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Dr. Niels Harrit Schools Braindead Mockinbird BBC Reporter on the 9/11 False Flag

from Muslims and the World:

Dr. Niels Harrit is the Associate Professor for Chemistry at the Copenhagen University in Denmark, and a globally recognized scientist who has published various scientific papers. He was part of the scientific team which discovered nanothermite in samples of dust from the 9/11 W.T.C attacks, and since then has had his credibility attacked by the Zionist media very often.

When the BBC wanted to interview him for their Conspiracy Files series, which was a pathetic effort at ridiculing the 9-11 truth movement, Dr Harrit decided to make a personal copy of the interview. Mark Rudin the interviewer shows from the very beginning that this was a set up, with his uncouth style. The final production painted Dr Neils Harrit as a conspiracy nutcase. Luckily for Harrit, this true recording saved him from the BBC’s lies. And it also proved that Rudin is a sheer moron, who would bend science any which way to please his masters, irrespective of it making sense or not.

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6 comments to Dr. Niels Harrit Schools Braindead Mockinbird BBC Reporter on the 9/11 False Flag

  • Weapons of mass distraction are not confined to television. Multiple coverups of 9/11 were apparently used to confuse and mislead. Dr. Judy Wood looks strictly at the evidence to conclude that the towers, which literally turned to dust, were demolecularized by some kind of directed energy/frequency weapon.

  • Dissolution

    @28:50 “So an actual witness who sees things, that doesn’t count [as hard evidence]?”

    This interviewer is a total blow hard. I’d love to be the lesser man and pop him in the kisser, to be honest.

  • Gnostic

    This Jewish interviewer is foobar, luckily he has the talmudic prayer of kol nidre on yom kippur which gives him dispensation for lying from his g_d yahweh.

  • tomche

    My God. Dr. Niels Harrit has more patience than I would have had. This guy who is “interviewing” Dr. Harrit is just so offensive, rude and demeaning. This wasn’t a civil discussion about the truth…or about what Dr. Harrit thinks. It’s about trying to discredit him and make him look foolish. Period.
    The good Dr. Harrit deserves straight A’s for his ability to remain calm, centered and measured.
    The asshole trying to trap the good Dr. gets an F for being a fool and a waste of space on this earth.

  • Larry from Montreal

    BBC interviewers have reached a new low. Dr. Harrit just made the point and this heckler failed to get him riled. I couldn’t listen to this interviewer he is not only incompetent but he is stupid. I wonder if he will bring up the reporter who did a live TV interview 20 minutes before building 7 fell saying that it had already fallen. I don’t have the patience to sit through this. Yeah for the Doc!

  • dunimir

    No need to listen to the entire thing. It’s clear right away that Mr. Harrit is talking to himself. There’s a little bit of humor simply because Rudin is so outright stupid and makes an arse of himself over and over– which after a while gets stale. The whole “interview” is a case of a learned man talking over the mumbling of a retarded pig-herd.

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