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An Insider’s Look at The US Mint’s PHYSICAL SILVER SHORTAGE — Sunshine Mint CEO

Since 2007 we’ve TRIPLED our capacity, and it’s still not enough.”

from SilverDoctors:

Sunshine Minting CEO Tom Power Joins Us For a Power Packed Show On the Status of the PHYSICAL Silver Market, Discussing:

  • Power on Current Silver Demand: What we’re seeing is reminiscent of 2009-2011. The surge in demand for ANY PRODUCT is something I haven’t seen…people are clamoring for any product they can get their hands on!
  • Demand Surge STRONGER than 2008-09! Sunshine has TRIPLED capacity since 2007 and its still not enough as the market has exploded!
  • SMI’s CEO Reveals US Mint’s Built Up Reserves of Silver Eagles & Blanks CLEANED OUT in Under Two Weeks
  • Power States Sunshine Has Been Running 24/7 Since 2009, and Reveals SMI’s MASSIVE Estimated Production Numbers for 2015
  • Will Any Further Price Weakness Push the Physical Silver Market to Extremes Last Seen in 2008? 
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40 comments to An Insider’s Look at The US Mint’s PHYSICAL SILVER SHORTAGE — Sunshine Mint CEO

  • Eric

    Picked up one of these recently…

    Not the greatest and probably won’t last forever, but overall good for around the house concealed carry. Seems to fit most of the glock 9mm pistols and you can’t go wrong for 9 bucks.

    Don’t forget the discount code if you’re ordering.

    • SGT

      Awesome Eric, thanks for the tip – and thanks for supporting the Doc, our bestest sponsor.

      • Eric

        Yeah I’ve been very happy with the Doc.

        Like i said… not the best. But only 9 bucks! Someone else can probably find a better suggestion.

        I just think it’s best at this point going forward if I get used to carrying while I’m at home. Not like I can walk around the city with it. 🙁

        • Ed_B

          Getting used to carrying is a good thing. When the SHTF, it will not seem strange to go about your business while armed.

          As to not walking around the city with it, that’s exactly what I do with my Ruger LC9 I hope to never need it but if I do it will be better to need AND have than needing and not having. With all the crazies out there these days, my life and the lives of my loved ones will not be sacrificed on their altar of political statements.

          • Eric

            Well I stay very alert and always have a knife on me. I pretty much never go into the city anymore but unfortunately there are too many libtards in Los Angeles to risk it and this just isn’t a very carry friendly city. Carry isn’t legal here at all without a permit and those are near impossible to get. We’ll see how it goes. I don’t really plan on being out and about but I see enough people losing it and have enough sketchy people come to my gate to not have one on me when I’m home.

            If it wasn’t Los Angeles, it’d be a different story.

            • long john silver

              Eric, Have you thought things through? Have you considered moving out of such a densely populated city? It would be hell, with all the different ethnicity’s..

            • Troy

              Get out of there Eric. I live in the country, southern Minnesota. Cheap living, tons of food, animals…you just have to deal with brutal cold winters for a few months. Being outside with wind chills of 50 below…and we did have some of those last year. Most of the time, its manageable, 10-20 degrees, its nothin. We can grow food like nothin, we have some of the best soil on the planet.

              • Eric

                I grew up there Troy. If I leave here (permanently), that’s where I’ll be going. But I believe it was more than just a few months of brutal cold if I remember?

                Yes I have thought this through. Still working on leaving but I think time is getting pretty short here and I doubt it’s going to happen. Moving at this point seems like it’s getting pretty dangerous. I want to wait and see where things are after pope a dope gives his speech.

                I’m far enough out of the city, in a rustic area, and quite secure here. I also know the area well enough. Don’t really want to leave either. Making plans as best as I can but I’m not too worried about the foreigners. More concerned about all the morons, but I’m getting better at handling them.

                If California falls off into the ocean, then so be it. I’m getting bored anyways. Ready for judgement day and the machines to take over.

                If my family wasn’t hopped up on goofballs all the time, having happy hour everyday, it would be different but I can’t stand being around the morons all the time. At least here I can separate myself from them.

                If you guys went from freezing ass cold to perfect weather year round, you would understand why nobody ever wants to leave here.

                Don’t forget you’re down wind from the largest nuclear missile complex in the country. There’s no perfect place to be in the US.

                • long john silver

                  I know what you’re talking about, weather wise. I’m from Ontario Canada, and am out of here in November, I have a cousin in Studio City, a Friend in Temecula and another in Dana Point. So I spend my Winters down there and will continue doing so, until I see problems.. I first visited 20 years ago, and can’t stop.. Where can you be on the beach and the ski hill on the same day? Yeah, the beach water isn’t the greatest, but plenty of fun.. The canyons are breathtaking, one of my friends has an Ariel Atom, and cruising those canyon roads is exhilarating.

                • Eric

                  You probably appreciate it more than I do long john. I don’t go in the pacific anymore and lived at the beach for 3 years. Had a lot of fun in those days but I got my fill and would never want to move back there. I don’t even like going down there anymore.

