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6 major elements to overcoming cancer ignored by conventionally-trained cancer physicians

by Pulford, Natural News:

Maybe you or someone you know has cancer – right now. Obviously, the diagnosis can be devastating, but the question remains – “what needs to be done to successfully overcome the health challenges of this disease?” Based on scientific research, most cancer patients (to this day) would be very surprised to discover the ‘key’ to long-term survival and success in overcoming cancer. (Let’s talk about this)

Why do some cancer patients do better than others? The answer, again based on scientifically-validated research, is feeling loved; not a diet plan or treatment protocol. According to mind-body medicine expert Dr. Dean Shrock, “love is an all-pervasive energy that connects and penetrates everything.” On the next NaturalNews Talk Hour, you’ll discover why love should never be overlooked as the most powerful healing tool in overcoming disease. (Don’t miss this incredible program!)

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6 major elements to overcoming cancer ignored by conventionally-trained cancer physicians

By now, most people understand the significance of mind-body medicine and its ability to help cancer patients overcome the challenges faced by this health condition. The problem is most conventionally-trained doctors haven’t even read a research paper on the health benefits of meditation (or guided-imagery – as an example) for cancer patients, let alone try it on a personal level. So, how can we expect these same healthcare professionals to understand the healing power of the mind or emotions? (It’s unreasonable – to say the least)

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