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2015-16 Economic Collapse, Shemitah & 3-Digit Silver! – Bo Polny

from Silver Doctors:

2015-16 Economic Collapse, coming Stock Markets Crash (charts on S&P 500, DOW, Hong Kong HSI Index, Canada TSX and London FTSE), 7-Year Stock Cycle, Shemitah September 13, 2015, Significance of September 23, 2015, Year of Jubilee 2016, $2000+ Gold & $50+ Silver with 3-Digit Silver in 2016!

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2 comments to 2015-16 Economic Collapse, Shemitah & 3-Digit Silver! – Bo Polny

  • Jay M

    What are the odds that the Jewish banking masters are orchestrating events to coincide with the Shemitah Caledar to give the illusion that something supernatural is occurring? What if this Shemitah is a Kabalistic ritual intended to fool the goyim? If it’s a genuine metanoya event, why aren’t our debits being forgiven? I don’t trust any Rabbi named Con. Does this make me an anti-Kazharite?

  • when will we all learn that no one knows where silver is going to go.Stack get you house and preps in order start paying down your debt. Then live your life to the fullest.because if live your life solely on these predictions your already doomed!

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