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New Yorkers That Dont Have ‘Enhanced ID’ with RFID Could Face Travel Restrictions

from DAHBOO77:

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2 comments to New Yorkers That Dont Have ‘Enhanced ID’ with RFID Could Face Travel Restrictions

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    I see that Bahboo7 is a Fan of Doctor Who (TV series). The image of the TSA-Nazi soldiers,, is a still shot from an episode of Dr. Who.

    The episode was titled “Let’s kill Hitler”.

    But it’s one of those episodes that is connected to earlier & later episodes… so I suggest you start at the first one, and work your way thru it.

    If you want to see a GOOD episode that is NOT tied to other episodes,, it stands completely by itself, and is VERY good.. find the Episode titled “BLINK”, and watch it. You’ll get to see how clever the story line appears twisted at first, and they go a great job of connecting all the dots and tying up all the lose ends. It also reminds me of the classic Twilight zone stories.
    Go see BLINK,, you’ll enjoy it.

  • JB Robertson


    I’ve followed Dan Carlin for some time now. His main focus is history (“hard core history”), but he also is an excellent commentator on liberty and freedom. Here is an old commentary he did on Edward Snowden and “national security”. I’m sure you will find his eloquence and intelligence stimulating

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