimir Putin’s surprise flanking move into Syria, to shut down Wall Street and throw Barack Obama out of office. Since Putin’s surprise move, the German government has made an about-face on the issue of the refugees thronging Europe. Chancellor Merkel decided to move to welcome the refugees and get them education and jobs, instead of trying to throw them out.

But LaRouche’s analysis implied that the German policy reversal would not be limited to the refugee issue,— that it would be far broader. And that has already proven true. Yesterday, just one day after a telephone conversation with Obama, Chancellor Merkel openly defied his policy, to announce at a press conference that the Syria crisis must be negotiated with Bashar Assad, and also with Russia and Iran. Today, the parliamentary leaders of the two German government coalition partners, the CDU and the SPD, both publicly backed her up.

Then, under extreme pressure, Obama was forced today to agree to a Monday meeting with Russia’s President Putin,— one which will be very risky for Obama, because Putin sees through him and holds all the cards.

But remember LaRouche’s stress on the point that Obama will not just go quietly,— on the contrary, his impulse will be to start a war rather than admit that his time is finally up. For example, when Obama authorized US Secretary of Defense Carter to talk for the first time with his Russian counterpart Shoigu on Sept 18, it was announced that the purpose was “deconfliction,”— to try to insure that US and Russian forces would not inadvertently begin to shoot at each other in Syria. Not so fast! On Sept 22, obviously after an intervention by Obama, the Pentagon said that Carter does NOT plan to discuss deconfliction until Russia alters its support for Syria’s elected President, Bashar Assad!

The naive would say that Obama values regime-change over the lives of American servicemen, but LaRouche has observed more accurately that Obama simply loves to kill, and yearns to kill on a much bigger scale now that he is cornered,— all the way to thermonuclear war. In a similar Obama move, Foreign Policymagazine reports that the U.S. has secretly vetoed a Russian UN Security Council resolution calling for a broader, and effective coalition against ISIS, even after the Russians included changes which satisfied other countries.

If, after almost two terms of Obama, some of our people no longer recognize him for the killer he is, this is due, not to Obama’s changing for the better, but to the degeneration our whole culture has suffered under his misrule. Obama is a mass-murderer like his Indonesian stepfather Lolo Soetoro. This latest round of degeneration under Goofy Bush and then the even-worse Obama, should remind us of an earlier round, which began with Ronald Reagan’s attempted assassination by a George H.W. Bush associate shortly after his inauguration, and ended with the humiliation and degradation of Bill Clinton shortly before the end of his second term.

Americans who reached adulthood before or during the post-JFK assassination 1960s, vividly remember the total makeover of our country by the rock-drug-sex counterculture. But far fewer recognize this subsequent round of degeneration.

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1 comment to Now We Have the Opportunity to Restore the Constitution

  • anon

    Please please please!!! How are you going to use an UN-constitutional body to restore the Constitution? It is unquestionably UN-constitutional for any branch to cede power to a foreign body. Any claimed authority is VOID.

    The UN general assembly equates to nothing more than a cartel for global racketeering and stands against the sovereignty of EVERY NATION.

    Someone, anyone! Please explain?

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