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China Joining Russia In Syria While Germany Prepares to Leave NATO In Advance of World War III

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

David Ochmanek, who, as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategy, stated on Monday that “Russia’s future looked to be increasingly integrated with the West.” That statement is no longer true. In fact, not only is Russia a growing threat to United States security, a series of Pentagon war games has revealed that the United States cannot defeat a Putin led Russia, given the present set of circumstances.
Pentagon War Games Spells Bad News for the U.S. Military
The Pentagon, along with other Defense Department planners, have come to a frightening realization. The U.S. military routinely comes up on the losing end of any conflict with Russian troops, Foreign Policy (FP) reported Monday. Russian superiority is not limited to any one theater of action. America’s ineptitude spans the entire globe.

The present analysis is simultaneously following along  two track. One set of scenarios has focused in on what the U.S. could do as part of NATO, if Russia were to launch an offensive against an alliance member(s).  The other scenario examined what actions the U.S. could hypothetically take outside the NATO sphere of influence. Both plans scenarios focuses on Russian incursions into the Baltic States, as this is the most likely scenario.

In addition, planners are not focusing solely on traditional warfare but on so-called “hybrid” tactics Moscow used to infiltrate and take Crimea in the Russian take over of the are.  Accompanying this scenario include the use unaffiliated operatives and forces, manufactured protests and, of course, elements of cyberwarfare, where the U.S. is woefully weak.

David Ochmanek, who, as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategy, ran that office at the time. “Russia’s future looked to be increasingly integrated with the West.” After eight hours of playing war game, which followed a variety of  scenarios, “The conclusion was that we are unable to defend the Baltics.” Game over, this is the end of NATO.

Let us not forget that Obama continues to gut the U.S. military with sequestration-related force cuts that will cut Army troops by 40,000, as well as reductions across the board at the Pentagon. In the aforementioned war games, the logistics become even more frightening. Since we have fewer and fewer troops to deploy as a preventative action, deploying US troops to the Baltic would take 30-60 days and Russia would have taken a lot of territory by that time. The end result conclusion of these war games is that the US cannot prevail against Russia.

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4 comments to China Joining Russia In Syria While Germany Prepares to Leave NATO In Advance of World War III

  • randy0302

    New acronym for people like you.


    Fear Porn Liars! Like it? I just created it.

    You are welcome!!!!

    Carry On!

  • med_mercenary

    Then don’t read it (giving you undue credit there) dude. Move along. There is plentious fluff out there for ya. SGT not included therein, Sean. The possibility of Germany leaving NATO is real and will be devastating. I say will because it WILL happen. The Mil/Ind Complex, STRATFOR, The War College, have all gamed it. They know wtf is coming. There are a few out there that appreciate the intel. Eat the meat and spit out the bones, or better yet, don’t click the effin’ article.

    • Ed_B

      Germany leaving NATO will very likely collapse that organization. If it does not, then NATO will become a mere shadow of its former self and absolutely useless in any significant military way.

      Germans are a pragmatic people. Their leaders can be more than a little nutty at times but then whose leaders are not? Most Germans know that their future is linked to Russia, not America. It is the Russians who buy a lot of their manufactured goods and it is Russia that provides a great deal of their gas and oil supplies. It is clear to the Germans that they can prosper without the US but not without Russia.

  • Freddy

    The insane zionist-bush-obama promoted wars in the middle east caused the current invasion of Europe. Nato breaking up would be a good thing but don’t hold your breath. Jewmerica will fight to the last dead Christian to maintain their hegemony

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