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Ketadyn Pocket Water Filter

from Survival Blog:

There is the rule of threes for survival, which says you can go three minutes without air before you’re dead, three days without water, and three weeks without food. That’s not exact science, of course, and there are variables. Someone in great shape can last longer, and a moderate climate will let you go longer without water. In my part of the world, it gets really hot in the summer, and I suspect three days might be optimistic. Luckily, down here in the southeast, it rains a lot, especially in the summer. There is also a lot of standing water, even during the dry season. The problem with standing water is what’s in it. I don’t know about you, but the thought of drinking diluted duck poop is not a good one. In a crisis situation, there will probably also be people poop getting into the water, and that is far worse than duck poop. There is also a lot of road runoff filled with tire scrapings and oil drippings from cars.

So, what is there to do? I have been worrying about this for years, and that led me to store a bunch of water. However, that is going to run out faster than I would like. I also store pool shock, also known as calcium hypochlorite. With this white powder, you can make a lot of liquid chlorine, and chlorine will make water safe from disease-causing bugs. Don’t forget that if you decide to store some, it is highly corrosive. I have rusty tools to prove it. It is best stored outside, well away from anything you care about. The plastic bags it usually comes in also deteriorate, so you have to replace it every couple of years. You can use it to make enough bleach to whiten everything you own several times over, or if you have a pool you can use it for its intended purpose. When you buy pool shock, be sure you get the stuff that has nothing but calcium hypochlorite in it. Some have extra chemicals that make pools nicer, but you might not want to drink those additives. Drinking chlorine also has some drawbacks for me. I’m not crazy about absorbing chemicals, and the stuff tastes bad. You can, at least, let it sit for a while and the chlorine will diminish.

Another option is something called SODIS, which stands for solar water disinfection. I don’t know why there isn’t a W in SODIS, but I think the UN might have been involved in spreading the program. The idea is that if you put nasty water into the right sized clear polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles and set them in the sun for six or so hours, the combination of heat and ultraviolet light will pretty much kill all the bad stuff. The bottle must be made of a material that passes UV light, and the clear PET bottles that most bottled water arrives in works just fine. A lot of glass will stop UV, and any color in the bottle is bad. If the bottles get scratched or discolored, they won’t work well, either. I do recognize that many dislike drinking from plastic bottles, especially when they are heated. This is an equation of balancing competing harms, I’m afraid. I don’t like drinking from plastic either, but it beats getting sick immediately.

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5 comments to Ketadyn Pocket Water Filter

  • Eric

    The swiss made katadyn filter is what I have in my BOB. I can’t say if it’s great or not as having never tried it. It is also a little complicated with multiple parts. But should filter anything wonderfully down to 0.2 microns as long as it’s in good working order.. I wish it had a hardshell case as I worry it could break in an emergency situation, but I would definitely drink anything filtered through it.

    Personally, I think everyone should have a life straw and a big berkey if you can swing it. I keep meaning to order a big berkey but it really does seem to be one of the best water filtration units out there. Beyond that, a good ceramic katadyn filter like this is pretty ideal for a survival situation.

    • Sam

      Hey Eric,

      The Katadyn line is excellent, great choice and I have the pocket model myself and it is built very well. The Sawyer line of filters are very impressive and I keep several of those at hand. Having a spare makes a lot of sense to me with the 1=none, 2=1, and well you know the idea of that redundancy approach philosophy.

      Also, yes, Berkey is an excellent choice too. I have the Big Berkey with the 9″ Ceramic filters. Excellent product with excellent results. You may be interested to know that inside the Ceramic core of the Berkey filter are a few ounces of activated charcoal. You get the best of both worlds in filtering IMHO.

      • Eric

        Yeah I have a Sawyer gravity filter as a backup as well Sam. I bought 2. Gave one to mom and dad. And it sounds like they threw it in the closet without ever looking at it.

        Is that asteroid almost here yet?

        • Sam

          LOL Eric on that “asteroid” or not!? Who knows if that is for real, I have my doubts on the winged thing or Niberu or whatever…

          Anyway, believe it or not, I sent several prep packages to relatives living in Cali and they actually didn’t understand it and complained to me over the phone about them…Seems one can’t reason with the heavy brainwashing damage delivered by the TeeVee, News rags etc., sad really. Oh well, keep on trying to help those that are lost, even if they are family 🙂

  • schlomo

    People can routinely go 5 days without food and water, up to about 10 days or longer if they are in a cool, unstressed environment and not out sweating or in the heat. I have gone 3 days without food or water. The ‘three days without water and you’re dead’ thing is total bs. Three mins without air and you’re dead? What about the people who hold their breath for ten minutes or longer. Check out the world record, and free divers. Three weeks without food? What about people who go a couple of months on a water fast, or a full year on a juice fast? These numbers are myths and total bs. All these numbers do is train your subconscious mind to kill you on the third day without any water.

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