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Bill Clinton Blames G.O.P. and Press for Wife’s Email Woes

by Amy Chozick, NYTimes:

Former President Bill Clinton blamed Republicans who hope to undercut his wife’s presidential chances and a voracious political news media uninterested in substance for the furor surrounding Hillary Rodham Clinton’s use of a private email account and server while she was secretary of state.

“I have never seen so much expended on so little,” Mr. Clinton said in a taped interview with Fareed Zakaria that is scheduled to be shown Sunday on CNN. The network released excerpts on Saturday afternoon.

“She said she was sorry that her personal email caused all this confusion,” Mr. Clinton said. “And she’d like to give the election back to the American people. I think it will be all right. But it’s obvious what happened.”

Mr. Clinton likened the current inquiries into Mrs. Clinton’s emails to scandals as far back as the Whitewater land deal that plagued his 1992 campaign and his administration.

“This is just something that has been a regular feature of all of our presidential campaigns, except in 2008 for unique reasons,” Mr. Clinton said, without elaborating on why he believed that President Obama had not faced similar Republican-led efforts to derail his candidacy.

“It always happens,” he added. “We’re seeing history repeat itself.”

“The other party doesn’t want to run against her. And if they do, they’d like her as mangled up as possible,” Mr. Clinton said. “And they know that if they leak things and say things, that that is catnip to the people who get bored talking about what’s your position on student loan relief or dealing with the shortage of mental health care, or what to do with the epidemic of prescription drugs and heroin out in America.”

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6 comments to Bill Clinton Blames G.O.P. and Press for Wife’s Email Woes

  • B.M.

    Here we have the coyote explaining to the chickens why the fox had to do what he did. Both Clintons are habitual liars and con artists of the highest caliber. We can only hope the lies and scandals are numerous enough as to be called into question by the average American sheep.

    Good riddance Clintons! We are sick and tired of your bullsh*t. Please move to another country (and take your daughter and her family with you), or preferably, move to another planet where we won’t have to see you or hear your voices in the media ever again.

  • JD

    Perfect! She broke the law and deserves many, many years in jail. But BECAUSE SHE IS SORRY ALL IS BETTER.

  • Christine

    The Clintons know what to do if she ever hopes for a crack at anything. Disclose and end the 70-year old Truth Embargo and push for the release by the industrial military complex of its entire budget since 1947, the list of all black projects past, present and future, and the release of all taxpayer funded technological advances which will get us all out of bondage and allow us all to clean earth once and for all.

    Takes moral courage. They won’t do it. And besides, they’re both too heavily vested in the military, Big Pharma and Monsanto to want to jeopardize any of it…

  • Rabbit

    Spoken like a true sociopath. Hillary broke the law, but if everyone just ignored her breaking of the law, then she wouldn’t have any problems.

  • mangrove

    Bill Clinton Blames G.O.P. and Press for Wife’s Homocidal/Psychopathic Tendencies

  • Christine

    Has it ever occurred to anyone that anyone of those career politicians actually need publicity, any kind of publicity, as long as they are being talked about? That as long as they are, they are IMPORTANT? Do you remember when the worst punishment anyone could dream and impose on someone else was not capital punishment (everyone croaks in the end) but to “lock ’em up and throw away the key”?

    We have brand new FEMA camps. Grossly insufficient to house the entire population (they can’t catch and lock us all) but… enough of them to “lock ’em all up and throw away the keys”. Put their Haliburton friends as warden and let it all fall into oblivion. No cameras, no reporting. Zombie towns locked from the outside to protect the population from their ever existence, without being guilty of killing anyone of them. Let’s start counting: we have Congress, the DOJ, the Supreme Court, all of Langley, Haliburton, the CIA, half of academia, half of Pentagon, we’re talking serious clean up!

    Boy that was such a good dream. Hate to wake up now.

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