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from ZenGardner:

TThe power structure continues to connect the dots of their agenda. After a quick recap of last week’s show, this episode will cover a new report from MIT which further confirms the fact that global climate engineering will only make an already bad climate scenario far worse.

From catastrophic wildfires to the collapse of the world’s forests (over 3 trillion trees have already been lost), the weather related destruction continues. Climate engineering is being used as a weapon of war all over the globe and the Middle East has been a primary battleground.

When we consider the “Grand Chessboard” agenda of the global elite, the pieces of the puzzle are more clearly put into place. From the weather warfare used to cause catastrophic drought in a long list of countries (that were then destabilized and toppled), to the rapidly unfolding refugee crisis (that was well planned by those in power), all are pieces to the rapidly unfolding bigger picture.

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