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Big Business Is Economic Cancer, Part I

by Jeff Nielson, Sprott Money

Clearly the title to this piece will be viewed as controversial, if not entirely heretical, by many readers. However, the facts (and more importantly) the economic principles here are unequivocal. “Bigger” is not better.

“Small business is the biggest job-creator in the economy.” This is such a universally known proverb of economics that the corrupt politicians of our current era still preach this wisdom, even though they practice the exact opposite: throttling Small Business at every juncture, while they relentlessly feed the insatiable maw of Big Business.

Why is Small Business the principal job-creator in any economy, and the real “growth engine” of any strong/healthy economy? This is something which is never clearly spelled-out, not by the talking-heads in the media; not by their so-called “experts”, the charlatan economists; certainly not by our pseudo-leaders.

There is an important reason why we’re never given a clear, precise explanation of how/why Small Business is so beneficial to economies. It is because once armed with such an understanding, we would understand why literally everything these Traitor Governments have been doing to us over more than a quarter century is entirely against the interests of the vast majority of our populations, and thus against the best interests of our economies, as a whole.

Small Business is so completely benign and beneficial because of both what it is, and what it isn’t. What Small Business “is” is labour-intensive. Get a small business (or several) to perform the same service/task as a big business, and the small business(es) will hire more people to do it – but not necessarily change any higher price.

What Small Business “isn’t” is a killer of competition. By its very definition, Small Business is incapable of having any detrimental impact on competition, at all. With societies filled with right-wing ideologues, continually spouting the “capitalist” virtue of competition, one would think that on this basis alone the ideologues would prefer pro-competition Small Business ahead of competition-exterminating Big Business.

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