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Nestle CEO: Corporations Come Before Humanity

from SageOfQuay:

This is a stunning (and I mean stunning) interview. This is for anyone who is still walking around in an unawakened stupor… in this interview – water is not a human right… these are the people running the world folks… it’s time to pop your head out of your butt and wake up…

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10 comments to Nestle CEO: Corporations Come Before Humanity

  • rich

    15 September 2015
    The Institutional Corruption of the Privileged, Or the Corruption of Institutions By the Powerful

    Is it the elite institutions that corrupt the privileged by failing to teach them the virtue and necessity of civic justice, or is it a recurring class of fortunate sociopaths who corrupt the institutions of a people with the power and influence of their ill-gotten wealth.

    It is an interesting question.

    I think it speaks more about a period of time than it does about a particular institution in most cases, although there are certainly institutions whose influence can become rather pernicious under certain philosophies and leadership, at least according to history.

    The credibility trap and will to power, when it arises in a generation, has an insidious influence on most social institutions, because the prevailing attitude of those who set the example and control those institutions for an entire nation becomes one of personal greed and the ‘law of the jungle.’ And so lawlessness becomes fashionable.

    And the public at large at long last has become sick of it, the cynical deception and greed, the wickedness in high places of privilege both in the financial system, the media, the universities, and in the political offices.

    This is nothing new. It is a cyclical thing. People suffer hardship, and they embrace justice because they have felt the sting of injustice. And then they get comfortable, and sociopaths and narcissists use their cunning to skirt the law and rise to powerful positions, and they are swayed by deceptive slogans and philosophies, and they forget.

    This is of interest to all, of course, because until there is meaningful reform of the key systems of our nation there can be no sustainable recovery, and no meaningful administration of justice.

    Here is a brief excerpt video of a speech by Ralph Nader, and below that, another speech given at Harvard in 1905 by Theodore Roosevelt.

  • willygroper


    man that was richer than 4′ up a bulls…

    couldn’t tell the dialect if german or swiss german.

    catch he lives in Carpathia, the village that just went bellyup?

  • Gotta agree with guy. H20 is no more a “right” than food or healthcare. Necessity of course; but that does not entitle anyone to force others (under “law” or whatever) to provide them with clean drinking water.

    Dude is wrong about GMOs though.

    • willygroper

      H20 no more a right? WTF?

      Then you flip to polar opposite re: GMO?

      when your source is privatized & your allotment is less than the MDR, i hope you have a mirror to watch yourself slowly dessicate in the name of filthy lucre.

      nosoulradio sounds better.

      • Willy – fresh springs aside, drinking water is a product that results from various filtration, collection, and distribution processes.

        To say you have the “right” to water that has been cleaned and delivered to your tap or grocery shelf is to say you have the right to other people’s labor and property.

        Another word for that is “slavery”.

        The issue of GMOs being healthy or unhealthy has nothing to do with water “rights”.

        • willygroper

          Who posted this?

          >>>>>>>Dude is wrong about GMOs though.

          Taxes were seized to build water infrastructure.

          WTF is it illegal to catch rainwater in many locales now?

          Got nothin to do with anyone’s labor, property or slavery.

          Strawman much?

          You know nothing.

    • aa

      This foreign globalist is pumping vast amounts of water from the Great Lakes and selling it overseas for a huge profit. The people in this country have far more right to it than robber barons like this foreign CEO and T. Boone Pickens in Texas who is busy tying up the Ogallaia Aquifer for his personal profit machine. In case you haven’t noticed Mr. deepsoul Nestle is a foreign globalist entity whose agenda is inimical to the working class in this country and the working class around the world as well. And by the way the way you stupid little globalist loving liberal clown we pay monthly water bills for our water that is processed and then poisoned against our will with health destroying fluoride compliments of the globalist agenda, so we aren’t forcing anyone “under law” to give us a damn thing.

  • windrunner56

    This guy is f**ked up. First off there are hundreds if not thousands of people who have become ill eating Frankenfoods. Water…if they are successful in manipulating governments to make water a foodgroup and profit from it, then what is to stop them from doing the same with air. You can already buy bottled air from Banff Alberta, and in Japan they are starting that. Could it be a Globalist trial run???

    Oh and I ran outside today, got rained on. Would I be fined for stealing water from the Corporations??? Totally f**ked up….

  • Fred

    A “corporation” is not some ethereal entity. It s bunch of old guys, usually way wealthier than most of us, deciding how to squeeze profit out of everything they own and touch. For a better world, we just need to segregate these a-holes from regular society. The rest of the people who work there are probably okay.

    Except for Monsanto. They all should go too.

  • aa

    You are right windrunner the health complications in humans and animals due to gmo’s are legion. As you suggest if they are successful with their water agenda there is nothing stopping them from taxing the air we breathe. You just might be fined for stealing rainwater from corporations since rainwater collection on your own property is now criminalized in some parts of the country. Americans along with many other western populations have fewer rights than radicalized muslim immigrants who are raping, killing, and destroying the very properties they are provided at taxpayer expense. Nothing is too outrageous to consider anymore.

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