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Have You Bothered to Tell Your Children That They Have No Future?

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

Six years ago when this picture was taken of my son and myself, I still held out hope that the Independent Media could rescue this country from the tyrants that have hijacked our government. I had this picture made into a poster where it is now displayed just outside my office where I write and broadcast. The picture formerly symbolized the hope that I held out for the next generation. Today, this picture represents what has been lost and will never be recovered. It also serves as a reminder of my parental responsibility to adequately prepare my son for what lies ahead as he prepares to become a citizen in the New World Order.

Paradise Lost

When I became a parent, I mistakenly thought that I would raise my son just like my parents raised me. My parents instilled in me a fundamental respect for authority, how to honor the great traditions of our country and how to work hard to get what I wanted out of life.

I grew up loving the ideals of our country, the freedom and the opportunity. As a result, I have lived a good and prosperous life. I give thanks to my parents and to God everyday for my good fortune. However, I have learned that I was not fully prepared to be a parent because I do not know how to teach my teenage son about how he should live in the New World Order.

The America we knew is dead and gone and is running solely on momentum. Are any of you asking the same question that I am about how we tell our teenage children that they live under a hopelessly corrupt government and they are making plans to fully enslave all of us under REX 84, FEMA Camps, NDAA, etc? Do we teach our children to never criticize the government because free speech has been criminalized as an act of terrorism? How do we provide our children hope that if they work hard and go to college, that they will have a good life? And even if our kids graduate from college, most won’t find jobs when they get out of school and even if they do find work in their field, they will be debt slaves because of the cost of higher education. How do we encourage our children to learn the lessons of civics when we fully know that our vote, on a national level, does not make a darn bit of difference and that the Pelosi’s, Reid’s, Clinton’s, Bush’s and Obama’s are bought and paid for? How do we teach our children that our brave men and women who serve in the military have been turned into pawns of corporate greed and subsequent imperialism? How do we prepare to raise our children in a decadent society which dishonors the Christian principles that our country was founded upon?

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6 comments to Have You Bothered to Tell Your Children That They Have No Future?

  • randy0302

    No Dave I haven’t told my children. The reason is simple, they have a future.
    If i ever see your children I will tell them.

    Carry on!!

  • Howrd Roark

    If so, Dave, why do you bother with any of this anymore, are you THAT drama addicted???

  • jeff

    Hence, nothing ever changes and those in control stay in control. Because cognitive dissonance makes everybody a smart ass that closes their eyes to problems that are real but it is easier to make a smart ass comment and deny that anything needs to be done.

  • Petedivine

    I thought the obelisk was a symbol of the illuminati… However, to be honest. I don’t think the generations of tomorrow will be facing a gentle and loving future. With the rise of automation the need for workers has declined in all countries. Future generations have a tough road ahead. Be smart, understand how the world is changing and act accordingly. FYI… Watch out for fraud. It’s everywhere from the top down.

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