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Microbial Biologist Says Biotech is Like a Religion, and is Failing

by Christina Sarich, Natural Society:

No one bats 1000, but according to Ignacio Chapela, a microbiologist from UC Berkeley in California, the biotech industry has utterly failed. He says they’ve only come up with 2 genetically modified traits in 40 years despite fouling our air, water, and soil, while genetically engineering our food to withstand copious amounts of toxic chemicals.

Chapela says that no one talks about just how badly biotech is progressing, despite billions spent on research and the forever-promise of new organisms that repel pests, or to supposedly stop malaria from spreading, or some other biotech-specific trait that they have yet to master.

Chapela points out that GMO scientists have become like priests, with a ‘central dogma’ that specific traits are determined by certain genes. If that were true, we could have put wings on pigs to make them fly. He explains:

“The whole foundation of genetics turns out to be wrong. Eye color is not determined by a single gene. DNA is not a master molecule. We have the benefit of 40 years (of GMOs failing) and should liberate ourselves from the central dogma. How many (GMO) traits have they developed? Two after 40 years.”

Chapela, and others like Bruce Lipton, a PhD biologist, don’t believe that DNA is a ‘master molecule’ that determines a person or plant’s traits. He and those who share his rare viewpoint understand that environment plays a bigger role.

“What I become wasn’t in my grandparents’ DNA, it came from the environment. If that single story is true, the whole edifice of genetic engineering is mud on the ground,” said Chapela at a National Heirloom Seed Expo.

Chapela also points out that genetic engineering is based on an obsolete paradigm and is largely being pushed by a political agenda. He said instead of promoting this dogma, scientists should be challenging the erroneously-erected paradigm, instead of selling out to it.

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