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Indian Silver Demand is Now Causing a Global, Tectonic Shift

from The Wealth Watchman:

The Earth is About to Move Under Your Feet

This week we take a renewed look at the unbelievable demand for gold and silver around the world. We discuss:

What started this intense, global silver and gold demand earlier this year…

Why China hasn’t stood for major delivery on the Comex for gold(or silver)…

What China’s long-term strategy is, and why they must stay far away from the Comex…

Why the Comex isn’t an actual physical gold delivery exchange…but why they most certainly are a silver delivery exchange…

What’s causing Comex registered silver to plummet at the fastest pace on record!

The telltale sign that Indian silver demand is rapidly changing worldwide stockpiles…

How high Indian silver demand could climb in 2015…

Lastly, the market event which could further evaporate global silver stockpiles(while the price of silver caves)….

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