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Deep Red Auroras: Is CERN Cracking the Earth’s Protective Magnetosphere?

from TruthStreamMedia:

According to research by YouTuber BPEarthWatch, “CERN is destroying Earth’s shields allowing radiation to pour in.”

If the analysis, as well as these animated magnetosphere charts which line up with figures taken from CERN’s own website, are correct – we are potentially in for some global consequences unlike anything ever witnessed by modern human civilization.

As BPEarthWatch has demonstrated multiple times before on his channel, when the scientists at CERN crank up their giant particle accelerator to peak power, the planet’s magnetosphere always begins reacting violently. This phenomenon occurred again just last week.

The magnetosphere is not fully understood by science, but its apparent protective barrier between the radiation effects of the Sun is obviously crucial to life on planet Earth.

Via Wikipedia: A magnetosphere is the region of space surrounding an astronomical object in which charged particles are controlled by that object’s magnetic field. Near the surface of many astronomical objects, the magnetic field resembles that of a dipole. Farther away from the surface, the field lines can be significantly distorted by the flow of electrically conducting plasma edited from a nearby star (e.g. the solar wind form the Sun).

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