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Gold War III: What’s Next?

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

In Parts I and II; readers were presented with a hypothesis, and the facts/analysis available which supported that hypothesis. The premise of this trilogy of commentaries is that there could be a “gold war” that has now erupted between East and West, and (as with most geopolitical aggression) it was started by the West – specifically the One Bank.

The (apparent) opening salvo is a massive gold-fraud (and gold theft) which, according to all reports, is about to commence in India. As previously noted; India is the world’s largest repository of gold, with a massive accumulation of somewhere between 18,000 and 30,000 tonnes. The swindle is to take place as part of a “gold deposit scheme”, where Indians (and India’s temples) will hand over their gold to their government, in what is obviously a fraudulent transaction.

The gold deposit scheme not only involves (supposedly) storing the gold of Indians for free, but actuallypaying them interest on that gold – gold which generates no income itself. The fraud could not be more obvious, thus the intent could not be more obvious: stealing gold.

But what could be done (by nations not aligned with the Western crime syndicate) to counter what would/could eventually become the largest theft of real wealth in history? Enter China. On the eve of this gold “liberation” scheme, China made two announcements regarding its own gold reserves.

The first announcement was a voluntary disclosure of an additional 600 tonnes of gold as part of its “official” reserves. As was previously explained to readers, any/all gold which nations acquire internally (generally via domestic gold-mining) does not have to be officially disclosed (ever) thus any announcements of this nature (large, round numbers) represent voluntary disclosures.

Just a couple of weeks after making the first voluntary disclosure of more gold, China made a second announcement of increased reserves, a mere 19 tonnes. However, although the second announcement was a much smaller amount than the first, it was arguably of greater significance – for two reasons.

First of all, China’s first (voluntary) disclosure was only the tip-of-the-iceberg in terms of the real gold reserves of China’s government. Crunching the numbers (as was done in a previous commentary); China could easily have more than 4,000 tonnes of actual gold reserves, simply through what it could have added from its own gold-mining industry, where China is the world’s largest producer.

The second reason why the second announcement was of such great significance was that this was amandatory disclosure of an increase in gold reserves, because it was purchases by China on the open market – the first time China has purchased gold, openly, in at least 6 years. We know this was an open-market purchase because of the small increment (only 19 tonnes) and the fact it was an odd number, two tell-tale indicators of an open market transaction.

Note also that given the time-lag between making open-market purchases of gold, and reporting those purchases (in the standard, one-month reporting period), this means that China began its open market purchases at virtually the exact, same time it made its voluntary disclosure. It was a coordinated response.

How does this represent warfare? The entire motive for this banking crime syndicate to (attempt to) raid the mammoth gold holdings of India (and Indians) is not to steal-and-hold this gold, themselves. Rather, their intent is to re-stock their own, near-empty warehouses, in order to delay the imminent/inevitable default in their fraudulent paper-called-gold “market”.

Buying gold on the open market effectively means buying gold out of the bankers’ near-empty warehouses. The message is (appears to be?) clear: for every ounce the bankers steal, and (indirectly) add to their own warehouses, China (or Russia) will buy one more ounce out of those warehouses.

This brings us to the present, and raises the question which is the subject of this commentary: what’snext? Is this a real “gold war”? If so, who will make the next move? What will that next move be?

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