                  My plan is basically the same. Moving back there and keeping my house here for the winter time. But it takes careful planning to move a large stack of silver. Especially when I see things like this…


              • Eric

                But hey Troy, we might just be neighbors one of these days. You never know. 😉

                • Troy

                  I actually enjoy cold weather. Today it was 88 degrees with 80% humidity, enough to make a grown man cry. My perfect temperatures are 50-60 degrees, I can work 16 hrs a day in that with tons of energy….its awesome…we will see those temps this and next month…can’t wait. I walk my Husky and Malamute in the winter when its below zero, the sled dogs sure love it. One night I walked my Husky with those 50 below wind chills…even my Husky wanted back in the house! That cold will burn your skin. Dec-Feb are the bad ones. I like to walk through the woods in the winter and track coyotes, bobcat and deer…we have a few hundred acres of state land right beside us.

                • Eric

                  Nice. I don’t miss the cold at all. Or the snow. The seasons maybe. Maybe it was my Dad volunteering my services to the neighbors shoveling their driveways all those years. I’ll get back there one day I’m sure. Already have the farmland. But I’d be bored out of my mind if I lived there right now. Speaking of farming, not sure if you guys saw this one…

                • Eric

                  Dang.. try this…

        • Troy

          I carry a Ruger .357 magnum, especially around town…when I do go to town. Carry a big iron on your hip

  • long john silver

    The shortage isn’t there just yet, 1000oz bars are still available.

    • Ed_B

      Sure. But WTH is an individual going to do with a 69 lb. bar of silver? Doorstop? Boat anchor? lol

    • mike

      There will never be a real shortage..Like I said before just production hickups due to lack of anticipation. No miners have gone out of business so $14.5 silver is not under production cost even for primary miners.Rearranging management could not explain how mines would be able to pay $5-10 an oz for people to take the stuff for 2 years…Magical business. I would imagine the true price for primary miners is around $1-2 an oz and essentially zero for base metal miners…Industrial demand is dying, Oil is going down, production cost of mining falling….Guess we will just have to wait until 2020 when it’s extinct in the ground to get to $20 lol…Don’t hold your breath on that..The more the silver story unfolds the worse the reality.

      • Eric

        Allied Nevada filed for chapter 11 this year.

        • mike

          like I said before none have gone out of business..Allied Nevada,Financially restructuring hocus pocus..Still operating. They are indeed a magic business, little management rearrangement and bam, you can continue lose 5-10 an oz no problems.Let me know when anyone goes belly up.

          • Eric

            While you focus on the price, let me remind you the value of PM’s is in the possession.

            And while you focus on silver, let me remind you this is not about silver or gold but about the DOLLAR!

            Enough people panic out of the dollar and into PM’s and this thing is over.

            • mike

              True but anything tangible at that point will be worth it’s weight..Think I got this from church when I was a kid and the freaky deaky rapture preachers made us watch “a thief in the night”..A piece of bread can buy a bag of gold, I wish they all been ready”…Dont think in a total dollar collapse the PMs will be worth much. Maybe in hyper inflation but total collapse every is fuct. So the only thing to do is hold on to this and maybe they will go up at some point not only to cover the initial investment but to keep up with inflation.

              • Beligarant

                Mike: Sure thing buddy, luckily oil is free and just needs someone to drill a deep hole. Oil could go to $10 or $15 a barrel and they’d survive while we get $0.50 / gallon of gas. Crops are also free!! Heck, some don’t even need to water. Strawberries should be $0.10 / lbs and not $3 or $4. Bet they’d somehow survive even if they were just $0.10 or $0.25 / lbs. Flour and sugar should also be $0.25 / lb and not $4 to $10 it’s incredible what they charge!! Highway robbery I tell ya’..

                Over there I tell ya’ a big fatz troll writin’ stuff.

      • Troy

        Thats what people said in 2008….what was the price in 2011? Guess what, I sold most of my silver that year, paid off all my debt, bought guns, ammo, and food. Now silver is $14, and I’m buying as much as I can afford, because it will happen again.

        • mike

          Well troy this month is it..Sept 2015..All the Gurus are calling it finally..In 2011, 2012 was the end..Didnt happen then kicked 2 years to 2014 didnt happen..Now the Final Call Sept 2015! This is it buddy get your silver now before it’s too late…We are in the final month man!!! Get some preps as well..Better get your ammo before it’s gone, gone , gone …Just the Doc he will sell you all you want even in this end of the world month! What happens if we make it to Oct 1st? Will the end of the world be reset to 2018? Yep 2018 it will be.

  • TOMB


  • Eric

    Angry hot kebab girl?

  • Ed_B

    Right. No time to wait for a re=do but plenty of time to bitch them out. lol

    • Eric

      I wonder how bitchy she’ll be when she can’t get a manicure. I don’t know for sure but this definitely looks like my neighborhood. Lots of people who think the world revolves around them.

  • Christine

    Isn’t that what is meant by “the exceptional people”? Any idea why the rest of the world really, really doesn’t like us any longer…? Some people desperately needed a few good spankings in their childhood. Rude awakening is awaiting them when the Russians, Chinese, Indians and Arabs take possession of all the land they have systematically, steadily and methodically purchased here for the past 20 years and when they redefine what it means to be American.

    In this country, we’ve bred generations of “the customer is always right (each syllable being punctuated by a slap of the hand on the counter, mind you)” to “I was victimized by the bank, the system, my parents, my teachers, everything that moved, and some other things that didn’t even have to move!” About those Georgia Guidestones… who’s left among the 500,000,000? Do they say anything about that? ‘Cuz our kids ain’t gonna make it. Not with that attitude!

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