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‘Independent’ GMO expert busted for receiving $25,000 from Monsanto

from Natural News:

Huge corporations like Monsanto that have suspect agendas – such as selling poisons worldwide and screwing with the very fabric of Nature – have learned long ago how to implement a number of dirty tricks designed to fool authorities and the public into believing that their methods and products are safe.

One of the ways this is accomplished is through enlisting the services of “independent experts” who publicly back the claims of a company, assuring everyone that the products and practices of such a company have been proven to be safe or harmless through their own impartial scientific research.

The problem is that far too often, these so-called experts are anything but independent. In many cases, they are nothing more than paid shills who are hired to stack the deck in the company’s favor.

Independent expert or corporate shill?

A recent case involving Monsanto and one of these allegedly objective scientific researchers is a perfect illustration of just how far from being independent many of these “experts” really are.

An August 6 article published by details some of the results of an ongoing investigation by activist group US Right to Know, which aims to reveal “collusion between the agricultural biotechnology industry and academics who study science, economics and communication.”

Part of the focus of the investigation is on a website called GMO Answers, which is financed by GMO industry giants including Monsanto, DuPont, BASF, Bayer and Syngenta.

One of the frequent contributors to the site is a University of Florida plant scientist named Kevin Folta, who labels himself as an “independent expert” in the field of GMOs.

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