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A Bullish Gold Price Forecast

by Aden Sisters, Gold-Eagle:

Gold prices have been volatile. Some feel the lows are behind us, but others disagree.

With the gold price swinging up and down, this is a good time to stand back and review what the charts are telling us, to get some perspective on the situation…

Chart 1 is our favorite big picture of the gold price. It identifies the cyclical nature of gold since the late 1960s, and how well it’s performed within these cycles since then.

First, note the lows in red. Ever since gold formed its low in 1969 it’s had a low about every seven or eight years. The last eight year low was the November 2008 low during the financial crisis.

Most exciting is the next upcoming eight year low. You can see we’re almost there! Seven years from 2008 would take it to this November, and eight years would take it out to November 2016.

This means we could see a major low in the price of gold just about any time now, but most likely in 2016.

All we need to see are signs of a major turnaround. And you can bet we’ll be watching for this!

Once the major lows are in, a new bull market will be underway and we’ll want all of you to be on board for this rise.

The likely time

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2 comments to A Bullish Gold Price Forecast

  • rubdub

    I am NOT excited looking forward to a new low and how hard can it be to make a bullish forecast once a new low is made?

  • Eric

    I would love to see sub 1000 Gold but am not expecting it. I plan on exchanging more of my future fiat earnings for more Gold. I’d do it today if I could, but if this continues for another year, it would be okay by me. Unless you are the one controlling the Gold price, you will never know where the low is and where the top is. Gold is not a trade. Gold is not an investment. Gold is money in it’s purest form, and in a world denominated by morons, ignorance and fiat…Gold is and should always be the foundation of one’s wealth. You never ever sell Gold.

    If your plan is to sell Gold, plan on being poor.

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