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New World Order Annouced for 2030! It’s OFFICIAL! WAKE UP!

from TeamWakeEmUP:

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2 comments to New World Order Annouced for 2030! It’s OFFICIAL! WAKE UP!

  • Eric

    I really dig this guy’s videos. He isn’t boring about it at all.

    99% of them are asleep. Yeah I’d say that number is probably still pretty accurate. It would be nice to get that number down to 98% but they’ll wake up when they’re ready to wake up. Most are not ready still.

  • randy0302

    Clearly there is a globalist agenda. But by 2030 it will be long forgotten. Its too late now.
    Where are all the FEAR MONGERERS today who said the Pope would announce the NWO this week?
    Clearly he did no such thing. Quite the opposite as we all witnessed.
    The Pope called out all the world leaders for all the wrong they are trying to accomplish.
    I think he increased empathy for our fellow humans 10% on the planet.
    Something has shifted previously the NWO is going down.

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