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How to Threaten a Cop with Citizen’s Arrest

from AdamKokesh:

Do you ever wish you had the perfect words to tell off a cop and make him go away? Now you do.

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5 comments to How to Threaten a Cop with Citizen’s Arrest

  • Rocky

    Now if he could extend that to civil forfeiture and seize the cop’s cash…

  • Dissolution

    Oh this is the best thing I’ve seen in awhile. I’m all pumped up now.

  • Kim

    I think the young man should be taken to the wood shed for be so disrespectful to the cop.
    Regardless of how you feel about the law enforcers, you should always play the game!

    • JMiller

      I agree Kim. So the student supposedly made a casual, non-obscene remark. I doubt it by the way this kid talked to the officer. I have no doubt that the kid probably made some smart remark.

      The police office was looking around suspiciously? According to who? Oh the silly kid that lacks brains thought that.

  • Dam good to see someone is using their head! I’m talking about Kim! And not the person who made this video. To many people who have gain insight be it correct or incorrect tend to believe that the people that they deal with have somehow become low life for doing the job that puts food on their table. Nothing could be farther from the truth. (And not saying that there are no low life out there) You should not be trying to put a wall between you and the policy enforcement officer (police)you should be attempting to educate them. And do it so in a way as not to add friction but to disperse any tensions. I do also see an issue with the way this is being put forth.

    1. If you are using codes,rules or regulations then you are admitting to standing as the fiction and thereby are subject to (unless you can rebut it) the jurisdiction from which those codes,rules or regulations comes from. So you are in fact setting yourself up to assumed the position of the straw-man! THE FICTION…

    2. There to many people who are just out to make FRN (more fictions)AKA dollars! These people in most cases have not really research for them self or have not fully consider the ramification of the research, or how it will work with the maxim of law. The question should also be consider to weather or not these folks are in error with full knowledge.

    I run a NFP (not for profit) site I have a prime example of what I am talking about here

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