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Bill Fleckenstein On What To Expect From Fed Decision

from KingWorldNews:

With the global markets awaiting the Fed decision tomorrow, one of the greats in the business sent King World News a fantastic piece discussing the wild trading in China and what to expect from the Fed, plus a bonus Q&A that includes questions on gold and the Fed.

China was 5% higher last night, aided by a last-minute burst of buying (no doubt by the government). Europe gained a bit of ground, but the market here spent the first half of the day flopping around unchanged as folks prepare themselves for tomorrow’s FOMC announcement, and in all likelihood a “nothing done” from that tragically clueless band of central planners…

The indices popped about 0.75% in the afternoon and closed on the highs again. Away from stocks, green paper was weaker, fixed income was flattish, oil gained 5%, and the metals were firmer as well, led by silver, which added 3% to gold’s 1%. The miners were also fairly strong.

If They Hike, Things Are Good, If They Don’t, Even Better

There is not much point talking about today’s action because what really matters is how the market responds to the Fed’s verbiage tomorrow. I think a lot of people are expecting the market to rally if the Fed doesn’t hike rates. While we could see such a kneejerk response, people who believe that don’t seem to understand that the lack of a small tightening is not the same thing as QE, which we haven’t seen in a year, and is the reason the market is struggling.

As far as I am concerned, we can’t get the Fed’s bloviating out of the way soon enough so we can focus on whether the market can deal with sky-high expectations at the exact moment when they are unlikely to be met, and there is no cavalry (i.e., easy money) riding to the rescue.

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1 comment to Bill Fleckenstein On What To Expect From Fed Decision

  • tomche

    Bill seems to be an intelligent guy.

    But when he says things to his PAID subscribers like: “It will work until it doesn’t”, or “they will increase until they can’t”. What horse shit!
    People actually pay for that advice? Wow.

    I have listened to Bill for many years (largely through KWN) and this has essentially been my big problem with him.

    He NEVER sticks his little Jewish neck out and takes a stand. It’s always, maybe this and perhaps that. Why people buy this is beyond me.
    Show me ONE example of him calling it right, definitively right. Just one. Someone!?

    Fuck you, Feck, you gutless piece of shit. You talk a smooth game but in the end you are just a shameless schmuck….pretending to give a damn about others while looking to lift your image.

    I for one am through with your namby pamby – “It will happen until it doesn’t” bullshit.

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