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5 Healthy ‘Weeds’ Worth Saving for Natural Medicine

by Julie Fidler, Natural Society:

While some people are sad about summer’s close – no more days spent poolside, shorter days and fewer and fewer fresh produce at roadside farm stands – others are just glad they won’t have to yank weeds out of the garden anymore. But what we should know for next time is that not all weeds are bad; in fact, some are quite healthy and can be beneficial.

Many of the annoyances that people rip out and spray are actually quite good for you. A lot of weeds can be eaten, crushed, or dried and used as medicines that are free, generally safe, and abundant.

So before the weather turns cold and you slip on your gardening gloves one last time to salvage what’s left of your plants, consider adding a few of these 5 (sometimes ugly) weeds to your natural medicine chest.

1. Chickweed

One of the not-so-ugly weeds worth pulling and keeping is chickweed. Identified by purple stems, fuzzy green leaves, and starry white flower petals, this weed is a fantastic source of vitamins A, D, B complex, and C. It also contains minerals like iron, zinc, calcium, and potassium. Chickweed (Stellaria media) has a cornsilk-like flavor when eaten raw, and tastes similar to spinach when it is cooked. [1]

Chickweed nourishes the lymph and glandular systems, and can heal cysts, fevers, and inflammation. It can help neutralize acid and help with yeast overgrowth and fatty deposits, too.

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