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EU encouraging an exodus of biblical proportions – UKIP Leader Nigel Farage

from europarl:

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2 comments to EU encouraging an exodus of biblical proportions – UKIP Leader Nigel Farage

  • Paul

    Thank you Sean for posting this. I am from London and have just watched a live stream by Nigel Farage tonight from a large arena in Essex (on the outskirts of London). I really do not know what is going on here in the UK, I think I am living in another country here. The amount of foreign people I am seeing on the roads, on the streets, living in my street has took me by surprise. I am a Carpenter by trade and have lost so much work to cheaper quotes that I am seriously concerned about the future of my family. I think the majority of the people are thinking the same as me but are too brainwashed to speak up. It saddens me that the big corporations are in control of our government and really could not care less about our neighborhoods or social conditions. This influx of foreign visitors is harming one of our proudest assets, The National Health Service. I fear it will soon change under the sheer volume of numbers and will no longer be available to all as it has been all my life (43 years). I have many concerns about this. Thanks again for sharing a video about someone who talks sense.
    Cheers mate.

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