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Magnitude of Correction Will Eclipse Them All – Gregory Mannarino

from USA Watchdog:

Trader/analyst Gregory Mannarino says what is going on in the stock market is way worse than a so-called “correction.”

Mannarino explains, “We are definitely going lower. Everything I look at, and there is a lot of material, is pointing lower. This is just the beginning. If we continue on the current trajectory, we are going to see a sell-off in this market that is going to spin people’s heads around. In my opinion, the party is over. There is going to be a terrible price to pay for financial misdeeds and irresponsibility by the Federal Reserve. . . . All they created is asset bubbles all over the place and inverse bubbles, meaning suppressed assets. This is going to correct to fair market value. It is a mathematical certainty, and there is no way out.”

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1 comment to Magnitude of Correction Will Eclipse Them All – Gregory Mannarino

  • Randy

    I’s not a matter of it MAY be the worst “correction” ever, it abso-freakin-lutely WILL be the worst one ever!!
    This is the normal course of every fiat paper currency that has come before. They all start out quite small and innocent looking, and as they grow ever larger they devour more and more resources while returning even less benefits, even to their evil masters! Now here’s the part that really puts the cap stone on this fraud, it is the fact that when the electricity that the modern day banksters depend upon to track their stolen goods goes off, they will all be dead broke too at the exact same time!! The power companies will not be able to pay their workers enough to keep them on their dangerous jobs when the hyperinflation hits us straight in the teeth. And they will not be able to pay their fuel bills when the cost of coal and natural gas go up a hundred fold and more! From WHERE are they going to get that kind of “money”? Just create it out of thin air like the banksters do now? They surely won’t be able to get it from the rate payers, will they?
    HOW will anybody be able to pull up any electronic files to back up claims of who owns what, when there is no electricity to run the computers? HOW will anybody be able to call up to complain about their power being off when the power is off? HOW will any refineries operate to process crude oil to make gasoline when the power is off? How will crops get to market with no fuels to run the farm machinery or trucks on the highways?
    Read this posting at least five times in a row before going on to anything else and let it sink in.


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