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FEMA Death Certificates

by Max Hernandez, The Daily Bell:

Synopsis: Nairobi Bombay, a blogger for an anonymous Internet site, is investigating reports that unusually large numbers of people are dying in the new homeless camps. Meanwhile, Dancing Fawn also uses anonymous Internet links in an attempt to track down her missing husband. And Arnold Parker, head of one of the world’s largest financial organizations, takes steps to stop the release of critical information that, unknown to either Nairobi or Fawn, is essential for the success of their searches.

Nairobi* began her investigation by getting copies of every FEMA death certificate issued over the past five years – 27,836 of them. All, fortunately, in electronic format. Each came from a homeless camp and was electronically signed by a physician, a real person with a real phone number. Using an alias she set up for the purpose, she started making phone calls.

Dr. Hiram Goodman was not the first physician she was able to contact, but he was the first one willing to give her a telephone interview.

“I’m doing a story on the FEMA homeless camps,” she began.

“Shelter Camps,” he interrupted.

“Excuse me?”

“They’re called Shelter Camps. Promise me you’ll use that term in your story? Not any other, just that one?”

“Yes. Sorry.”

“What do you want to know?”

“Are you a doctor at one of the Shelter Camps?”


“Heart Mountain?”


“Not Heart Mountain?” She had certificates from that camp that bore his signature.

“Only as a fill-in. My full-time position is in Beaumont, Texas.”

“Do you sign death certificates?”

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1 comment to FEMA Death Certificates

  • Larry from Montreal

    That story is completely chilling. I was around homeless people at Venice Ca for a time and also saw what it was like in downtown LA and that was in the 80s. I hope that shit doesn’t start happening here. Unfortunately we seem to catch all Yankee diseases.

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