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Jade Helm Foreign Occupation Troops Will Soon Be “Detaining” American Citizens in the Southwest

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

I fear that an economic collapse may be right around the corner as all the signs are in evidence. I am often left wondering what means will this administration employ in order to keep control over the American people.

Are British Soldiers Planning to Assist In Implementing Martial Law in the Southwest

The following video was sent to me by a reader. I am issuing a ***”Language Alert”*** as the expletives are noteworthy. However, I felt the content of the message, give other similar events outweighed the graphic language contained in this video. If you would prefer to avoid the foul language, I have summarized this message in a five-point summary below the video.

This is the story of a truck driver, who claims that he had a drunken encounter with British troops in Albuquerque, New Mexico in which the solders made some stunning revelations. Normally, this is the kind of story that I delete from my email and move on. However, in this instance, my gut was screaming that, despite the crude presentation, this story has credibility. Further, I am to link the content of this story to other reports of a similar nature. And these other reports have been held back by me pending further confirmation. Here is the video and again, view discretion is strongly advised.

If you chose not watch the video based upon the warning of foul language, here is a summary of what was said in the video.

In Southern states, Americans will be detained.
Martial law will be declared.
Americans will be chipped. Many Americans are already chipped and don’t know it.
Sometime between September 15 to the end of September (i.e. “September 20 something “), “Americans will hate being Americans”. The impacted was described as being in the South, from “Texas ….west”.
“When I get my load delivered in Texas, I am getting my family and stalking up on food, water and guns”…

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8 comments to Jade Helm Foreign Occupation Troops Will Soon Be “Detaining” American Citizens in the Southwest

  • Eric

    Americans will be chipped. Ha. Yeah some will. Some already are.

    Putting aside Dave’s fear mongering for a minute, I like guns. LOTS of guns! But you know what I like more than guns? Bullets! And you know what I like more than bullets? Training! And guess what I like more than training? Kickin ass and taking back our Republic.

    If foreign troops plan on detaining all of us and confiscating our guns, they better expect the bloodbath they will get.

    And the elite better expect to lose control because they will. It may come down to over my dead body, but so be it. I’d still rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

  • Jeff

    This is so stupid. None of this BS is going to happen and I can’t wait for the hysteria of Jake Film to be over.

  • windrunner56

    It is becoming harder and harder to pay attention to Dave Hodges. He lives in fear, so we should live in fear. Perhaps Jade Helm is real, it is prevalent mostly in the South, perhaps Walmarts are closed to become FEMA camps, who knows. But you can only cry wolf so many times and nobody does it better than Dave Hodges. Jade Helm is only PART of the curious SHEMITAH, and that is what I find most fascinating. We will see, but in the meantime we all must take prep steps, be aware and live our lives. This month will probably pass with little or no fanfare and all will be left scratching their collective heads.

    Does anyone ever stop to realize that maybe the ELITE or TPTB make this info available cause they know the alt media will be all over it??? If it is so secret, they would be all over the “truth tellers”. Just saying….

    • Eric

      Maybe gun sales will rocket higher. 🙂

      I agree windrunner. Better to stay in a state of love than a state of fear.

      • Ed_B

        Under Obamunism, gun and ammo sales have ALREADY rocketed higher… MUCH higher. Obama even joked about being the greatest gun salesman in the world because of this.

        Even Obama knows that Americans will not give up their guns and no amount of unconstitutional behavior on his part is going to change that. If anything, attempts to move the country in this direction are doomed to failure. The BIGGEST challenge to the Dems in all this is that a large percentage of everyday Joe Sixpack Dems enjoy hunting and shooting… and they are not shy about letting their congress critters know it. Much of this result is blamed on the NRA but I think that most of the credit belongs to the Joe Sixpacks in the Dem party.

        As for myself, I am MUCH more interested in keeping my liberty, guns, ammo, and money than in retaining ANY politician. Getting rid of most of them would improve the country while eliminating the freedom to own and keep firearms would do just the opposite. Free men and women are armed so they can defend themselves, their loved ones, and their property from those who would deprive them of these things, while slaves are always disarmed. Once disarmed, there will be no limit on the tyranny that can be imposed upon us.

        • Eric

          Yeah well said Ed. My local gun shop has a picture of obama on the wall with the caption “Gun Salesman of the Year.”

          It’s right next to the “obama special” (a revolver with the barrel pointing backwards).

        • CalSailX

          I’m old and stubborn, and I’ll admit to the same! Having said that I think too few of us understand know to win the fight. The enemies of freedom hide behind a curtain that isn’t the rule of law we knew growing up.

          They have to the play the “rule of law” game as long as we can making it as in the faces of the masses that they will never ever get a square deal with the rule book the feudal ruled masses get to play by. Those that wish to rule us built a system that can be used to expose them… That’s a good thing when dealing with the cult of debt and death.

          Never forget… that man in theirs has rules that he has to follow it’s up you to make him obeys every last one of them!

          We aren’t them… that is our real strength!

    • CalSailX

      I think some of this comes down to finding holes, and issues with their OPSEC. Those that would like to disarm the American people are facing some real challenges. Not the least of which is the soldiers that could be the most effective are just as likely to join Americans in resisting them.

      Personally I think one of the big reasons that Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines, and the crime family’s around him fell from power. Was that getting some members of the American military to start fighting the people we knew, and loved would have gone horribly wrong.

      Some of those same Puppets, know what happened. They don’t want to repeat the same mistakes twice.

      They keep looking for the combination that will ensure them victory! Because if they loose… there will be no place on this world for them to hide, and in what follows I’m sure they will asked again and again until time ends by the young child asking
      “Why did I have to die?”.

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