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China Just Had ANOTHER Massive Chemical Explosion… But Why?

by Joshua Krause, SHTFPlan:

SHTFPlan’s Comment: What is really going on in China? What is the motive, and what is it about? Who is behind these explosions? Are we witnessing a covert economic/cold war between China and the U.S. or other entities? When will President Obama or the media address what is really happening? Are these questions irrelevant because we are simply witnessing a terrible streak of luck and numerous industrial accidents? Come on… there has to be a better explanation.

For the third time this month, the Chinese have witnessed a massive chemical explosion in one of their cities. This is the second blast to occur in the province of Shandong in less than two weeks, which itself followed the massive Tianjin explosions that killed almost 150 people and injured 800 more on August 12th. The explosion was heard at around 11:30 PM local time in the city of Dongying, at what is thought to be a chemical factory. For now, no casualties have been reported.

Some have theorized that the Tianjin disaster was really an American attack against China. Do you think this particular incident is related? Or are all of these explosions accidental? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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7 comments to China Just Had ANOTHER Massive Chemical Explosion… But Why?

  • TOMB


  • sylvanguy

    Just a thought…but if I had a commodity item in a warehouse that I had rehypothecated illegally 10-20X and the regulatory witch hunt was getting close, could blowing it up be a way out?

    • Ed_B

      Yes, it most certainly could. I have wondered about this and commented on it too.

      Another thought is that chemical storage areas are very soft targets that are filled with unstable compounds. A space-based laser of reasonable power could initiate a fire at such an installation that would then lead to an explosion or even multiple explosions. I don’t think that this can be ruled out at this stage. Unlike what is shown on TV, laser beams are largely invisible. Some laser beams are completely invisible to the human eye because their frequency lies outside the range of frequencies we can see. A powerful infra-red laser, for example, could be used in this way and there would be no visible sign that this was occurring except for the resulting fire and explosion(s).

  • CalSailX

    It would be wild if it was little more then insurance fraud. I’ve run into a few men in my lifetime, that when they were over a money barrel things started going up in smoke. One of them got fifteen years in prison, when the volunteer fire department arrived much quicker then his arsonist expected.

    It burns down or blows up, you got to wonder “who had the most to gain?”. In my own area during the recession of the late 70’s – early 80’s a lot of things caught fire, some of them more then once. Never underestimate what some desperate men will do to avoid going broke or looking stupid.

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    Yes, it could be stealth attacks, or “Lessons” about causing problems for the USSA dollar..but also, don’t forget the MASSIVE money lending-borrowing frauds at the “copper warehouses” where the same tonnage is put up for collateral multiple loans at several different banks all at once.

    Selling the SAME ounce of gold to 100 buyers,, or selling the same batch of 20 tons of chemicals to 5 different factories,, can lead to what may be called the “Chinese version of JEWISH LIGHTNING”.. BOOOMB.. and the liabilities disappear (and everybody collects the insurance on their collateral.)

    Don’t forget, the stock markets going down, requires a LOT of companies to SELL their collateral to make GOOD on “Margin calls”, etc.. so if you own a warehouse, and suddenly you’ve got 20 rich, powerful and dangerous factory mafia guys coming to collect their stuff,,and you been selling their stuff to 10 different guys,, you gotta have a big accident to save yourself the trouble of explaining how you sold 1 shipment to 15 different buyers.

    Aside from that,, there is of course,, the military ‘tit for tat nipple twisting game”.. or,, the amazing lack of safety standards and the insane drive to turn a profit at ANY risk.. even when that risk is 20 tons of Hydrazine stockpiled next to 500 jars of nitroglycerine and 10 tons or Roman Candles, and 5 million BiC lighters. Hahaha.

  • Soh Wen

    So when the Chinese sneak a nuke into L.A. or New York City on one of their merchant ships and exact their retribution, no one should be surprised. Maybe it will be the Revlon company headquarters in NYC that had too much combustible lipstick sitting around….haha.

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